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Video editing online may not seem as productive and efficient for beginners as having some of the most popular software installed on your PC such as Adobe Premiere Pro, or any other advanced video editing software for that matter.

However, in this article we will tell you how efficient it can be to have an online video editor and we will introduce you to Invideo, one of the best animation software in the field. 

Why is it better to use an online video editor?

Create videos online can be very helpful, but many people still don’t know why in some cases it is better to choose an online video editing tool over one that we install on our PC and/or devices, and these are some of the strongest reasons:

They are usually more efficient

We all know that the process of advanced video editing features can become a bit complex especially with the more “professionalized” software, however, the online video editor always tries to simplify the processes.

This means that by using one of these you are more likely to encounter a much smoother interface that is designed not only to be functional, but also to save you time by simplifying processes that are usually complex.

And as social media requires to produce quality content faster, an online video editor can help to add text, add animation effects, change backgrounds and music in couple minutes and you can create videos in multiple formats like horizontal, vertical and squared without too much hustle.

They are economical

To have access to a good online video editor you won’t necessarily always have to pay, as some of these tools are completely free to use from anywhere in the world. But in some cases you may need to pay some kind of subscription. 

Animation effects videos usually cost more to send to a video production company, and online video editing tools have become a lower cost alternative to create videos for Youtube, Websites and Social Media.

So, we are talking about software that has the ability to produce professional results without you having to pay for some of the programs that are usually used for this type of project. Or that you have to pay much less than you expect.

Forget about annoying "new versions" every year

A big problem with these types of programs is not based on the fact that they need to be updated to incorporate new video editing tools and improvements that help make the work that can be done in them even better. 

The problem with not using an online video editor is that in order to install these updates, you will have to pay for the new version. In many cases you will have to buy the program as if you no longer have the previous version already installed on your PC or device, and that’s not entirely pleasant. 

What is Invideo?


When we talk about Invideo we are referring to a video editing software that has been created with the intention of providing the opportunity to transform the content you want to elaborate into unique and stunning videos without having to comply with time-consuming or complex processes. 

This online video editing software is designed with SMBs and brands in mind that want to capture more attention and visibility through the potential of streaming video content, which has been gaining more and more relevance in recent years.

From the point of view of marketing experts, it can be said that this is an online video editor capable of helping them especially when it comes to finding that winning strategy that would give them the possibility of gaining visibility, which would end up making their sales increase.

Likewise, this is an editor that can also be easily used by agency editors or individuals. Since, in itself, the only thing that is needed for everything to go as expected is to have a good level of creativity.

Creativity is the most important factor when it comes to Invideo because it provides you with a series of tools that will give you the possibility to take whatever you have in mind and make it come true. 

Advantages of Invideo

Now that you know a little more about what Invideo video editor is, we’ll talk about the advantages of Invideo briefly so that you’ll have a couple more reasons than we’ve already given you to give this efficient online video editor a try.

Invideo makes work easier

When we talk about increased ease of getting the job done we are referring to all the variety of powerful features that you can have together in one package, so that you can create engaging, high-quality content for Social Media in a shorter amount of time.

In case you need a little more interesting information on this point you should know that you will have at your fingertips a lot of templates, video clips, music, and sound effects so that you can make the video you want without so much complexity.

You don't need to be an expert to use Invideo

When we talk about video with a professional finish you might think of programs that need to be studied, after all we can’t expect to be that good at something the first time, and if we don’t have some experience.

However, thanks to all the tools, templates, among others, that Invideo video editor offers, we can say that one of the main advantages of Invideo is that you can have an exceptional result whether you have knowledge in the area or if you are a novice who hopes to take his first steps.

Worried about errors?

Even in the simplest tools to use we can make mistakes that we overlook to the human eyes, and that perhaps once we finish the project is that we come to realize that something does not look as it should.

On the one hand, Invideo has an intelligent video assistant so that it can recommend corrections that it detects in real time. Besides, if you have any problem with the platform, its live customer support will be available for you 24 hours a day. 

Invideo Pricing

Invideo has different prices that will adjust to the neccesities of video creators.

Invideo free trial makes it one of the best free online video editing software to start with, and as more features are needed, then it offers monthly or annual plans that can adjust to different budgets.

$ 0
  • Watermark free videos
  • 5000+ Video Templates
  • iStock Media with Watermark
$ 15 per month
  • Watermark free videos
  • Premium templates
  • 10 iStock Media per month
$ 30 per month
  • Watermark free videos
  • Premium templates
  • 120 iStock Media per month

Invideo Alternatives

Some of the Invideo alternatives which are among the best Video Editing software that can help you to create videos are CreateStudio, Animoto, Vyond, Animaker and Renderforest.

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