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Creating videos for social media nowadays is a respectable job, and this type of content when done well has the ability to boost any service, brand, product, or message. 

Read on to learn about the importance of video marketing on social media, and a tool that can help you achieve your goals. 

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Importance of video marketing on social media

The importance of video marketing on social media starts from the fact that it allows the expansion of creativity. With this type of content, creators have a wider range of options to express their ideas.

Apart from that, content in the form of videos has a wider reach. They tend to attract much more attention than images or texts, so it is normal that more people stop to look at them, and this makes it reach even more.

Video marketing on social media is adaptable, you can give the same message in different formats present on different platforms. This makes them be appreciated differently.

And, beyond all the technical aspects, it is much easier to touch the emotions of our audience with a good video than with any text or image, so you can make much more emotional campaigns. 

Among the most popular video editing software for advanced users are Adobe Premiere Pro and Final Cut Pro, but there are new software that are making easier this process which help to add cool text, add content control, and even include an ai photo editor software and many more features online, which are specially designed for beginners.


What is Animoto?

When we talk about Animoto app, we are referring to that online tool that allows you to create videos.

Besides, it has an application for both iOS and Android for creating videos.

Animoto video functionality is varied, so with it you can create from videos that have a commercial purpose, to the extremes of the personal or educational. Besides, Animoto video maker has the added bonus of being very easy and simple to use, to add music and add text.

It is ideal if you don’t know much about video production.

The Animoto video maker is designed so that both a novice and an expert user can give a professional finish to their projects. There is a free version, where you only have to subscribe to the platform using a Facebook account or any email that belongs to you.

Animoto pricing offers a free version that you will have the ability to use a variety of tools to create short videos of up to 30 seconds, using different multimedia material such as images, audio or videos, and including animations to make everything a little more dynamic.

In fact, there are many people who manage to animate a PowerPoint presentation with the Animoto video maker, since all they have to do is upload it to the platform. What you should know is that everything created in its free version will carry a watermark of the platform.

You also have the option of opting for Animoto’s paid subscription, which is used for professional or executive projects. This gives you many more editing options, and also provides tutorials so that you can learn how to make the most of all the tools it provides. 

Advantages of Animoto

Now that you know what Animoto video maker is, let’s talk about a series of advantages that will surely help you decide to try this tool that has been behind great projects in the last couple of years: 

Animoto boosts the creativity of each individual

Animoto is not a tool that is presented as a blank canvas, where anyone can make use of their creativity to capture in it all the ideas that come to mind in relation to their project.

Besides, thanks to all the Animoto app tools, it becomes much easier for any user to bring what is in his mind to reality, to add text and the Animoto app allows to transmit all the information he wants in a brief and concise way. 

Animoto is as efficient as it is intuitive

Usually, when we think of online video creation tools, complexity comes to mind, and even more so if what we are talking about is one that wants to achieve a professional finish for each of its users.

In this, one of the most important advantages of Animoto app is the fact that its interface is intuitive. This makes it possible for a novice or an expert user to have the best results.

There are many tutorials to get the most out of it

Having the tools is not always necessary, it is necessary to learn how to use them with the intention that not only we have the creativity at the maximum point, but that our skills to make what we think become reality are also at the maximum.

Online you can find many Animoto videos tutorials and guides to help you learn how to use Animoto in both basic and professional ways. You will have to invest a couple of extra hours in them, but we assure you that the results will be so good that you will not regret it.

You can start to enjoy Animoto for free

In many cases, video creation tools require you to pay a fee (either in a single payment per purchase or monthly subscription) to be able to make use of all the features they can offer, as Adobe Premiere Pro.

Another advantage of Animoto pricing is based on the fact that you have a free version of the tool so you can take your first steps, using many of its functions, and in case you feel you want to extend the benefits you can pay for the subscription.

You can use it on more than one device

The web version of Animoto is very functional, it gives the convenience of being used from a computer and generally the work on these is usually much smoother than in the case of other devices.

However, Animoto’s Smartphone applications are not bad at all, and it is a new option to do faster everything you can do sitting on the PC. You just have to give them a try. 

Animoto Alternatives

Some of the Animoto alternatives which are among the best Video Editing software that can help you to create videos are CreateStudio, Vyond, Animaker, Invideo and Renderforest.

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