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Before we introduce you to one of the best animation software for video marketing we will discuss a little about why this type of strategy is nowadays one of the most profitable for any type of business.

Then, you will learn what Animaker is and why you should consider it to create animated videos. 

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Why video marketing is booming?

When we mention video marketing we are referring to a strategy that consists of adding audiovisual content to a campaign with the intention of generating new and better business opportunities. It has been seen before with infographics, or images, but nowadays videos are the most used.

Proof of the rise of video marketing can be found on YouTube, which has become one of the main platforms when it comes to internet searches.

Although it may seem surprising, visual content is what attracts the largest audience.

In case you need validation, we’ll share with you a list of three relevant facts about why video marketing is ideal for businesses today:

In itself, the fact that many of these contents are booming today has to do with certain factors such as the case of taking advantage of trends.

If you recognize what’s viral, and you’re creative, then you can make your content wink at it and thus get the attention of the general public. 

The importance of video marketing comes from the buyer’s perspective in that it facilitates consumption, as the user will have to make less effort to get the information. While the provider will have a new universe to share a message. 

What is Animaker?

When we talk about Animaker we are referring to an application that we can use directly on the Internet to create animated videos to add characters easily that will have a finish such as a professional project.

So, it is a platform in which we can create scenes, add characters with drag and drop feature, and create a script that we can use to develop a video that can then be exported to YouTube, or any other digital platform, to be disseminated among a community, which is basically what it is used for.

Animaker’s export options will depend on the plan you have purchased, although it does have a free version that will give you the possibility of making an animation video with a duration of up to 2 minutes, and the export in that case will be SD.

Once you have created your account, basically what you will see in the left menu will be a series of scenarios, along with a group of elements that you can drag to each of them.

In itself, an animation video is a sum of scenes, where in each one of them the action that you configure will occur.

By configuring scenes with Animaker software you will already have the first step done, since after that you will have to define the moment of each element and of the camera itself. But the truth is that it is a task that is carried out in a simple way.

To configure the sound of the animation in Animaker you will have a track, as well as several “premium” elements that are not available for the free version. However, the flexibility it offers when it comes to moving or changing characters makes this one of the platforms worth trying. 

Advantages of Animaker

Now that you know what it is, we will tell you about a series of advantages of Animaker software that will surely increase the interest you already have to try it. It is a favorite of many users for a number of reasons, but the following are always worth mentioning:

You don't need to be an expert to use Animaker

Animaker is an ideal platform for those who don’t have a lot of knowledge in terms of video editing, since in its interface we won’t find thousands of variables that will have to be configured.

Basically, you will only have to interact with the necessary elements to generate an attractive result in just a couple of minutes. It may not be like those more complex editing platforms, but it is undoubtedly a tool worth taking into account.

If you pay, you will only pay for what you will use.

Another advantage of Animaker is the fact that it is not a platform that will make you pay to take advantage of its benefits, and with the free option you will have a series of tools available that will be completely useful for creating short videos.

Besides, in case you have the need to develop projects with different export options, or duration, then you can evaluate the premium packages and define if paying for one of them is really what you need based on what they can offer you.

Projects do not take a long time to get ready

One of the main reasons why people usually do not dispose of creating animations for video marketing is the fact that it is thought to be such a complex process that it takes a long time.

In this case we have two points in favor of Animaker, and that is that using it is so simple that you can finish a project in a matter of minutes. You should be more concerned about playing with your creativity and tools to get an eye-catching result, and not about how long it will take you. 

Animaker Alternatives

Some of the Animaker alternatives which are among the best Video Editing software that can help you to create videos are CreateStudio, Animoto, Vyond, Invideo and Renderforest.

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