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Invideo is a video editing tool that can help those beginners in the digital marketing sector, offering them the opportunity to improve their content marketing social media creation process.

As an online video editor, it is one of the digital marketing tools that helps to create videos to increase visits in social media.  

Likewise, the Invideo video editing platform makes it easy for you to produce content, either in video or slideshows format with its advanced editing features editor that you will surely appreciate and snappily get used to using it.

As in comparison to Adobe Premiere, which takes more time to get used to know how it works, and Invideo has a more intuitive online video editor feature to be used.

You should know that video editing is devoted to the field of digital marketing, as it has been used for web content and content marketing social media to announce products with animated videos. 

Invideo is further than just a video editing tool, its video editing software is truly complete for beginners to start creating easily.

Still, the Invideo alternatives are great options to produce animated videos for entrepreneurs, small businesses and big businesses.

If Invideo isn’t the video editing tool that you’re looking for, following up we will talk about Invideo alternatives, Createstudio, Vyond, Invideo, Animaker, Animoto and Flexclip. 


CreateStudio Logo

CreateStudio is an animated video creation software for desktop which was built up to carry out explainer and cartoon videos which brings the animation creation process in one place with everything you need to stand out. 

Createstudio is a fully useful Invideo alternative that gives movement to your characters which resolves the problem of creating animated videos, so you can be sure to complete your creations with this amazing tool. 

Substantially, what you can anticipate to get from CreateStudio are characters in two performances, that is, 2D and 3D. 

Another aspect of Createstudio that makes it a great alternative to Invideo is that it also has cartoons in 3D, which will help you to produce outstanding videos. 

Among other means, Createstudio will serve for you to produce explainer videos in a short period of time, a commodity that really makes it stand out from other online video editors. 

With its intuitive drag and drop point, it makes it one of the easiest to use video editing software available. 



Vyond animation video editing software has the capability to produce vidos snappily and fluently thanks to the interface. 

Among the factors that have made Vyond software so popular we can say that the library of scenes and images serve as an aid to any starter who intends to produce stories for social media to attract their target followership, which in turn gives them better results in terms of communication retention. 

Generally, we can find that numerous people use this type of video editing software with the intention of creating content for different purposes, from business to entertainment to ads social media.

Still, with enough imagination Vyond can be used for any type of professional design you have in mind to produce with its advanced editing features. 

Vyond video editing software is perfect for creating content as it has a truly intuitive interface and is extremely easy to use. 

One of the strongest points of Vyond app is the fact that you don’t need to be a professional in video editors like Adobe Premiere, and thanks to the ease of use it offers, a starter can also transmit his ideas. 


Renderforest Logo

Renderforest will offer you stylish quality videos so that you can prove an idea of how to make your advertising video of the product you’re planning to showcase. 

Renderforest videos will help you to raise awareness and views on your social media networks as you upload your ads content on Facebook, Instagram or YouTube.

Renderforest app will help you when it comes to virilizing broadcast quality videos or content on social media, since as you publish or announce your product in videos, you’ll see how a high quality video has better statistics, expressed in clicks, comments, number of views, among others. 


As you get used to Renderforest, you’ll see that it’ll come easy to make this type of advertising video.

Acquiring the video editing skills of a professional video editor will lower trouble with Renderforest.

There are free trial plans in the Renderforest app, being of great interest to anyone who wants to boost their content on social networks with zero investment. 



When we talk about Animaker we ’re talking about an Invideo alternative that can be used directly on the Internet to produce high quality videos and to add characters fluently that will have a finish of professional design. 

Animaker is a platform in which we can produce scenes, add characters with drag and drop point, add custom vids and produce a script that we can use to develop a professional video that can also be exported to YouTube, or any other digital platform, to be shared among a community, which is principally what it’s used for. 

Animaker offers moving or changing characters to make up your video at your desire, and this makes it easily an Invideo alternative worth trying.



When we talk about the Animoto app, we’re mentioning one online video editor software that allows you to produce videos that can be used for marketable purposes or educational videos. 

Animoto software has the option to easily add music and add text. 

The Animoto video editing software is designed so that both new video editors and experts can give a professional finish to their digital marketing video strategy.

There’s a free trial, where you only have to subscribe to the platform using a Facebook account or any email that belongs to you. 

Animoto free trial plan has the capability to use a variety of tools to produce short videos of 30 seconds, using different multimedia material similar as images, audio or videos, and including features to make everything a little more dynamic. 

For further advanced features it has different plans starting at around $7 USD. 


Flexclip logo

Flexclip is another great Invideo alternative that has a complete set of features that will help you to produce your videos online. 

With its video editing tools, Flexclip offers content generators the option to trim, combine, compress and edit videos in one place. 

Flexclip has further tools similar as a Meme creator, Screen Recorder, GIF and Slideshow maker.  

Flexclip has the advantage of helping beginners to start their videos with its multiple templates, which help to speed up the process of creating amazing videos in less time. 

Video marketing is a great way for experienced marketers to promote products and services, and Flexclip is clearly a tool that helps with its video editor.

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