Google Pixel 5a Review | Does it worth in 2023?


Today many people are still questioning the features of the Google Pixel 5a, and whether this will be a device capable of living up to the use they expect to make of it should they buy it.

From the moment the Google Pixel 5a was announced we were all curious as to what it would look like, as well as what new features it was capable of bringing to the market, and what aspects it would highlight not only among the competition, but also among the devices that we can come to consider its siblings.

Being what a mid-range device is all about, this Pixel has undoubtedly managed to carve a niche in our memories, so it never hurts to review its important aspects.

Read on for a full Google Pixel 5a review to help you find out if, for you, it’s worth it.

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Google Pixel 5a Design & Construction

As for the design of the Google Pixel 5a we must be completely honest, and say that it would seem that it is a recycling. Since this is the same as we saw in the Pixel 5, only it has a slight increase in size due to its larger screen diagonal.

This mobile, itself, we can come to appreciate it with a somewhat sober finish, with a back that can come to love to those who are fans of polycarbonate, as always with dark colors, and in its front part makes the illusion of not even having edges.

We should be grateful that, within what was the construction of the Google Pixel 5a someone had the bright idea to place them a headphone jack in the upper area, since we know that this same manufacturer, for other models, has decided to skip this step that becomes vital for many.

Something that can become attractive to many people is that the way in which its cameras have been arranged gives a great similarity to what are the latest versions of the iPhone, so you have a little wink to what Apple has been doing.


Google Pixel 5a Display

The screen of the Google Pixel 5a is OLED technology where you can see a slight increase than its previous model, then becoming exactly 6.34 inches in diagonal with 20.9 format.

This same features FullHD+ resolution, as well as HDR support. However, we do not find a key feature for what was its superior model, since, in this case, the refresh rate is 60 Hz, and not 90 Hz.

The increase in the diagonal of the screen also has an impact on its overall size and weight, however, it is still a very tight-edged design. This means that the increase does not come to be appreciated as a choice that has gone towards the very exaggerated.

Its front camera remains in a hole located in the upper left corner, and its capacitive fingerprint reader, so we still don’t appreciate under-screen readers for the Pixel, for now. It is also perhaps important to mention that it has a water resistance of IP67.

Google Pixel 5a Performance

Now, to talk about the performance of the Google Pixel 5a we must be a little honest, and is that it is composed of a mid-range processor, and you can notice a slight cut in RAM compared to other devices today.

In this case Google sticks faithfully to what is the Qualcomm 700 series, and in the case of this Pixel 5a we find that it brings mounted a Snapdragon 765G chip, which is exactly the same that we can find if we decide to evaluate what would be the Pixel 5.

The difference between one model to another comes when we realize the RAM, since the Google Pixel 5a has run out of the 6 GB. As for what comes to be its internal memory we can find us with a single version, which is 128 GB.

So we tell you that it is indeed a device whose performance will serve you for day to day. However, for those heavier tasks you may encounter a couple of small problems that could have been solved if it had been less stingy in this area.

Google Pixel 5a Battery

4100 mAH
Fast wireless charging.

The battery capacity of the Google Pixel 5a is 4680 mAh, so you can expect this to have a relatively considerable level of autonomy in the case that you give daily use, without taking the device to its extremes in relation to the development of games, or much multimedia content.

In the event that you decide to give it an intense use, it may last, at most, a day and a half.

What we must consider as a good aspect if we take into account that it is a mid-range device.

It is fully compatible with fast charging 18 W, so you will not have to wait long periods to get your hands on all the power that a device like the Google Pixel 5a can offer.

Google Pixel 5a Interface and functionalities

Among the features of the Google Pixel 5a that we can not skip in this case is the Titan M security chip that was announced by the company at the time they decided to tell us that the Pixel 3 was going to impact the market, a few models ago.

In case you do not know it, it is a processor which has the ability to protect all data stored on the device, as well as check the version and operation of the system and each boot, encrypting stored files to offer you a higher level of security.

Another important point, at the security level, is that the Google Pixel 5a has enough intelligence to call emergencies automatically in the event that it detects that there has been a collision, or any type of accident. Being able to share the location and trusted contact details quickly.

For its part, the interface of the Google Pixel 5a is adorned by all the details that Android 11 I can offer. However, there is a tendency for the same to be upgraded to version 12, which does not vary much from the first.

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Google Pixel 5a Multimedia

As a curious fact, and perhaps a little disadvantageous, we tell you that the Google Pixel 5a is the first device where we do not find unlimited photo storage, since up to this point it was a feature that we could count on all devices on the market. 

However, something in which they have decided to maintain their standard is in the audio quality of its speaker, located at the bottom of the device. And, thanks to all the features that we find on your screen, viewing high quality videos and photos happens without any kind of problem. 

So, it can be concluded that the multimedia functions of the Google Pixel 5a are very well achieved.

Google Pixel 5a Camera

As we have mentioned, the first thing you will notice when you look at it is that it has a front camera that is located in the hole of the screen. It is not uncomfortable. In this case its features are 8 MP, 1.12um, f/2.0, fixed focus. So you can expect to take quality selfies.
In the case of the rear cameras, you will find the main 12.2 MP, 1.4um, Dual Pixel PDAF, OIS+EIS, f/1.7. And an angular 16 MP, 1.0um, f/2.2. So it is safe to say that the cameras of the Google Pixel 5a are assembled to deliver nothing but good pictures. 

Overall one can talk about a good performance for all cameras. Although you can keep in mind that nowadays there are already models that are a bit more advanced, and that correct some of the issues that you might encounter when you find yourself taking pictures. 

However, once you learn to work with the Google Pixel 5a camera you realize that it is a device that has nothing to envy to others. So it is a matter of knowing how to adapt your needs to the features that in this case the manufacturer offers you.

Google Pixel 5a Video

Overall, the video camera of the Google Pixel 5a has very good results. However, we must keep in mind that it is not the Google device that has a higher resolution, so in this case, we must accept that it has fallen a little short of its siblings.

For everyday use, as well as for creating content for social networks, it can deliver you a phenomenal job. So you will be able to record all your memories on it without expecting any kind of disappointment.

As long as you learn how to manipulate it, you will notice how it can come to look professional.

Is the Google Pixel 5a still worth it in 2022?

First of all, let’s keep in mind that this is a mid-range device compared to the last years phone Google Pixel 6, which means that the features of the Google Pixel 5a will serve anyone who does need a powerful and complete cell phon, but at lower price.

The phone series of Google Pixel “a”s, such as the Google Pixel 3a, are a lower price, which still have a great performance, minor details in the body that makes them lower price than the main Google Phones..

The operating system it uses has not become obsolete either, so it is a good point in its favor to keep it in mind as a viable option. And its price makes the relationship with quality more and more noticeable. It’s just a matter of assessing the buyer’s needs.

The Google Pixel 5a will still receive updates until August 2024. This makes the Google Pixel 5a worth still to 2024.

You can check here the rest of the software updates on Google Pixel Phones.

Price per Value

Google Pixel 5a can be found in ebay for $344.99 refurbished. Even though, acquiring this Google phone for under $350 is a great deal, since the camera and the battery worth it.

Ease of Use

Google Pixel 5a updated is running in Android 11. For all Android users, this operative system is a friendly user one. Google Pixel 5a also has squeeze sensors in case reactions are needed.

Google Pixel 5a Camera

DXOMark has ranked Google's cameras on top performers.


Google Pixel 5a Battery has 4,680mAh and in comparison to its predecessors, it last better in the run. As new phones are coming up, Google Pixel 5a is still in the range of phones with the best battery.


Frequently Asked Questions
Google Pixel 5a

Google Pixel 5a and Google Pixel 5 are two different versions.

The Google Pixel 5a is a lower price version of the Google Pixel 5. 

The material of the Google Pixel 5a is metal and plastic, where the Google Pixel 5 is of aluminum.

The Google Pixel 5a is IP67 which means it might last under water but the the Google Pixel 5 with its IP68, it can last down 1.5 meters down water for up to 30 min.

The Google Pixel 5a was launched in August 26, 2021.

The Google Pixel 5a is water resitant with its IP67, but it is not totally waterproof.

No, the Google Pixel 5a does not have face unlock.

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