Google Pixel 6 Review | Does it worth in 2023?


The Google Pixel 6 hit the stores like a meteorite in the age of dinosaurs, so it’s no wonder there’s growing curiosity about the performance and basics of this device.

In this Google Pixel 6 review we aimed at helping you understand if it’s the phone for you based on day-to-day use.

If you were worried when Google was going to renew its catalog you should know that it has already done so with the Google Pixel 6, and the 6 Pro, which would be its big brother.

They are intrepid devices that have arrived to prove that quality can still be maintained at a more than accessible price.

If this device has to be described in a few words then we could comfortably talk about power, solidity, nuance, and even with a camera that aspires to excel. And you can find out more about it with the Google Pixel 6 review that we will leave you in the following points.

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Google Pixel 6 Design & Construction

Just by looking at its dimensions (158.6 x 74.8 x 8.9 millimeters) it is easy to realize that it is not small. Apart from that you don’t realize what influences its weight (210 grams) until you take it out of the box.

The design of the Google Pixel 6 tells us about a double-sided glass that is attached to a body that is metallic and robust. You may find it tiring if you use it for a long period of time.

We can highlight significant aspects, as is the case that the hole that has been designed for your camera does not bother at all. Apart from that, Google has decided to make great use of its screen with straight line frames that blend in perfectly.

Apart from that, the construction of the Google Pixel 6 also brings us to the buttons located on the right side, having the power button above those intended for volume. And a body that promises to resist water splashes, as well as continuous exposure to dust.

Google Pixel 6 Box

Google Pixel 6 Display

The screen of the Google Pixel 6 we can not say that it is necessarily the usual. In this case we can see how its 6.4 inches are fattened by frames that some would come to consider as very generous aspects. What comes to clash with the curved edges that, in this case, is able to offer his older brother.

We are then faced with an FHD+ OLED panel that has a refresh rate that reaches up to 90 Hz, where you can look at vibrant colors, with elements that will appear sharper than ever, a high level of contrast, and very well calibrated saturation and color temperature.

As screen functionality, Google gives you the option to personally choose the reproduction, where you can find natural colors (with low saturation), enhanced (with a certain level of saturation) and adaptive (the cell phone chooses the color representation taking into account the content).

Other aspects also stand out, as is the case of the automatic brightness that will adjust perfectly to the environment. However, when it comes to using the fingerprint reader function on the screen of the Google Pixel 6 if we can find errors outdoors and places with abundant light.


Google Pixel 6 Performance

As for the performance of the Google Pixel 6 we should point out that everything is enhanced thanks to the use of Google Tensor, developed by the same company, and working as a processor that will not give you any problem in day to day, even for content creation, or game development.

Something that is worth mentioning is the fact that the temperature in this device always tries to stay in line. This means that it will not overheat, however, it will feel warm at some points.

It can be said that the 8GB of DDR5 RAM is well matched to the 128GB of UFS 3.1 storage. Perhaps you could consider as a negative aspect the fact that it has not been devised the expansion by SD card, since its tray is only for SIM.

The performance of the Google Pixel 6 overall is very good. However, many experts are still wary of its Tensor and just want to know if over time it is able to stay as effective as it is the case it shows us in its first moments of use.

Google Pixel 6 Battery

Fast Wireless Charging
4600 mAH

Many people are aware that the main problem of the Google Pixel, from the beginning, can become the discrepancies that can be suffered with its battery. In this case we find a good capacity, which is 4,614 mAh, if we take into account that it is a Pixel, of course.

In the case that you give it an intensive use you can be confident that it will last you a day and a half, even when multimedia consumption is high and games are being developed. If you decide to save its use then, at the very least, you can reach an autonomy of two days.

The Google Pixel 6 battery supports 30W fast charging (Power Delivery 3.0) via cable and 21W wireless charging. To charge it from 0% to 100% may take you an hour and a quarter, or an hour and a half if we go to the extreme.

It has the option of “smart charging” which you can activate as desired. However, in matters of autonomy, we can say that it is a device that has surpassed itself, and does not even have anything to envy to its big brother, the Google Pixel 6 Pro, in this case.

Google Pixel 6 Interface and functionalities

Like other Google phones, the interface of the Google Pixel 6 will always be the most updated. And is that we remind you that this is one of those devices that will be updated automatically whenever Google has released a new version to the market.

Apart from that, only Android has nothing to do. Since the interface (known as Pixel Launcher), as well as very specific details of its firmware, are exclusive to this line of phones. Which of course leads us to have a number of advantages and disadvantages that are not evident in any other device either.

However, the visual aspect of the Google Pixel 6 interface does not have a big change. What can be pointed out is the fact that it gets to look more consistent if we look at it from a graphical point of view, where more fluid animations are appreciated.

Something that users have certainly liked so far is the material theming, which is an automatic customization of buttons, shades of the layer, as well as applications, which helps your interface to adapt to the colors of the wallpaper.

Google Android

Google Pixel 6 Multimedia

Among the multimedia aspects of the Google Pixel 6 we can highlight the audio, which has dual speakers and is able to provide quality even if the volume is high or low. The downside is that it does not bring headphone 3 .5 mm jack, so you’ll have to buy wireless ones.

On the other hand, video playback and image viewing on this device is a blast. Getting to play in quality, so you do not even have to worry about finding another where to watch your favorite series, movies and videos. Since this is the right one.

Google Pixel 6 Camera

The camera of the Google Pixel 6 does not disappoint, as you can get a work of art with a quick shot. What should be emphasized is that image processing in the gallery takes a few seconds, as it performs tasks such as balancing lighting, applying blurs, among others.

We then find ourselves with 50 megapixel rear cameras in the case of the main one, and 12 megapixels in the case of the angular lens. Both have a dual LED flash to even get the best shots in case the ambient lighting is not in your favor.

Google Pixel 6 Camera Video

As for the video functions of the Google Pixel 6 we find that it has the ability to record in up to 4K, and 60 fps with its main rear camera, 1,080p and 60 fps with its wide-angle camera, and at 1,080p and 30 fps with its front camera.

Undoubtedly this will be a mobile that will allow you to create many projects that, combined with your skills, it could be said that the finish will look so professional that not all people will be able to believe that it comes from the camera of a mobile device.

What you do have to keep in mind is the fact that these are shots that will take up a lot of space inside the memory. And by not being able to expand it, if you will dedicate it to the creation of content, you may at some point run short of space, as a negative aspect to take into account.

Does the Google Pixel 6 worth it in 2022?

The Google Pixel 6 was the company’s flagship smartphone launched late 2021.

As a couple months since it release the Google Pixel 6 has been among the best smartphones with greate cameras.

Google incursion to the processors markets with the Google Tensor, it is the first step to a major and ambitious plan from the big tech.

For sure, the Google Pixel 6 is a smartphone that can keep up to a high end user, that requires all what the best smartphone can offer.

Price per Value

Google Pixel 6 can be found in ebay for $455 refurbished. Even though, acquiring this Google phone for under $500 is a great deal, since the camera, performance and the battery worth it.

Ease of Use

Google Pixel 6 updated is running in Android 12. For all Android users, this operative system is a friendly user one.

Google Pixel 6 Camera

DXOMark has ranked Google's cameras on top performers.


Google Pixel 6 Battery has 4614mAh and in comparison to its predecessors, it last better in the ru, but the "a" series have a bigger capacity. As new phones are coming up, Google Pixel 6 is still in the range of phones with good battery.


Frequently Asked Questions
Google Pixel 6

Yes, the Google Pixel 6 is waterproof with its IP68 water and dust resistance.

Google Pixel 6 has a 24 hour batter if it is used on a mix of talk, data, standby, and use of other features.

If it is fully used, it can last up to 8 hours.

Google Pixel 6 has a Bluetooth 5.2 connectivity.

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