Google Pixel 3a Review | Does still worth it in 2023?


Today many people are still questioning the features of the Google Pixel 3a, and whether this will be a device capable of living up to the use they expect to make of it should they buy it.

Read on for a full Google Pixel 3a review to help you find out if, for you, it’s worth it.

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Google Pixel 3a
Google Pixel 3a Review

First of all, let’s keep in mind that this is a lower mid-range device, which means that the features of the Google Pixel 3a will serve anyone who does not need to have such a powerful and complete cell phone. It will be of great use especially for those people who know that they will give it the typical use of placing in contact, download applications such as social networks and maybe a couple of games, and that will not be dedicated to take pictures under some professional standard.

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  • Batter last longer than normal Pixel phones.
  • Camera still shots great pictures.


  • Not being able to keep up to new bigger size apps.

Google Pixel 3a Design & Construction

The symmetrical front design of the Pixel 3a features slightly thick black bezels, both above and below its display, but which are also capable of being displayed on the sides.

The four corners of the screen of the Google Pixel 3a possess rounded shape, although, in reality, we are not dealing with a real cutout of the panel, but with pixels that are turned off (this is noticeable especially at startup, as the corners adopt different shapes in the process).

On the body of the cell phone we can see rounded corners as well, but with a slightly less abrupt curvature than in the case of the screen.

We must keep in mind that this mobile device is not high-end, however, its front design in general is better worked than many of its level.

The body of the Google Pixel 3a was made from polycarbonate (plastic) in one piece, which differs from the Pixel 3 where metal and glass were mixed.

However, it has a similar design to its sibling, with slightly different finishes on the back. 

The finish of the top strip has a glossy finish, while its rear area is matte.

On the back is the fingerprint reader, with a comfortable position to reach.

The thickness of this device is 8.2 mm and its weight is 147 grams.


Google Pixel 3a Display

One of the aspects that make the Google Pixel 3a display even bigger is the fact that it has a bigger budget OLED panel that is able to offer deeper blacks, an almost infinite contrast, lower battery consumption and wider color gamut.

The Pixel 3a has to offer a 5.3″ OLED panel, along with a full HD+ resolution (2,280 x 1080 pixels), with a very high pixel density (of 441 ppi). Overall the screen looks very sharp, so if you don’t use virtual reality applications you won’t need the QHD+ resolution. 

Another aspect that might interest you now that we are talking about its screen is the fact that Google wanted to save with its protective layer, using in this case a layer of Dragontrail Glass, so you might want to be more attentive in case of falls.

Google Pixel 3a Performance

The performance of the Google Pixel 3a is characterized by a Snapdragon 670, which is a 10 nm chipset with the same Kryo 360 cores as the 710, but varies in the case of clock frequency, this being 2.0 GHz.

This Snpadragon has an Adreno 615 GPU which, in theory, should have less power than the Adreno 616 GPU that the Snapdragon 710 has, so it can be said that they are similar versions that only get to differentiate themselves in cases where power comes into play, as does modem speed.

This device comes with about 4 GB of RAM LPDDR4x type, which in theory should be enough if you consider that the device does not have a layer of software customization too heavy, as is the case of models from other manufacturers.

It should also be noted that the Titan security chip has been integrated, making it possible to store sensitive information, such as password data, application data, information regarding the integrity of the operating system, the storage encryption key, among some other aspects to be protected.

Google Pixel 3a Battery

In terms of battery of the Google Pixel 3a we talk about a capacity of 3,00 mAh, an amount that begins to seem a little reduced if you take into account especially the size that has the screen of this device, but it is a point that can always be worse. 

The device was subjected to the PCMark battery life test and it managed to reach 8 hours and 27 minutes with the screen brightness calibrated at 200 nits. A result that, if we are to be honest, does not make it stand out from other smartphones.

If we go to the day to day, the autonomy of the Google Pixel 3a is the right one. This means that you should have no problem to hold it until the end of the day, as long as you give it a moderate use. If you are one of those who use your cell phone intensively, you will have to be ready for a recharge.

To save a little battery you can rely on the Smart Battery functionality, included in Android 9 Pie, limiting battery usage in the background. If you still need to extend battery life, there’s also the Battery Saver option, but this will disable some of the device’s functions.

Play Intro

Google Pixel 3a Interface and functionalities

The operating system of the Google Pixel 3a is Android 10 up to date.

The experience offered to Android is close, with the possibility of making changes to the launcher to bring a personal touch to the device.

Google has decided to place the quick search bar (the same one used to search both on the Internet and among the files you have saved on the device) in the lower area of the home screen, closer to the finger.

The Google Assistant icon can be found on the right.

Another detail of the Google Pixel 3a interface is the fact that its home button is shaped like a horizontal pill and can be operated by gesture. In case you slide it upwards you will open the app drawer.

If the scroll is short, you will enter the multitasking view.

It is important to note that this device can only be operated by gestures.

The application icons have a rounded appearance, but can be altered if desired.

This device continuously hears music playing, and is capable of displaying the title of a song on its lock screen.

Google Android

Google Pixel 3a Multimedia

As for the features of the Google Pixel 3a in this regard we find a main speaker on the bottom edge, next to the USB Type-C connector, and a secondary one placed in the earpiece for the ear that sounds weaker, offering a stereo feel inferior to the Pixel 3.

This is a device that gives the option to fine tune the volume, others feature only 15 steps, while on the Pixel 3a there are a total of 25, so you’ll be able to listen to what you like, at the volume level you like.

In terms of apps for listening to music it comes with Play Music as its default player, but nowadays this has already changed for YouTube Music, which also comes installed when you buy it from the factory, a streaming app with a truly extensive catalog of songs and videos. 

In its Photos application you will find all the images stored on the device organized by albums, places, dates, people and things.

The Things section is used to look at specific elements that Google has managed to identify in the photos, such as parks, lakes, among others.

Cancun with Google Pixel 3a
Heilbronnn Vineyards with Google Pixel 3a
Heilbron Sunrise with Google Pixel 3a

Google Pixel 3a Camera

The camera of the Google Pixel 3a is unique in its part will bring, and it features 12.2 MP, an f/18 aperture lens and a focus that works through phase detection with dual pixel technology.

Apart from this, its lens also features optical image stabilization.

Of course, all its modes will have to be put to the test depending on your needs. But you could say that this device brings a good look when it comes to documenting our days.

You just have to try it out at different times of the day to realize what a good job it does.

Is the Google Pixel 3a still worth it in 2022?

First of all, let’s keep in mind that this is a lower mid-range device, which means that the features of the Google Pixel 3a will serve anyone who does not need to have such a powerful and complete cell phone.

It will be of great use especially for those people who know that they will give it the typical use of placing in contact, download applications such as social networks and maybe a couple of games, and that will not be dedicated to take pictures under some professional standard.

The operating system it uses has not become obsolete either, so it is a good point in its favor to keep it in mind as a viable option. And its price makes the relationship with quality more and more noticeable. It’s just a matter of assessing the buyer’s needs.

Price per Value

Google Pixel 3a can be found in ebay for $99 refurbished. Even though, acquiring this Google phone for under $300 is a great deal, since the camera and the battery worth it.

Ease of Use

Google Pixel 3a updated is running in Android 11. For all Android users, this operative system is a friendly user one. Google Pixel 3a also has squeeze sensors in case reactions are needed.

Google Pixel 3a Camera

DXOMark has ranked Google's cameras on top performers.


Google Pixel 3a Battery has 3,000mAh and in comparison to its predecessors, it last better in the run. As new phones are coming up, Google Pixel 3a is still in the range of phones with good battery.


Frequently Asked Questions
Google Pixel 3a

After almost 2 years of using the Google Pixel 3a, I consider it a better phone than its predecessors. The Google Pixel 3a has a better battery that lasts longer and the camera takes good shots also for 2021.

If you are on a budget, the Google Pixel 3a is one worthwile phone to get.

Since its launch has been couple years ago, the price have dropped down, making it more affordable and it naturally worth its features.

Google Pixel 3a will have guaranteed updates until May 2022.

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