Content Marketing vs Social Media Marketing

If you talk about content marketing vs. social media marketing as if it were a confrontation and you should stick to one of them, we recommend that you continue reading this article. 

Apart from telling you a bit more about both, we’ll show you what you really need to do to be successful with them.

Content marketing vs social media marketing
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What is content marketing?

The definition of content marketing is a way to engage your target audience and grow your network of leads and customers by creating relevant and valuable content. 

By attracting, engaging, and generating value for these people, this can create a positive perception of your brand, leading to increased business.

Another concept of content marketing that can help you understand better is the one that tells us that it is a way to provoke the engagement of who would be your target audience to then make both your leads and your customer network grow. 

Of course, to fully accept what this new move is all about, we are forced to fully accept that the times where the consumer was forced to passively watch TV commercials are over. 

The advance of time, and the arrival of new technologies to the marketing sector, have generated that the public has today more power than ever, being able to choose the content they want to consume, and also the way they expect to interact with it. 

However, this should not be seen as something negative. Since what should be done from the advertiser’s side is to start producing the content that the audience wants.

And, although it is said that you can’t satisfy everyone, it is possible to succeed in trying.

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Advantages and disadvantages of content marketing



What is social media marketing?

The definition of social media marketing refers to all those activities and measures that are used in social networks, redundantly, with the purpose of creating business opportunities, increasing the reach and loyalty of our customers, or target audience. 

For many, social media marketing has come to be seen as a form of public relations and customer service.

However, the first objective to have when considering one of these strategies will always be to increase traffic, CTR and reach. 

On the other hand, there are those who rely on the concept of social media marketing in order to build long-term loyalty with their customers.

It is from here then where you can also move on to thinking about influencers, and marketing that is created to go viral. 

It is worth noting that this was not always seen as an opportunity to generate more business, as when the most popular social networks were created (as is the case with Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn) there was really no idea that they would serve as public relations and marketing tools. 

What has made many marketing companies now take their strategies to these platforms is the fact of the large amount of users that are registered on them. This has made it undeniable that a direct contact channel is created with the customer, and the reach is increasing more and more. 

Undoubtedly, nowadays, creating social media marketing strategies is a wise choice even for those products, services or brands that are offered on a smaller scale. So it is an option that should always be kept in mind.

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How to plan the joint work between content marketing and social networks?

Although we have talked about content marketing vs social media marketing, the reality is that nothing is better than knowing how to take advantage of both types of advertising and put them to work together to get the best possible results with our campaigns, regardless of the media. 

As you may have noticed, we have first talked about the importance of content marketing to take the time to create quality content so that it can reach users and make them click on it, and not just pass by. 

On the other hand, we have also talked about the importance that exists today in adapting to what is social media marketing with the intention that you can reach many more users over time, and be able to have a direct communication with them. 

Now you may be wondering exactly where the tip is, and what you should do is to take the time to develop quality content following the standards of the first, and using the media features of the second to make them reach more and more people. 

Although it might seem a bit obvious at this point of the article, these types of strategies should not really be seen as a vs, but rather as a team, since content marketing and social media marketing work hand in hand to ensure your success.

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