6 Best Animaker Alternatives in 2023

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When we talk about software to create animated videos, then we are talking about Animaker that can be used without doubt to create satisfactory videos and to feature characters fluently with the intention to have an end video that looks like done by professionals. 

Animaker is a platform where you can produce scenes, add characters with drag drop interface, upload custom videos and set a script that we are able to use as an expert to get a video that can be exported to YouTube, or another virtual platform, as well to be shared amongst a social media community. 

Animaker as an animation software has the easy feature to add characters with movements to make up your video at your desire.

Animaker is an action video maker that assists beginners to start easy their content creation for virtual advertising and marketing, presenting them the possibility to enhance their content material, create explainer videos, add animation effects, add text, add music and voice overs with text to speech software and more.

As an online animation software, it is one of the virtual advertising and marketing tools that enables you to create motion pictures to grow your digital marketing presence.  

Likewise, Animaker animation tool makes it clean so as to produce video content material, both in video or slideshows layout with its superior modifying capabilities that you may admire and snappily get used to the use of..

As in comparison to Adobe Premiere video editing, Animaker is focused on having animated characters on their videos, and it is more intuitive to create videos that have a explainer video type.

There are some other Animaker alternatives that offer different features that can also help to create videos.

Some of them are as well focus oriented to create animated videos with characters, and some others are more intune to be a professional video editing software.

If Animaker isn’t the animation software that you’re searching for, following up we can speak about some Animaker alternatives like, Createstudio, Vyond, Invideo, Renderforest, Animoto and Flexclip.


CreateStudio Logo

CreateStudio is an animation software for desktop computers which became a really good Animaker alternative to create explainer and cartoon videos.

Createstudio brings the animation software in a single location with most important features in the video creation process.

Createstudio offers motion for your characters which resolves the hassle of making animated videos in some other complex video editors.

Substantially, what you could expect to get from CreateStudio are characters that have two different types of styles in 2D and 3D. 

Another issue of Createstudio that makes it an extremely good Animaker alternative is that it additionally has cartoons in 3D, with a view to assist you to provide incredible movies. 

Among different means, Createstudio will serve you to produce explainer videos in a brief length of time, a commodity that without a doubt makes it stick out from different online animation software. 

With its intuitive drag and drop interface, it makes it one of the simplest to apply video animation software programs available.



Vyond is another of the Animaker competitors that directly competed in the animation software area.

Vyond animation software has the functionality to provide videos snappily in a fluent way thanks to its interface. 

Among the elements which have made Vyond so famous we will say that the library of scenes and characters make it a resource to any starter who intends to provide videos for social media to reach their goals, and will certainly create attention catching videos. 

Generally, Vyond has the popularity that many marketers use this animation tool with the aim of making content material for specific purposes, from commercial enterprise to enjoyment to commercials for social media.

Still, with sufficient creativeness, Vyond may be used for any form of video as it can be adjusted to popular formats such as landscape, square and vertical.

Vyond animation software is best for developing content material because it has an intuitive interface and is extraordinarily smooth to use. 

One of the most powerful factors of Vyond app is the fact that even if you are not an expert in video editors like Adobe Premiere, or After Effects, you can still create amazing animations.


Renderforest Logo

Renderforest will provide you with pleasant videos so you can show your concept the way your marketing  is planned to promote and showcase your products and services.

Renderforest video editing software will assist you to elevate the quality of your videos as it helps to create your advertisements and content marketing social media videos for Facebook, Instagram or YouTube.

Renderforest also has the advantage of being a more complete tool for marketers, as it not only includes a video editing software, it also has software that helps with the logo creation, mockups, websites and designs.

As you get used to Renderforest, you’ll see that it is a great all in one software for online marketing.

There is a free plan in Renderforest, so this is a great opportunity for starters to want to try out without making an investment.



When we talk about Animaker competitors, we have to additionally point out Invideo. 

Invideo is a professional video editing software that has been created with the aim of creating easy video material without the work that requires to know about keyframes. 

Invideo is designed for SMBs and entrepreneurs that don’t have the time to learn about advanced video editing skills.

From the point of view of advertising experts, users can use Invideo as their assistant to create videos particularly to grow their opportunities to gain visibility and increase conversions.

With Invideo it is straightforward to edit the motion pictures, add animation effects, upload own videos, upload pictures, and create videos in formats for social media.



Animoto is an online video editor software that permits you to create videos that can be used for many purposes such as marketing or education.

Animoto software has the options to upload tracks, videos and text, use their templates and set your text animated video. 

Animoto video software is designed in order that new video editors and professionals can deliver a high quality video for their video strategy.

Animoto has a free plan trial, in which you can test out the platform to check its features.

Animoto free plan has the functionality to apply numerous changes to create short videos of 30 seconds.

You can use plenty of multimedia material like images, audio or videos.

To have access to the advanced features of Animoto, there are plans that start at $7 USD.


Flexclip logo

Flexclip is another incredible Animaker alternative focused on creating videos with templates.

With its video editor features, Flexclip gives content creators the opportunity to trim, combine, compress and edit videos in a single place. 

Flexclip has in addition more features such as a Meme creator, Screen Recorder, GIF and Slideshow maker.  

Flexclip has the advantage of supporting starters to create their videos with its templates, which assist to speed up the technique of making brilliant films in much less time. 

Video advertising and marketing is an incredible manner for knowledgeable entrepreneurs to sell merchandise and services, and Flexclip is without a doubt an online video editing software that facilitates this process.

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