9 Tips for Writing the perfect Youtube video descriptions

Surely you know Youtube as one of the most used portals for searching content in audiovisual format, so it is important to know how to create Youtube descriptions for your video content to be found quickly among millions of search results. 

The importance of Youtube descriptions lies in the fact that it will be the space or the information that users need to understand what your content is about, find your videos and if it will provide the information they are looking for. 

With Youtube descriptions and a good video title, you can attract more traffic, position your Youtube channel, help viewers, increase subscribers, and therefore increase profits.

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What are the descriptions on YouTube?

The best YouTube descriptions are those that come in two types – the default description that applies to all videos on your channel, and unique descriptions for each individual video.

Descriptions for your YouTube videos are an important part of the description that can spike your audience’s interest in your content. A well-written description is a fantastic way to help your video or channel grow, and can even help you rank higher in search results.

When writing descriptions for your YouTube videos, it’s important to make them easy to read and write like a human. Including social media handles and links to your social accounts in the description box can help viewers find your content and engage with your channel.

To help YouTube understand what your video is about, your video’s description should contain keywords relevant to your content. Descriptions with keywords can also help your video show up at the top of search results.

Make sure to include sentences of your description that highlights what the video is about and states what viewers can expect to see. Using templates you can use for your descriptions can also help you follow best practices.

When you upload a new video, follow our tips to learn how to write the perfect YouTube descriptions that will help you grow your channel and increase your video views!

How to maximize the use of the available space


Designed to boost your YouTube views

What else can I put to use the space?

It is important to keep in mind the important elements in a YouTube description, in addition to knowing what you want to inform about the video. 

To make the most of the space available for descriptions guide yourself with the following questions: 

By answering these questions, you get a video description example, quick, easy and simple, using space to the maximum and not exhausting the user with irrelevant information. 

By using the most of the text are, you can help viewers find your video by taking leverage of the Youtube algorithm.

Tips for Writing Youtube Descriptions Video

Content of the Youtube video descriptions

What should a Youtube description template have? 

When creating perfect YouTube channel descriptions, either general for your channel or specific for each video you upload, it is important to understand the different elements that they must have in order to work. 

Remember that the main function of Youtube descriptions is to let people know a little more about your content before playing the video and above all to position your content within the Youtube and Google search engine. 

Tell the world what your video is about, what they can find in it and important details that can attract users’ attention.

For example, in YouTube descriptions for music compilation videos, they usually put the playlist with the name of the song and the artist. 

This is additional information, since it is not always necessary to do so, but it is data that can help the user to be guided and know what can be found.

This is usually something optional in Youtube descriptions, but very important. 

It tells who participated in the creation of the video, the programs used to achieve it and the sponsors, if any, that help to make the content possible. All this can be indicated at the end of the description of your video. 

Relevant keywords

Magnifying glass and toys word with the word KEYWORD on yellow background

For SEO, keywords are the main element to put into practice, as they will be the ones that will lead people to your content if they make a similar search or with the theme of your channel. 

Normally 2 to 3 keywords are required in the YouTube descriptions, being enough to help the positioning of the content. Some people use a description generator for Youtube, ensuring the use of keywords. 

It is recommended that before starting a YouTube description, you do a thorough research on the keywords that go with the content you are presenting in your video.

This ensures that your description will have the right keywords. 

How to use keywords to optimize descriptions for search engines.

Before you start your video description, you need to do some keyword research, no matter if it is a description for youtube gamer channel, description for Free Fire youtube or any type of content you want. 

Keywords will be the essential element for the positioning of your content, so you must know which keywords correspond to your video. Once you have them, you must enter them in the first 120 characters of your YouTube description. 

Both in the title and in the description, at least 2 or 3 keywords must appear to help the positioning of your content. Remember that this must be done both in the description of the channel and in the description of each video you upload.

External links

It is common that in the description of YouTube videos, you find external links that lead to more content on the same topic, resources to complete the information and download certain content. 

In addition, all external links should be presented to guide the user to social networks to have a better contact with the content creator and have more places to locate information in other formats. 

What you gain with the use of external links in the Youtube description is to make sure you give users different spaces to learn more about your content. Normally these links are not usually directly from the content, but they are necessary. 

Timestamps to help your video viewers


Optimize your YouTube channel FASTER

Timestamps are a great way to help your video viewers navigate through long videos and keep a good watch time.

They enable viewers to jump directly to the part of the video they’re interested in without having to watch it all.

For example, if you have a YouTube video that is an hour long, you can add timestamps at 5-minute intervals so viewers can quickly go straight to the section they need.

This will help them save time and make it easier for them to get the information they need from the video.

It’s also great for those who like to skip around and watch different parts of the video at their own pace. Timestamps are a great tool for keeping viewers engaged and helping them find what they’re looking for in your videos!

CTA (call to action)

“Subscribe” “Hit the notification bell” “Like” “Leave a comment” This is known as a CTA or call to action in YouTube descriptions, as they are direct indications to the user of what to do if they liked the video or filled their needs. 

Using CTAs in Youtube descriptions is the least invasive way to invite users to be part of your channel or follow your content. It is very important to have at least two calls to action in your videos. 

Do not forget after your call to action, indicate what the user can get if he does it, i.e. get more content on the same topic, learn more about music, for example. The idea is to give them a benefit in exchange for subscribing. 

Length of descriptions

The longer the Youtube video and channel description is, the less they will pay attention to it, but if it is too short, it may lack information and will not keep the users’ attention. The length of Youtube descriptions is very important. 

To get the exact length of Youtube descriptions, it is necessary to be very clear about what you want to write and inform by means of few characters. In addition, it is important to enter all elements mentioned in the previous section. 

To avoid going over the length of the descriptions on Youtube, you can carry out templates for Youtube descriptions or the automatic generator of descriptions. This will give a limited space to complete following specific steps. 

Normally we talk about 200 to 300 words minimum and maximum when writing a Youtube description, where all the important elements for the proper functioning of the description should be included. 

Do not let yourself reach the 5000 characters provided by Youtube to make your description, since such a long text can take away interest from the content or video that is being promoted. 

Youtube Channel SEO Optimization

How can you position your video in the search engine?

SEO optimization is the main tool to get more views on your content, so it is important to know how to use Youtube descriptions to get more traffic. 

The best Youtube SEO tools like VidIQ can help out with this process, as well you can follow up the Youtube SEO tips to improve your channel.

In addition, there are pages to promote Youtube channels that rely on SEO optimization to achieve it.

By being clear about what writing descriptions can do for your content, you will be able to achieve great growth in a short time as you optimize your Youtube channel and video description.

By checking your Youtube analytics, you can grasp the first keywords your videos are already ranking for.

Use appropriate tags and titles to make your video relevant

Tags can play the same role as keywords, using hashtags directly related to the content being shown in the video, thus helping the Youtube search engine and Google search engine to locate your content quickly. 

The use of 5 or 8 tags/hashtags is recommended as they are topical elements to access content quickly and without much search. With the right tags the positioning of your content can be done correctly. 

Likewise, you must have an adequate title, that is to say, one that specifically indicates what will be seen in the video or at least presents keywords that can lead the user to your video when searching. 

Youtube Video Description Template


[Insert brief introduction to the video, and include in the first 200 characters the main keywords in your description]

In this video, [Insert name of the creator/host] will [Insert what the creator will be doing in the video].

[Insert any additional information about the video, such as who it is suitable for or what topics will be covered].

[Insert a brief overview of the main points covered in the video].

[Insert any relevant resources, social media links or include links mentioned in the video and related videos].

Don’t forget to subscribe to our channel and turn on notifications to be notified when we upload new videos!


[Insert timestamps for specific sections of the video, if applicable]

Chapter 1: [Insert title of section] – [Insert timestamp]

Chapter 2: [Insert title of section] – [Insert timestamp]

Chapter 3: [Insert title of section] – [Insert timestamp]


[Insert relevant hashtags to help the video reach a wider audience]

[Insert any other relevant information or calls to action, such as encouraging viewers to leave a comment or share the video with friends].

Example of a Youtube Description

Title: Delicious and Easy Homemade Pasta Recipe


Welcome back to our cooking channel! In this video, we’ll be showing you how to make delicious and easy homemade pasta from scratch.

Our host, [Insert name of the host], will guide you through each step of the process, from making the dough to shaping the pasta. This recipe is perfect for beginners or anyone who wants to try making pasta from scratch for the first time.

In this video, you’ll learn:

  • How to make pasta dough
  • How to shape pasta using a pasta machine
  • Tips for cooking and serving homemade pasta

We’ve also included a list of ingredients and helpful tips in the description box below.

Timestamps: 00:00 – Introduction 00:45 – Making the pasta dough 02:30 – Shaping the pasta 05:15 – Cooking and serving the pasta 06:30 – Final thoughts and tips


  • 2 cups of all-purpose flour
  • 3 large eggs
  • 1 tablespoon of olive oil
  • Salt and pepper to taste

#Hashtags: #homemadepasta #pastarecipe #easycooking #italiancuisine

Don’t forget to subscribe to our channel and turn on notifications to be notified when we upload new videos! Let us know in the comments if you tried this recipe and how it turned out. Happy cooking!

Final recommendations for different Youtube Descriptions

Within the final recommendations for creating YouTube descriptions, the following tips can be taken into account: 

With these tips and indications, you can create YouTube descriptions that will put your content in the first results.

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