7 Best Youtube SEO tools to boost your rankings in 2023

Best Youtube SEO tools
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SEO or what is known as web positioning, is usually the main step to perform in any online business, because the better known and positioned this your website or web portal, the better results you can see in a short time. SEO for Youtube, can increase the views of your videos and increase the number of followers.

To get an excellent result when doing SEO on Youtube, you must know the importance of doing it and know the 5 best SEO tools for Youtube, which will lead you to get the results you want on your channel, in a short time and with the quality you need to monetize your content.

Why is SEO important on Youtube?

The importance of positioning your YouTube channel is usually based on the amount of views you can increase or increase the flow of users for your content, besides it is necessary to understand that doing SEO on Youtube, opens up more possibilities and allows your business to grow.

The basis of SEO on Youtube is fully supported by what is the traditional web positioning, that is, using the same strategies that are implemented to position the web portal within the search engines.

The same can be implemented within the Youtube search engine, since keywords and tags can be used to get your content to appear within the main video results.

By learning how to position your content or get your videos rank better on Youtube through SEO tools, you are making sure to attract the necessary audience so that your content is known by those interested and reaches the right people. On the other hand, the importance of SEO for YouTube is to avoid bounce rate and gain time through ads that guide the audience to your content.

In conclusion, SEO for YouTube serves directly to position your YouTube channel or at least, a special video and make more people reach your content without having to pay for advertising.

To learn how to do this, it is important to know the SEO tools for YouTube and how to use the tools that can help to improve your Youtube performance.

Best YouTube SEO Tools to Boost your Video Rankings, with rank tracker, get more views, do your keyword research and to optimize your video

Don’t give up thinking about how to perform SEO on YouTube, just know what the following video SEO tools provide you and choose the one that best suits what you want to get in the short or long term to manage your YouTube channel.



VidIQ is a top Youtube SEO tool that allows you to have an extension in Google Chrome to analyze the strategy of the competition and be able to apply it as one of your possible SEO tools for Youtube.

VidIQ will help to optimize your Youtube videos and increase your perfromance on Youtube.

Among the functions presented by the paid version of one of the best tools, VidIQ, are the following:

Despite having its free trial, it presents two paid plans that present different amounts of the above functions.



Optimizing your YouTube channel faster than you can believe. It is known for its free extension on Google Chrome, which allows you to manage, optimize and position your YouTube channel easily and quickly.

Among the functions that TubeBuddy SEO tool presents to help you optimize your YouTube are the following:

You can subscribe to more features and tools through their paid packages to enjoy more.


videly logo

Videly is a video optimization tool software to do SEO on Youtube, in just three simple steps, easily and quickly you can rank your channel in the top search positions on Youtube and Google. It is known for not needing experience and writing any content.

Within the functions of Videly as an SEO tool for Youtube, you can find the following:

The SEO Videly tool can be obtained for a one-time payment of $47 through its official website.


SEMRush logo

Semrsuh is a tool you can use to do SEO on Youtube.

Semrush is ideal as its main function is to increase traffic organically through the SEO tools and workflow presented by the software SEO strategies.

Among the functions that Semrush presents as an SEO tool for Youtube are the following:

You can get the SEO tool for Youtube Semrush by paying any of their paid plans on their official website.



Tool to do SEO work on Youtube that emphasizes its functions in the search and generation of correct keywords for the positioning of Youtube cabals based on the content that you want to viralize or position in the search engine.

Among the functions presented by Ahrefs SEO tool for Youtube are the following:

From their official Ahrefs page you can get these features by paying for their different monthly plans.

Choose the SEO tool for Youtube that best suits your needs and start positioning your channel.

Youtube Analytics

Youtube logo

Youtube Analytics is a powerful tool to manage your Youtube SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

It helps you to understand your audience and optimize your content for a better reach.

With Youtube Analytics you will be able to see how your videos perform, this way you can analyze if your Youtube strategy is working well.

It provides detailed data about the performance of your videos, such as views, likes, comments, and shares. It also enables you to track the user engagement rate and the average viewing time.

With Youtube Analytics, you can identify which topics are trending and tailor your content accordingly.

Additionally, it helps you to keep track of your competitors’ performance as well as monitor keywords that work best for you.

With all these insights, it becomes easier to create content that resonates with viewers and boosts visibility on Youtube.

Free Youtube Tags Generator by BarrazaCarlos


The Free Youtube Tags Generator by BarrazaCarlos is an incredibly useful tool for anyone who creates Youtube content.

It helps you come up with relevant tags for your videos quickly and easily, saving you time and energy.

The process is simple – just enter the keyword of your video and language related to it, and the generator will provide a list of suggested tags.

What’s more, the Youtube Tags Generator by BarrazaCarlos is completely free to use, making it an invaluable resource for any content creator looking to make their videos stand out among the millions of others on YouTube.

Youtube SEO Tips and Best Practices

Youtube Video SEO is an important part of any successful video marketing strategy.

It helps ensure that your videos are seen by the right audience and can increase your visibility in search results.

To maximize the impact of your Youtube SEO efforts, it is important to follow best practices.

Add your keywords on the Title and name of uploaded Video

When uploading a video to YouTube, one of the most important steps for successful SEO is to add relevant keywords to the video title and name of the video.

This will help YouTube’s algorithm accurately categorise your video and make it easier for viewers to find it when searching for related topics.

It is important to include primary keywords as well as variations of those words so that you can capture a wider range of search terms.

Additionally, by including brand names or other specific information in the title and name, you can increase the chances that your video will be found by viewers who are already familiar with your brand.

Ultimately, taking advantage of keyword research and adding relevant keywords to your titles and file names can be an effective way to drive more attention to your videos on YouTube.

Write a full video description

When creating a video description for YouTube SEO, it is important to include relevant and descriptive keywords that accurately describe the video content.

Make sure to use keywords that potential viewers would search for when looking for videos like yours.

Additionally, it is beneficial to include links to other videos or websites that are related to your content.

Finally, make sure your description is interesting and engaging so that viewers will be encouraged to watch the video and share it with others!

Aim for at least 100 words in order to give the YouTube algorithm enough information about your video and encourage viewers to click on it.

Use of relevant tags

Using relevant tags for YouTube optimization is extremely beneficial and can help to increase the visibility of your videos.

By using relevant tags, you can make sure that your videos appear when users search for specific keywords or phrases.

This will help to attract more viewers to your video, leading to increased engagement and potential customers.

Additionally, tagging your videos properly helps YouTube’s algorithm understand what your video is about, allowing it to be more accurately recommended to other viewers.

This can result in even more people viewing your video and engaging with you or your brand.

Properly tagging videos is an important part of YouTube SEO to optimize your video content and should not be overlooked if you want the best results from your content.

Create captivating thumbnails

Creating captivating thumbnails for Youtube SEO is a key part of optimizing your videos for search engine results.

Youtube thumbnails are the first thing viewers see before clicking on a video, and can be used to draw attention and encourage people to watch.

When creating captivating thumbnails, it’s important to include relevant keywords and phrases in the title and description, as well as using high-quality visuals that stand out from the competition.

You can use one of the best Youtube thumbnail maker to create your images.

You should also consider adding text or images that will grab viewers’ attention and make them want to click on your video.

Additionally, pay close attention to the size of your thumbnail as this affects how it looks in search results.

By following these steps, you can create captivating thumbnails that will help you maximize your Youtube SEO reach and get more views for your videos.

Encourage engagement through likes, comments and shares

Youtube marketing also has to take into consideration likes, comments and shares since they are a great way to increase visibility and reach, and they are considered a Youtube ranking factor.

By having viewers comment on content, subscribe to channels, like posts, share videos and interact with the content, creators can boost their rankings in the Youtube search results.

This will help to attract more viewers and increase organic traffic to the channel.

You can also add Time Stamps on Youtube to improve engagement and help viewers to watch exactly the information they need.

Additionally, getting viewers to comment on content also helps to build trust with potential customers as they can see that others are engaging with the brand.

Creating interesting and engaging content that encourages users to like it, comment on it or share it will help boost SEO rankings and help channels get seen by more people.

With proper Youtube SEO tactics in place, you can increase viewership and reach more people with your videos.

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