3 Youtube Optimization Software to Improve your Channel

There are different online content formats that are gaining popularity; however, by using software to optimize Youtube you will generate greater interaction within this community, awakening interest in its visualization and, therefore, increasing the number of subscribers every day.

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Why should Youtubers use optimization tools?

YouTube is currently second only to Google as a search tool. Users enter to watch popular videos such as product reviews, tutorials, vlogs, game strategies, comedies, parodies, hauls, challenges, unboxing, educational pills and especially their favorite musicals, selected in a personalized way among the content offered by youtubers.

However, it is not easy to make your videos of interest to any user, it will be necessary to use optimization tools that allow you to grow faster and get targeted visitors instantly, so that they have the opportunity to know your content, value them and build their preference for them.

There are different applications used by youtubers, such as video editors or Youtube Analytics, with which they discover what content is attractive to users and therefore generates more revenue.

But with optimization tools, you use software created with the purpose of improving the commercial potential of your creations so that you increase the number of followers every day.

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What elements should be optimized on YouTube?

The goal of a youtuber is to get more free followers, as this maximizes your organic reach and consequently you will earn money with this activity.

You must exceed certain levels of followers if you want to monetize your channel. For example, to become a YouTube Partner you require at least 1000 subscribers and as you increase them, you will get many other advantages.

If you want your videos to go viral and be part of the stars of Youtube, you need to optimize some elements such as its customization, include subtitles, establish recommended playlists, add trailers, annotations and other aspects related to your interaction with the audience without the video exceeding the appropriate length.

In addition, it is advisable to respond to the comments of your fans to keep their interest in you, promote your channel on other social networks and use software to optimize Youtube as VidIQ, TubeBuddy or Videly, with which you will increase your organic searches, get more visits and increase the number of subscribers in the shortest possible time.

YouTube video optimization and channel management tools

Standing out on YouTube is not a matter of uploading a video and forgetting about it, since you would be losing great business opportunities. To take advantage of them, it will be very useful to know some of the best tools to optimize your content, saving you time in its creation, making it attractive and profitable for any type of audience.



VidIQ is a video marketing platform that has tools for YouTube content creators to learn how to maximize their productivity, achieving a greater number of visits and affiliations to their channel.

It has extensive functionality, technical assistance and excellent value for money; being recommended by 8 out of 10 users, who say that with it they have been able to classify tags or keywords and also enjoy its free version to pre-test some of its basic tools to improve their channel.

It allows you to research content for any channel, being ideal especially when it comes to SEO; also when searching for a keyword on Youtube, it tells you how many times it has been searched by other creators, used in their tags and more.

It is a software recommended for new youtubers and it is worth acquiring its paid version, as it facilitates the rapid growth of any channel.

This tool designed to increase your views on YouTube is all you need to market your video, but its packages have a high cost and in the opinion of some users it could be reduced for small or new channels. 

Additionally, the tool that shows the competition of a keyword could be improved.



TubeBuddy stands out as one of the best tools for managing and optimizing YouTube channel videos, with which you will be able to make it grow. It has a free version that includes practical functions for you to get to know it.

Additionally, it provides you with technical support to give you prompt response to your problems and concerns and features such as real-time updates, analysis and tracking, lead capture, social media integration, statistics, video editing, chat and much more.

Based on opinions and reviews, it has been rated as a software that will be your teacher to become a successful youtuber. Its system is deeply integrated, which allows you to collect and anticipate important data to achieve the best positioning of your channel.

It has the necessary tools for you to enter the world of YouTube as a novice and quickly level up, especially with keyword research, which on the other hand you can do with its free version.

The extension in some cases works only for one YouTube channel; otherwise it has no other cons and is currently rated 10 out of 10 in terms of value for money, features, ease of use and customer support.


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Videly is the software that allows you to automatically obtain the best title and description for the video you want to upload to Youtube. It is an SEO optimization system with which you will get your keyword to reach the top of the rankings.

Its creators, Vlad and Estoica, are specialists in Youtube tools. It makes it easy to search for keywords, generate titles, descriptions and tags; while on the other hand, it performs an analysis of the competition and for an additional fee you can use the Rank Tracker that indicates in which position your videos are.

This optimization tool works in Spanish or any other language; it saves a lot of time in the creation of content and efficiently manages your channel; but where it certainly has no competition is in the search for keywords.

It allows channels with few subscribers to be placed in the top positions, even if different types of searches are performed.
It has a paid version that will allow you to always use its basic functions; however, there are some options that you must purchase separately, after buying the software.

With Videly you can achieve more views for your videos and increase your number of subscribers, who will click on the description or any other link you decide to include; all of which will consequently generate more traffic and therefore potential customers if you are selling any product or service.

The transcription of titles, descriptions and tags in Spanish is done in 85%, being necessary in this case to write better some words.

One of its disadvantages is that it does not have a free version, so if you want to use it you will have to invest some money, but it is a one-time payment that will allow you to access this tool.

However, you should know that if you purchase it and you are not happy with the results it is giving, you can request a refund of your investment, since for its developers the essential thing is that Videly meets its goal: to be “the ultimate SEO super weapon” and along the way help you grow as a youtuber.

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Final Considerations

A software to optimize Youtube is a tool that will give your channel the boost it needs to grow, achieving more views and a better experience for your users. 

Everyone searches for information and many other things on the internet, for this they use Google and Youtube, a compelling reason for you to make yourself visible within this online platform.

With just a few clicks you will achieve the best rankings and maintain a constant flow of visitors interested in your channel, which may become loyal as you upload quality content that they can use for their benefit, while for you it will represent a valuable source of income; take advantage of it.

About Youtube

Youtube is a platform dedicated to sharing videos, whose creators are identified as youtubers. It is one of the subsidiaries of Google Inc. and one of the most used websites on the Internet.

It has gained relevance within the online world, especially thanks to the millions of users who watch videos daily and hence its great success. For commercial brands, it represents a point of connection with potential customers, since it overtook traditional media in a short period of time.

This has generated a change in the way of selling a product, idea, brand or service, since they are now promoted through content creators, in fact it is the perfect place to publicize what you want to create.

It allows you to work at your own pace and make a profit when your videos become very popular.

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