How to add Time Stamps on YouTube?

Time Stamps on YouTube have become one of the most useful tools when it comes to solving the lack of patience of users who only want to consume a specific moment of the content.

Find out how to add Time Stamps on YouTube by reading us to the end.

How to add Time Stamps on YouTube
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Advantages of Time Stamps on YouTube

Time Stamps on YouTube are nothing more than indications about what happens at each moment of the video that is created of relevance. 

For example, the introduction, the development and the end of the video.

For you to understand a little more about the importance of these we bring the advantages of Time Stamps on YouTube:

1. You will be able to organize better your content

In videos that are short (maybe less than 10 minutes), it may not matter so much to mark a sort of table of contents to facilitate the understanding of the content.

But in those videos that are long, it never hurts to mark the points and where they start or end so that your viewer can access them directly.

2. You will have a lower dropout rate

Surely, you too have started watching a video on a point that interests you, only to find that they have only gone on to other topics that may or may not be as relevant to what you were talking about.

Another advantage of YouTube timestamps has to do with being able to access the information you’re interested in without getting frustrated or leaving the video because you can’t find it.

3. You will boost your content

As the algorithm recognizes your quality content thanks to the specifications of the content and the amount of views and interactions it has, YouTube will boost it to the top of its search results.

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How to add Time Stamps on YouTube?

Now that you know how advantageous Time Stamps on YouTube can be, we will give you a step by step guide on how to place them correctly so that your content can be enjoyed in a more organized way.

Step 1: Upload your video as usual

To add Time Stamps on YouTube you need to start the process of uploading a video as usual, and you will do this by logging in to your channel, going to the upload video button and choosing it from your PC or device.

It is important that you go through the upload settings as you would with any other video until you get to the section where you have to make the description of the video, as this is where the Time Stamps are added to the videos.

Step 2: Add Time Stamps at the end of the description

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You can put together the description any way you want, including your social networks, a little more information about what the video is about, or an invitation for them to consume more of your content.

This will be truly irrelevant.

When it comes to adding Time Stamps on YouTube then what you will need to do is specify “TIME STAMPS”, in capital letters, and start placing the time ranges in which you want the information to be separated for all your users. 

An example would be the following:

Introduction 0:30 – 3:00
Development 3:01 – 10:00
Conclusion 10:01 – 15:00

As you may have noticed the format for adding Time Stamps on YouTube will be 00:00, in case the video is longer than one hour then the format used will be 1:00:00.

Step 3: Publish the video

Once you have made the video public then anyone will be able to click on the timestamps you have set so that they can enter at the time they want and not have to wait or guess to get to it.

One of the advantages that users have is that you can also add timestamps on YouTube in comments. So if you have created a commentary with these you can always anchor them so that everyone who enters the section can view it.

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