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VidIQ for YouTube is the ideal software for those Youtube creators who intend to grow organically, rank and form communities of followers that will last over time.

VidIQ is one of the best Yotube SEO tools and Youtube optimization software

If you want to know how this powerful suite extension has the ability to help you improve your channel, better read us to the end.

Vidiq for youtube
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What is VidIQ?

When we talk about VidIQ we are referring to a browser extension designed to promote, manage and optimize YouTube channels, whether they are just starting out or are already established.

It is considered by many experts to be one of the best free extensions when it comes to YouTube SEO (you’ll find out all about how to download VidIQ for free a little later).

The intention of the tool is to help you better understand how the SEO of your YouTube channel works, giving you many tips you can use to improve the quality of your videos as well.

As some interesting facts about the tool we share with you the following points:

As of today VidIQ works with more than 600,000 fully authorized YouTube channels.

It is able to maximize your organic reach considerably.

It is a tool used by top brands, such as AOL, Buzzfeed, Red Bull and many others.

VidIQ is a safe, legal and 100% reliable browser extension. It uses the YouTube API, being provided by the platform itself. This makes the tool certified by YouTube.

Apart from the brands we have already mentioned you might be pleased to know that it is also used by many of the best YouTube content creators in the world, which each used to accumulate millions of subscribers.

It’s a huge organization with hundreds of employees and a website that provides you with all the information officially, as well as sharing articles of interest on their blog, and you can go to it by clicking here.

If you’ve been looking for a software that can help you improve your YouTube channel then you’ve hit the nail on the head.

VidIQ Pricing

$ 0
  • 3 Daily Ideas
  • 3 Competitor Tracking
  • Video Scorecard
  • Live Stats Bar
  • Basic Video Analytics
$ 7
  • 10 Daily Ideas
  • 6 Competitor Tracking
  • Video Scorecard
  • Live Stats Bar
  • Bulk Youtube Descriptions
  • Keyword Research Tool
  • Basic Video Analytics
$ 39
  • 50 Daily Ideas
  • 20 Competitor Tracking
  • Video Scorecard
  • Bulk Youtube Descriptions
  • Keyword Research Tool
  • Dedicated SEO Analytics
  • SEO Title & Description Recommendations

VdIQ is characterized by designing plans capable of adapting not only to your channel, but also to your audience. Each of them designed to meet the needs of a certain group of customers.

So, depending on these plans is that you can get the cost of VidIQ, and are as follows:

VidIQ Basic Plan

If you came in looking for an option to download VidIQ for free, the ideal is that you stay with the Basic plan, which has been designed for all those people who are new to YouTube.

Among its main features we have that it is able to suggest 3 daily ideas, in addition to giving us 1 alert trends (with limited options) and as a help is the basic email, also including the academy.

In its extension for Chrome and Firefox it can provide us with the control panel and the statistics bar in real time, while in its web application it gives us access to basic video analytics.

VidIQ Pro Plan

This plan has been designed with the intention that you can get more analytics plus keyword research, and it is priced from 7.50 USD each month.

Among its general features it increases the daily insights, giving us up to 10. It allows us to make 6 competitor tracking, gives us 1 trend alert, as help provides email and chat and has the academy.

Looking at its extension for Chrome and Firefox it includes other services apart from the two mentioned in Basic such as massive descriptions, keyword search engine, most viewed and popular videos.

As far as its web application is concerned, you can expect basic video analytics, its keyword research tool and the best time of the day.

VidIQ Boost Plan

This is VidIQ’s most expensive plan in terms of price, and its main purpose is to help you increase the number of views you get on your new videos once you sign up for it. It starts at $39 USD per month.

The amount of daily ideas increases to 50, also counting with VidIQ’s keyword engine, 20 competitor tracking, 5, 10 or 15 trend alerts, and as a help it keeps the email and chat.

In its Chrome and Firefox extension, apart from what you already know, it offers top tweets for videos, most popular videos, SEO recommendations for titles and descriptions, integrated tag recommendations, as well as thumbnail preview and view comparison.

Within its web application, in addition to what is included in the above plan, other services are added such as dedicated SEO analysis and channel-wide tags for SEO improvement.

Grow your Youtube Channel with VidIQ tools

To give you a clear idea of how VidIQ works, here are some of its key points:

Search engine optimization for videos

The tool allows you to optimize videos so that they will be discovered by people using search engines. This includes choosing popular topics and keywords, tags, among other factors.

It allows you to gain followers over time

If you are not a celebrity or influencer, SEO will always be your best strategy to grow. VidIQ is a shortcut to quickly optimize your videos generating the highest organic reach possible to create a community in less time.

Boost your video marketing

In recent years YouTube has become extremely competitive, so if you want to generate views with your videos it is best to have a clear strategy. VidIQ’s function is to help you optimize your channel in a simple way.

Analyze your competition

The tool gives you the ability to track your competitors, including the top content creators within your niche. This will give you an insider’s view of what’s working for your competition and your channel with real-time Youtbe analytics.

Keyword Research

VidIQ’s features are extensive, but it sounds important to emphasize the tool’s ability to help you get the ideal keywords for your content, giving you an idea of the value of each keyword.

Lets you know what's trending on YouTube

The trend tracking is very complete, not only will it give you an alert of what is in the top positions at the moment, it also gives you the option to access “most viewed”.

Just by using the tool you will be able to realize all it has to offer, being one of the most complete on the market.

What differentiates VidIQ from other tools?

If so far you have not found clear the reason why to choose VidIQ you should know that everything is based on the completeness of its services.

Based on a technique as effective as SEO, so that the growth of the channels is organic and stable.

The next time some software promises you to generate more views and gain subscribers, you should pay attention to the strategy it will allow you to follow and ask yourself if it will only give you an ephemeral boost.

Also, let’s remember the free version of VidIQ is used and designed for all those who are starting out to publish on YouTube, many of the tools that compete with the software do not have such a benefit.

The advantage is that you can use the free version until you feel that your channel is already going in a broader direction and, if you are satisfied with how the Chrome extension works, you can pay for the next package until you consolidate and reach the Boost plan.

With the top Youtube creators software you will have a central operations center on your screen, gaining access to a lot of data, receiving advice with the real-time VidIQ suggests, and also having a path mapped out with a secure plan that will help you get to where you want to be.

VidIQ for Video creators

The magic of having 3 plans designed for 3 different stages when it comes to YouTube growth means that really anyone can subscribe and use the tool and take opportunity of it.

It can be anyone from a person who wants to start their online career, to established content creators, businesses (no matter if they are small, medium or large), and even brands.

VidIQ is characterized by personalized attention, so each of the projects that makes the decision to trust them will receive the right guidance to achieve their own goals, and not imposed.

In addition, taking up the difference in their plans, this is something that favors projects with little budget.

Since counting on the free version you can attack certain vital points for the Youtube audience development of a channel for more Yoube views.

So VidIQ is an ideal Youtube video software for all types of customers, you just have to know how to take advantage of it.

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