3 WordPress Image Optimization Plugins

Plugins to optimize images in WordPress have arrived to solve a major problem that web designers have: the slow loading of sites due to the large weight of their files. 

Read on to learn not only why optimize images in WordPress, but also three options that will help you succeed in the task.

Wordpress Image Optimization Plugins
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Why optimize images in WordPress?

It’s no secret that nowadays, most of the websites we go to are being built on WordPress, as it is one of the best tools for the task.

Regardless of whether it is a website built with the help of the platform or not, the loading time should be something that you have to pay close attention to. In most cases, this is what can define whether users stay on the page or not. 

That is why optimizing our websites is one of the most important points for every creator. This is if you want to have a page which gives a good user experience from the point of loading quickly all its contents. 

If you are still wondering why optimize images in WordPress you may know that when your website does not load within the first 10 seconds (being optimistic) of having clicked on it, many users will think that it is taking too long and prefer to go to another. 

And the truth is that one of the elements displayed on web pages, and the ones that take the longest to load, are usually images. So optimizing them should not be questioned when you want to take care of every little detail of it. 

So, remember that optimizing images in WordPress is essential to achieve an improvement in the loading speed of your site, and that is why there are even pages, tools, and even a good number of plugins that can help you accomplish this task successfully.

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How do images affect the speed of my website?

One of the elements that have the greatest influence on the speed of web pages are images.

However, nowadays, it is almost impossible to find a site that does not even have an image, since offering quality visual content to the user is very effective when we want to generate impact. 

However, whenever we put an image we must think that this has the ability to negatively affect the speed of the website, so it is always recommended to do it intelligently. And the best option you have is to optimize them. 

Shopify tells us that one second more in the loading speed of your site can mean 7% less conversion, but if it is the case that there was a second less this would lead to 27% more conversion. This is data that you definitely need to think about. 

From the moment you understand that a user expects the web page they clicked on to load almost automatically when they open it, you will understand the importance of how images affect the loading speed of a website and you will do something about it. 

When we don’t optimize images they are left in their heaviest form, which leads to more data being needed to open that website, which could take anywhere from 5 seconds to 20 seconds or more, depending on the size of the file we have added to it. 

What you do when you optimize your images is to place them in the lightest form possible, making your website load much faster and generate a better experience for the user who may not have much time to wait for it to load in its entirety.

WordPress Image Optimization Plugins

These are some useful WordPress Image Optimization Plugins that you can take into account to improve your image loading speed and eventually it will have some good impact in your Core Web Vitals and improve the positioning of your site.


Imagify is undoubtedly one of the best plugins to optimize images in WordPress.

Among the files that are compatible with this we have .jpg, .png, .pdf and .gif (regardless of whether they are animated or not). It also has the ability to convert WebP images. 

What this plugin does is to help you gain those precise minutes that your website needs to get a significant improvement in its loading speed, and thus directly improve the performance of your website, and the experience of your users. 

Some of the reasons why you should use it are the following:

Do not keep asking yourself why this plugin is a good choice for optimizing images in WordPress and give it a little test with your site, we promise you will not have any regrets.

Perhaps, in use, you will find other features that complement our information.


ShortPixel is another of the plugins to optimize images in WordPress that you should keep in mind, since what it does is to compress images quickly, having the function of working in the background, thus significantly reducing its loading time, and loading speed of your website. 

It is a service that you can find available for you to compress images that are in different formats, such as JPG, PNG, GIF, and also PDF files.

All of them being compressed in the shortest time possible without risking their quality. 

Among some of the reasons why you may be interested in their services we can highlight the following:

For those who have already used ShortPixel to optimize images in WordPress, they talk about a clean, simple and fast experience. So, if the first option we have given you may not have convinced you much, this could be the right one for you and your site.


Smush, or WP Smush as it is officially known, is one of the most popular WordPress image optimization plugins.

It is classified as Freemiun, which means that its basic use is free, but it offers some additional options for which you will have to pay. 

It has been able to count some 700,000 installations in active status, and the best thing is that it is constantly updated to offer the best experience to its users. It has the ability to analyze, resize, optimize, and compress the images that we will use in our WordPress website. 

The benefits of the free version of WP Smush are as follows:

The benefits of WP Smush, in its pro version, are extended with the following:

In case you have no problem paying for a quality service to optimize images in WordPress, maybe this is the right one for you.

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