What is WPML?

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What is WPML

              If you have seen its acronyms, and now you wonder what is WPML? You have to keep reading this article. We have so many things to tell you that it is best to start right now.

              We are talking about a WordPress plugin that you can use to translate your websites, or blog, in a simple way. You want to know more?

Do you know what is WPML?

When talking about WordPress Multilingual Plugin , or simply WPML , we refer to that WordPress plugin that is responsible for transforming a monolingual website, or blog, into a multilingual platform. Something that is more than necessary in recent times.

              This is a very popular tool because it allows the user to translate the content of their domain into more than 40 languages with the benefit that the SEO work is not impaired at all. Apart from being characterized by being intuitive, and having more than one resource that makes the entire translation process easier.

              With this plugin, not only manual translation is achieved , but also automatic translation , where both can be worked in parallel, so that the user can ensure that a good job has been done with their content.

              When it comes to multilanguage plugins, we must recognize WPML as the one that is most used around the world, since it is a tool that was born a lot of years ago, and updates continue to be periodically maintained to ensure that we offer you only the best to user.

              In order to access the use of WPML, it is necessary to buy a license, and this is done through the brand’s platform. After purchasing it, you can install it in WordPress. The price of this tool starts at USD 29, and the renewal, after one year, is fixed at USD 21.

              Many users who already have a multilingual website assure that this is one of those plugins that cannot be missing in their repertoire, so it is better not to leave it out and test if its advantages and benefits are also adapted to your domain.

WPML features.

For anyone, structuring a multilingual website can be a headache. However, the features of WPML are responsible for making the task much easier, since there are many functionalities and advantages that these give to the tool in general.

Allows SEO optimization.

The structure of the website after being translated is still in collaboration with what is technical SEO. Besides, if you feel that this is not enough, you have complete control of your content so that you can optimize any other details you have in mind.

Its compatibility with themes is high.

We all know that one of the strengths of WordPress is that it has a wide range of themes, and that it never stops increasing. The compatibility of WPML is very wide, so you will go perfectly with the vast majority of these.

              New versions of this plugin are approved frequently so that there are no differences when using themes. But, another strong point is the fact that it is completely compatible with the most used plugins. As is the case of Rankmath, Yoast, Woo commerce , Contact Form 7, among others.

Translate the texts of the topics.

Another feature of WPML that makes it a strong competitor within its universe is the fact that, with this plugin, you are guaranteed to translate themes. Being compatible with the vast majority of them, translating them does not represent any kind of problem.

              Your website will have a completely impeccable appearance since, apart from being able to translate the themes, it can translate the plugins. There will be no mistakes. You won’t have to make desperate changes. You can trust that the work will be completely professional and more than functional.

Provides optimal management in terms of translations.

              This is achieved thanks to the fact that it is one of those translation plugins in which the user does not have to be left solely with automatic translation as an additional cost , and can actively participate from a manual mechanism to refine details.

              What you should know about machine translation is that this is a more than simple process to carry out, and the platform takes care of collaborating with your intuitive design. It’s something that takes just a couple of clicks to do, so it’s ready in a couple of minutes.

              On the other hand, focusing now on manual translation is a strong point that is especially geared towards creating a higher quality of work. Especially when it is carried out by people who really know the language which is being implemented.

              You should know that, in case where you are not the person who will be responsible for the translation, you will have a panel granted by the tool where those who will be in charge of the work can work, and their access will only be limited to that content that must be changed of language.

The tool gives you access to a network of translators.

In case you do not have the right professionals to carry out your translations, the same tool offers you a network where you can find qualified translators to help you with the work on your website.

              This is ideal if you are one of those who are so jealous of their project that they do not place it in the hands of just anyone. The fact that the catalog of options is granted by the tool tells us that they will not only know the language, but also how WPML works.

Would you use WPML?

Now that you know what WPML is , and you know its main features, would you give it a try or do you have another translation plugin that is your favorite?             

              Personally, we invite you to try it and be surprised by how effective this multilingual plugin is.

This site uses a mix of WPML with Google Translator, Deepl and Carlos’ language skills to keep the site multilingual.

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