What is Assertive Communication?

The fact that you have questioned what assertive communication is already sets you in the right direction to assert your opinion, and your rights, without going over the heads of others.

In this article we will not only mention the definition of assertive communication. We will also evaluate its importance and its advantages for everyday life.

What is Assertive communication
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Defining assertive communication

When we talk about assertive communication we are referring to that style of communication in which we are able to express our ideas, feelings, and needs in a direct, calm, confident and honest manner.

It is important to emphasize that many people come to think that when you are direct, confident, and even honest, what you say may hurt. However, in this case, to complete the concept, we also have that it is a way of communicating in which we are empathetic and respectful with others.

So, we can take it as a diplomatic way of communicating, which is also balanced. In this way we can share our point of view, and also defend our rights, without disregarding the feelings that others may have, and always respecting both their rights and their beliefs.

Now, what is assertive communication also talks about when we communicate, redundantly, taking responsibility for our emotions. Without feeling responsibility for that of others, blaming them for what is happening, or judging them in any way for whatever it is that comes into context.

The University of Warwick, in the UK, also tells us that assertive communication is when we are able to say what we want to say, when the time is right, resulting in the fact that we feel good once we let it out of our mind.

They continue their concept by clarifying that it is when we respect our needs and desires, as well as those of other people. But we do not fail to indicate clearly what we expect, and we insist that our rights are also considered and given the relevance they deserve.

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Why is assertive communication important?

Before talking about the importance of assertive communication we must be able to recognize that all human beings communicate in many different ways, starting from the moment we are born and ceasing to do so, as far as we know, at the very moment we die.

However, this does not exactly tell us that everything we do is part of what we have just defined as assertive communication.

We can even go so far as to point out that only a person who is extremely conscious of what he or she wants to say or transmit, acts accordingly, and seeks the best way to communicate, will get the results he or she expects.

Similarly, it is important to recognize that we live in an era where the abundance of information is such, both data and communications, there are few methods that can be taken effective for people to say that they have taken an assertive way to communicate.

Then, we observe that the relevance of assertive communication comes from the fact that it has great power in what is the social coexistence and welfare that involves the fact of making ourselves understood and meet the objectives that we set when transmitting a data.

Besides, if we consider it from a more individual point of view, we can notice that assertive communication is able to help us feel better about ourselves, since we are able to notice that, as we develop this skill, we are not only listened to, but also taken into account.

It could be concluded then that developing this skill is vital for every human being, in the different aspects of their lives. However, it is especially recommended to be practiced by those who are disorderly and uncoordinated when transmitting a message.

Advantages of assertive communication

So far you may think that you already have enough reasons to start using assertiveness, however, we will share with you a series of advantages of assertive communication so that you can get a clearer idea of how it can help you in different aspects of your life:

Strengthens the bonds of the relationship

We all always wonder how we can create stronger bonds with others, and we even question how best to convey a message without affecting the feelings of the people we care about.

With assertiveness we are able to express what we feel when we feel it. Besides, it is a very good tool when it comes to conflict resolution. It is completely positive when it comes to creating solid bonds where each one has the freedom to establish what he/she considers his/her limits within the relationship.

Promotes teamwork

If there is one thing we should promote when it comes to study, or even in the workplace, it is teamwork.

Many people tell us that we are part of a system where everyone matters, but they don’t tell you the key to it.

Among the main benefits of assertive communication is the fact that it is capable of favoring teamwork, helping trust between colleagues to grow. In this way, it also generates well-being in the work routine, being the key to create a happy and human environment.

Generates empathy and trust

This is another of the great advantages of being assertive. We must always be aware that our opinion is not the only one that matters. Or that others also have feelings that can be affected with a couple of words.

With assertive communication we not only take into account what we feel, but we also put ourselves in the other person’s shoes. This is what helps to build strong bonds, and also to see beyond our own noses.

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