What is a Chatbot and why are they being used?

If you have been wondering what a Chatbot is and why they are being used you have come to the right article, as we have a lot of information about them that we are willing to share. 

Learn about their definition, intentions, objectives, the importance of these, as well as a couple of examples so you can recognize them.

What is a Chatbot and why are they being used
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What is a Chatbot?

If we go the simple way, we can say that the definition of Chatbot tells us about that assistant which has the ability to communicate with users through the use of text messages. 

There are many other occasions where it also takes shape, becoming what we could say is a virtual companion which is integrated into websites, applications, among others, being then able not only to converse, but to help users. 

Today we have to see it as a technology which creates the possibility that the user has the ability to maintain a conversation through a software which is integrated into a specific message system, as is the case of Facebook, Telegram, among others. 

We see then that this system is programmed with the intention of being able to interact with the customer, resolving doubts, but removing the need for a physical person to answer the messages. Something that, for many, can even be fascinating. 

One of the main advantages of a Chatbot is based on the fact that they will be available whenever the user needs to solve a doubt, as well as needing to contact someone from the page at any time of the day. This creates a greater sense of belonging. 

So, in summary, it is a tool which is able to interact automatically with users and potential customers. The objective of the Chatbot is to guide them to the action for which the website has been developed through a conversation that, for many, is even pleasant.

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Why is a Chatbot important?

We are going to talk about why a Chatbot is important based on the benefits that this assistant can offer not only to your users, but also to you as the service provider, or product seller.

So it’s important that you read carefully:

It is then where we see the importance of a Chatbot as a tool that benefits, in more than one way, both parties concerned that there is a correct communication: the company and the customer.

Chatbots Examples

Actually, talking about examples of Chatbots is a very broad topic. So we will try to reduce the information as much as possible so that you can have a global idea of how these technologies are being used today for more of the things you have in mind. 

On the one hand, we have the classics of websites where you want the user to commit some kind of action. They are usually presented in a friendly way, with a greeting, and perhaps a series of questions that help to walk in the right direction.

However, it reaches a certain point where the person is oriented to commit the action that is the main objective. In the case of a sale, then the person is helped to identify which is the product that can meet their needs. 

In the same way, there are others that have been designed with the intention of solving all the doubts and inconveniences that the user may have. So that, when they are basic and repetitive problems, the user will be able to find the solution without having to go through some other slower process. 

Think that you have contracted a television service, and you want to learn how to configure the decoder. There are hundreds of thousands of people who have the same problem as you. In this case you can create a chatbot that explains step by step the process, and solves doubts related to it. 

Another example of Chatbots, which may not be so popular, are those of games. In this case we must say that Telegram gets a great recognition for the incorporation of these to make the experience in the application much more pleasant than in that of its competitors.

Thanks to chatbots that help actions to be carried out, users have the ability to play from the famous ONE!

To other games that have become popular on this platform. And all thanks to that automated text box that guides you, resolving doubts and helping you to perform actions.


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