7 Best Royalty-Free Sound Effect Websites in 2023

Royalty-Free Sound Effect Websites
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Sound effects library websites have been designed with the intention of giving content creators, among other professionals, a safe and legal place to get audio assets for their projects.

Forget about having to pay individually for each asset, or suffer from demonetization due to copyright claims, with the sites below.

Artlist - Best Royalty-Free Sound Effect Websites

Artlist logo

Generally speaking, Artlist is one of the best websites to find Royalty-Free music in a monthly subscription format, meaning that by paying a monthly membership you have access to their entire catalog of licensed music.

The great advantage is that you don’t need to pay for a song individually, and everything in their catalog can be used for your commercial videos without any restrictions.

The library was designed with video creators in mind who need to constantly include music in their productions, so it is completely legal to use on platforms such as YouTube videos, Facebook and other social networks.

We can confuse the term “Royalty Free” with “free”, but the truth is that it is referring to free for commercial use license agreement .

Which leads us to conclude that it is a type of license that is acquired to be free to use the content commercially, always respecting its terms.

Soundstripe - Best Website with Sound Effects

soundstripe logo

Soundstripe is another directory of sound effects that works under the label of “Royalty free”, which means that after paying to acquire this kind of license you can use in your projects the music in your sound library for monetization purposes in both videos and podcasts.

In the case of the professional sound effects site we are talking about now, you can make two types of payment: monthly or yearly.

Once you have paid your subscription you have access to more than 5,000 list of songs you can download and use with the legal right to monetize your projects with each of them.

It entered among the best platforms with sound effects libraries because it has a plan designed for the needs of all types of customers, among which are “Music” (only for those who want music), “Music, SFX” (in addition to music there are sound effects), and “Music, SFX and Video” (also adding files of and for videos).

The above makes it ideal that audio professionals can keep in mind what they need the website license for and can pay only for what they will use, leaving the higher prices to not affect them at all.

Envato Elements - Digital Assets Platform

envato elements logo

Envato Elements should not only be considered as one of the best websites with sound effects libraries, but in general.

In Envato Elements you can test out free sound effects and find out if their MP3 and WAV sound clips are good for you, plus you can login to your account to download sound effects available for an unlimited number of times if you are subscribed..

Since it is a store that offers digital products that are mostly related to web design and optimization.

The only thing you have to do to have access to their files is to pay a flat monthly fee, after that you will be able to download unlimited digital items at any time of the day and any day of the week, including their sounds.

If you are looking for a much more complete tool, you should know that apart from its sound effects library, the platform is widely recognized by those looking for videos or video templates, website templates, CMS templates, WordPress templates, fonts, graphics, graphic templates, and much more.

You can search for sound effects that you would use in video or audio projects.

Everything uploaded to this platform must meet their quality standards, so you can expect all the music in their library and list of sound effects.

In addition, you will be able to access free courses to improve your skills and grow professionally if you are also aiming to grow as sound designer.

Twinkle - One-time payment Sound Effects Site


A name that can be associated with many things, but when it comes to sound effects libraries “Twinkle” refers to that platform capable of offering us the perfect audio for each of our videos with commercial use, in the highest quality.

The company has a fixed goal, and that is to simplify access to professional audio resources without people necessarily having to invest large amounts of money, in addition to having tools that are easy to use so that they can exploit their full potential.

In Twinkle you can also find music for podcasts.

Something that has made it one of the best websites with sound effects libraries is its premise, and is that for them “every great video deserves a great audio to reach success”.

So they offer you the opportunity to have access to a wide range of sounds without paying royalties.

In addition, as a bonus, it has a multilingual text-to-speech converter, and a couple of tools for you to design your own voiceover (i.e., it allows you to record your own voice).

Motion Array - Video, Music and Audio for Video Producers

motion array

Motion Array is another site that can be defined as a library of stock content and resources that have been designed with the videographer and filmmaker in mind to find the sound you want.

It is a platform where you can find both free content and paid content through a subscription.

That said, in Motion Array you have the opportunity to find resources of all kinds.

You can use to find sound effects and background music in MP3 files.

In fact, some of its resources are exclusive to specific editing programs so that you can make the most of your editor with files and formats that will take the possibilities to a new level.

It is among the best websites with sound effects libraries thanks to its “Stock Audio” category where you can not only count on a large number of sound effects to complement your videos, but also all kinds of music, with filters to help you find the right file for your project.

Apart from its powerful audio and royalty free music section, we also have a section dedicated to templates, stock videos, stock photos, plugins, and tools.

All gathered in a simple to understand interface to make it easy to find what you are looking for.

Envato Elements vs Motion Array is a clash of the Envato Elements alternatives, since both platforms offers good tools for content creators for video production.

PremiumBeat - Audio Library Website

Premium beat logo

PremiumBeat defines itself as an audio library of great variety to find what you need, which is able to offer only the best in terms of music content that is carefully selected to be able to excite you.

It currently already hasa database of sound effects and music with more than 20,000 tracks, which are spread across 25 music genres, which you can explore from its website also.

This great variety is what makes it possible to always find an audio capable of adapting to the specific needs of each project.

Among the best websites with audio library as it offers us the opportunity to forget about royalties, selecting a licensing plan, where you pay a one-time fee, it takes to use that track in perpetuity with the peace of mind that will not bring us any legal problems.

Among some of the categories that can be appreciated, which have been put together with the intention of helping you find the right sound, are “Action”, “Adventure”, “Ambient”, “Epic”, “Suspend”. All you have to do is think about how your project is defined and go into one of them.

Pond5 - Website to find Royalty-Free Sound Effects

Pong5 logo

Pond5 calls itself the world’s largest library, and it’s no surprise when you find out that since 2006 they have been creating a library of sound effects and video files that today has millions of files designed for the best filmmakers around the world.

Using the platform is a marvel, since they have a useful search tool that will allow you to find the content you need with the assistance of a technology that has been created specifically for this purpose, obtaining not only accurate but also relevant results.

It is positioned among the best websites with sound effects libraries because with any of their subscriptions you will get low prices, besides getting the possibility to use the content of their platform in any channel, no matter where in the world you are from, and with a “forever” duration.

You can make monthly payments as well as annual payments (and enjoy great discounts).

The intention of the website is that you can unleash your creativity with each individual sound effect, and to help you do so they make the process go hand in hand with great comfort and peace of mind.

Forget about copyright claims!

With the sound effects libraries we’ve mentioned to you in the article you’ll be able to forget about attributions and restrictions.

And make sure you monetize each project so that your work is rewarded.

If you need to download free sound effects, there are some other websites you can navigate such as Freesound, Zapsplat, Soundbible and Partners in Rhyme.

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