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Music for podcasts is more than a complement, it has to be seen as a tool that will help us in more than one way if we know how to use it correctly.
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Carlos' Opinion -
Music for Podcasts.

As a content creator, and having access to different royalty free music, I was curious to try creating a podcast.

Now that there has been a trend on creating podcast, I also jumped myself to it.

Podcasting isn’t a new thing, and for WordPress, it had the availability to add podcasts since its earlier versions.

But why is it that podcasting has turned out recently to become popular again?

Well, for sure Spotify has been a driver to “make podcasting great again”. 😛

There are different tools where you can upload your podcasts.

Going from Anchor, Spreaker, Breaker from Twitter, to building up your own RSS feed on your website and distribute it to the known distributors, such as Apple Podcast and Spotify.

There are different tools that a podcasters need for sure.

You may need a good microphone, a recording device, that could be your smartphone, laptop or if you are more high-end, then professional equipment, plus an editing software.

Of course, it will depend on your needs.

As in most podcasts, there is also another element that has been important, the music for podcasts.

It is sometimes needed the intro music for podcasts, to give that welcoming part to the episode, or also as background music to give an environment.

There are several websites where you can find different resources that can help you to find royalty free music for podcasts.

Some websites are for free such as Facebook Sound Collection, Youtube Audio Library and Pixabay.

Or even Anchor has music library integrated to ease your podcast editing.

If you want more of a different selection of music for podcasts, then there are subscriptions such as from Envato Elements and PremiumBeat that could help you find more music for podcasts resources.

Why is important to add Music for podcasts?

Podcast music is more than a complement, it has to start looking at it as a tool that will help us in more ways than one if we know how to use it correctly.

Let’s discuss its benefits, and the best places to find royalty-free audios, in a couple of minutes.

We are living in times where we see that podcasts no longer serve only to express feelings and ideas, but also by many it is used as a new way to promote their business or get to connect with people in a way that had never been seen before in the course of cyber history.

Of course, as it has gone from being an activity that someone might do as a hobby from time to time, to a much more serious topic that can be profitable, formats and tools have been created to make this type of transmissions much more enjoyable.

And one of those tools is, by excellence, music.

Music has the ability to help us not only to entertain, but also to convey a message, share an opinion, and even generate topics of discussion that can become very interesting for a certain sector of the world’s population.

It is then where we see that, if you wonder the function of music for podcast you should see that this is there to make the time more enjoyable.

Whether you are playing it in a main shot or you have it in the background while you share everything you have to say.

But, of course, with all the growth that this movement has been having, limitations have also been created so that “content creators” can’t profit by using other people’s songs that are not licensed.

If so, they may suffer copyright lawsuits, or demonetization of their transmissions. 

Hence the need to find music for podcasts royalty free.

Although they are not always the same songs we hear on the radio, for example, they can also be good songs to create the atmosphere we hope to share with our audience.

Benefits of adding music as background for podcasts.

With what we have told you so far, you may already have a clear idea about the benefits of adding background music for podcasts.

However, to help you choose whether to do it or not, we bring you the following points based on the excellence of the action:

It will help you eliminate background noise.

We all know that there are professional equipment that help us to eliminate, almost completely, the background noise in our live transmissions. However, if we do not have them, a little background music can be ideal to disguise everything that is not in the foreground.

You will be able to create the atmosphere you are looking for.

Imagine that you have decided to make a podcast where you tell a couple of horror stories. The best way to get into the mood is to have a background that keeps us in suspense and gives us the feeling that something scary is about to happen. This is something that can be added to any kind of feeling. You can use sad songs if you are telling a fact about this emotion, or something more cheerful if you are giving good energy. There really are no limits.

It will serve to connect faster with your audience.

It is scientifically proven that melodies can awaken our senses, create bonds, and even relax us. All this adapts to the needs of podcasting. It has been evidenced how those who implement it make a difference from the rest.

Anyone who has ever told you that podcast music isn’t always a good idea is because they haven’t made the most of it.

Or maybe at least used it in a way that it’s not a distraction, but a complement to what you have to say.

Differences between Creative Commons, Public Domain Music, and Royalty free Podcast music

There are a few key differences between Creative Commons, Public Domain Music, and Royalty free Podcast music.

Creative Commons is a type of licensing that allows for the free use of copyrighted material, with some conditions attached.

Public Domain Music is music that is not protected by copyright, and can be used freely.

Royalty free Podcast music is music that can be used in podcasts without paying royalties.

A good podcast has background music when...

A good podcast has background music when it’s needed to set the mood or tone of the show.

It should be used sparingly, though, so as not to become a distraction.

The best podcasts will have well-chosen music that enhances the listening experience without becoming a nuisance.

So make sure that you are using the music in your podcast when is actually needed, and not just as a merely fact that you want to include music and sound just because everyone is using it.

There are podcasts where the two people are just talking and the type of music that is actually used is only for the intro and outro music in a podcast.

If you are aiming for meditation talks podcasts, selecting a proper theme music will enhance the mood that you are wanting to develop.

At the end, the quality of the whole podcast program will be defined by your audience, and the only one who notice if the background music is a creative commons music, or if you are using copyrighted music is you and the tracking systems, but it doesn’t have to be an excuse to don’t start your podcast if you have a message to share.

Free Music for Podcasts.

In case you are wondering where to get free podcast music maybe the following options might be very useful for you:

In the category of freemium, we have the platform

Videvo has been known for years as a platform that had offered free video stock footage, and that has helped thousands of video creators worldwide.

Its lists of categories, makes Videvo a great library that can fit to the footage needs of most creators.

In terms of audio, Videvo counts with 15,000 stock music tracks and 184,000 sound effects, thousands of which are also offered free of charge.

Additionally, as Videvo grew over time, it also expanded its library with stock audio and royalty free music, plus it has added a subscription model which help users to be able to access premium music and video with unlimited downloads.

Videvo is a great option for those companies, marketers, video and content creators who are producing constant quality content for their websites and social media platforms such as Youtube and TikTok.

Don’t hesitate to give Videvo a try for your next digital project.


If you thought that the only benefit Pixabay could have in helping you as a content creator was to provide you with royalty-free images, it is because you have not thoroughly investigated all the options that are available to you on a platform that seems to be simple.

In case you find yourself in need of music for which you are not going to suffer a copyright claim you can look for Pixabay Music, which is an online site that promises to help you find all kinds of audio that you need to carry out your projects.

It is a more than friendly platform.

Once inside you will find the fact that you will find some songs, with their respective genre, and you can listen to them to see if they are what you are looking for, or not adapted to what you want to do at the moment.

They also have a useful search engine where you can put words that are similar to your search intention and so the platform can give you all the results that are similar to it. There are also other filters that you can use such as mood, and the intensity of the same.

The best of all is that they are a platform that knows that we can all work better together, so if you have what you consider the best music for podcast without copyright, which is not online, you can create an account and upload it so that others can also use it.

As we know that this option has caught your attention, we will leave you here the link to go directly to the page: 

If you look above, you can check other options to find more content, in different formats, royalty free.

Anchor Podcast Music Library

Anchor as being Spotify’s Podcasting tool, it offers plenty of useful resources for podcasters.

Anchor besides being an easy app to use for podcasting, it also includes a set of soundtracks that can be used for your podcats episodes.

The platform includes an extensive library, that when you want to crete a mix with other audios or using the music as background, with a simple click it would be easy to set up.

Carlos’ uses Anchor app on his smartphone to easily create the podcast episodes, without the need of too much music edition.

Adding music as background also adds noise reduction to the actual recording, which makes the voice sound clearer.

Anchor app is highly recommended due to its ease of use and creation of podcast.

But you also must be aware that in terms of owning the content, you share your rights with Spotify.

Premium Music for Podcasts Royalty Free.

So far we’ve given you some great options, but how about raising the bar on the quality of audio you hope to put into your next podcast?


When we think of premium music for podcast without copyright it is impossible that PremiumBeat does not come to our mind.

It is a company that belongs to Shutterstock and that is in charge of offering tracks and sound effects, of great quality, exclusively for media projects and also traditional projects.

They have a music library that is royalty-free, but is characterized by giving you that professional recording studio quality to raise the level of your projects.

Their collection contains different styles and genres, perfect for putting together any kind of soundtrack.

What you can do directly from the web is to explore their tracks and appreciate the preliminary versions.

Then use a credit card or PayPal account to purchase a license.

This alone will give you the possibility to download the music immediately no matter where in the world you are.

In case you are interested in this offer all you have to do is click on the following link to visit the official site:

Envato Elements Audio

This option offers you thousands of audio tracks in high quality, completely royalty-free, so you can use them in any project you have in mind.

But that’s not all, each of the high quality audio files found in its library have been composed by experts.

So you can expect nothing but high quality.

In case you want to download premium music for podcast without copyright this is another great option.

With a platform that will allow you to select the genres of your interest so you can find what you want faster.

And you can even sort it by what is most popular.

In case you want to, you can also start searching for what you need according to the mood, or the instrument you expect to lead the piece.

The disadvantage of Envato Elements is that some of the music is already preregistered on Youtube, so you will have to show your license for some music.

This could give you double work, so it is recommended to use the music that are not preregistered to avoid this double work.

To start benefiting from it all you have to do is click on the link below:


Artlist is a royalty free music website that offers high quality, professional tracks for use in film, video, and other creative projects. 

With a monthly subscription, users have unlimited downloads and access to a growing library of music. 

Artlist has a wide variety of music for podcasts. 

Here you can find podcast intro music, or outro music, as well as pieces of music tracks to follow up your episode. 

You can find almost any genre of music on Artlist, which makes it a great resource for podcast creators. 

With Artlist, you don’t have to worry of copyright since it offers royalty-free music licenses whether you need background music for your podcast or want to find new and exciting music to feature, Artlist is a great place to look.

Creator Pro
$ 16
Per Month billed Annually
  • Licence Covers
  • Unlimited Social Platforms
  • Paid Ads
  • Client Work
  • Commercial Work
  • Podcasts
  • Websites and All online Platforms
  • Broadcast and TV


When you hear about it, it is normal that you ask yourself why use Twinkle, and the truth is that there is no clearer answer than that it is an excellent audio software that will serve you if your intention is to select and use music.

The truth is that it doesn’t matter if the user wants to show a product or explain a service, it usually has the perfect instrumental music for each situation.

Among its options are usually found those lively touches, but that will pass a little unnoticed so as not to distract the viewer.

Many people also choose to use this software in the case of making corporate videos where a story will be told. It suits companies that create visual projects to express their values, or facts that describe it, trying to evoke feelings with songs that help enhance the message. 

One of the reasons to use Twinkle is that it contains music for everything.

For example, the epic will serve to give reinforcement to images, or words, making the video reach more people due to the interactions it has, because it will be easier to captivate the viewer.

For Twinkle there is a great level of importance in knowing how to choose music for videos, in offering the creator the ability to select it, thus helping to increase the possibilities when developing this type of project, always seeking to generate a great impact.

Another point of relevance in Twinkle is the text-to-speech creator, a tool that can be used to create voiceovers and has more than 70 integrated voices, with options to adjust the tone and speed.

Commercial License

$ 99 One time payment ONLY
  • Lifetime access
  • New Tracks EVERY Month
  • Unlimited downloads
  • Sound Effects Library
  • Royalty-Free for your peace of mind
  • One-time payment ONLY
  • Commercial use license
  • FREE Bonus #1: Twinkle VFX Pack
music for podcasts

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