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As we have written before, Envato Elements is a platform that offers online services, designed to help designers create and refine their visual projects, this effective tool has helped a lot of people.

Another platform that also stands out in the creation of design projects is Motion Array.

This website  has left speechless those interested in improving skills and get design alternatives, so in this article, we will focus on comparing Envato Elements vs Motion Array, so you can choose the alternative that best suits you.

What is Motion Array?

The online tool called Motion Array, has been catalogued as a fantastic website of which is based on memberships that focuses on offering users the services for the creation of visual and audiovisual material.

It is highly demanded among large corporations, since it has a big marketplace. 

Like many other tools that are paid to use, Motion Array offers a free alternative where users can access some media library of files, plus have access to multiple downloads (only the free of charge).

In addition, the user can have a whole month to try all these services offered by the free version.

Advantages of Motion Array

While we have already commented above on what this tool offers us in its basic version, now I will focus on talking more in depth about the advantages that this platform has.

Quality guaranteed.

Unlimited downloads from various video templates.

Access to HD images without watermark. The system will help you to create material, with files that you will find in the same program.

Creation of various sound effects, with a strong tone that can be integrated into any other project, either internal or external.

Awesome photos. The user can work with his own material, and give a touch to the Motion Array style.

The creation of music is not excluded from its advantages either, and when we talk about music we of course mean music without copyright, so it can be directed to any project we are planning, either for educational purposes, or for a personal or professional project.

The recording and editing of voices is also included, this helps a lot to the podcasts, and when you want to give a narration in a video, this means that both the video and sound, are two factors that we can perfect with this program.

It contains a very useful complement in its Pro version.

It focuses mainly on the creation of feature films, this means that it has the capacity to create and store more than 300 GB of storage.

It keeps a clear image in all its presentations.

Its integrations are able to save a lot of time.

You can browse and download without any problem.

Disadvantages of Motion Array

It has very high prices.

It is recommended that it be used in projects where it is going to be economically profitable.

It can be a great investment.

Their services have as a priority the creation of videos, so they leave the design of images in in second term.

It is mainly focused to video projects.

Comparison Envato Elements vs Motion Array

As we have said before, Envato Elements is a tool that is quite requested by graphic designers, but even though there are filmmakers who can get good used of it.

It is normal that we ask ourselves what makes Motion Array so requested.

The first thing that we have to rethink when making a project, whether it is an image, a video, a short or long film, we have to think about what the objective of this project is.

That is, if we are going to sell it, or we are going to use it as a promotional medium, or if it is for a non-profit organization, or if it is for a family event that is going to be shown to few people, among many other ways of using a visual work.

Once we have this clear, it is where we will know which of the tools we should use.

Before continuing, it is important that we know a little more about a structural difference that both parts of

Motion Array with all the options it has and with all the alternatives it brings, they have a monthly price of $29.99 and yearly it would come out $249.99. On the other hand, Envato Elements: With a simpler composition, but quite effective, it has a cost starting at $16.99 per month.

If we’re going to talk about quality, there are different ways to consider this part, since Motion Array focuses on the creation of videos or films, which means that it has to be accompanied by a higher investment, in addition to the fact that more than one person has to work on the editing if the project is to be completed as soon as possible.

Both have the accessibility to find and download an unlimited amount of files, although Envato Elements has higher quality images, music, WordPress Templates and more.

For both tools, the user can be more than comfortable, as both tools license its material for all types of projects, this includes feature films, music videos, sporting events, monetized youtube videos, among others.

However, we must ask ourselves if we have a high budget to implement Motion Array, if not, we have Envato Elements with a more solidary budget, and a recoverable investment.

As we can see, although both are very useful tools, there is a notable difference, and that is that Motion Array serves mainly film projects, while Envato Elements offers more generalized options.

It is also clear that Envanto Elements has a lower price.

As said at the beginning, everything depends on the purpose of your project, but remember that if we do not have the big budget, the best option among the most economical is Envato Elements.

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