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Having the resources you need to get your next audiovisual project off the ground should be at the top of your list of priorities. To that end, Motion Array, the platform for video creators, presents a long list of tools and resources to help you with the task.

Motion Array is the ideal site for all those who monetize their videos through any application or platform. Through different elements, you can access to add-ons that allow you to make your videos, a good and professional level work.

What is Motion Array?

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Motion Array is known as a huge marketplace library of resources for professional filmmakers and lovers of audiovisual content creation for Youtube and social media.

Normally, Motion Array is used in order to give videos or films the details, quality and resources needed to get a professional job.

From videographers to filmmakers, in Motion Array, you find everything you need to create, edit, retouch and finish a video. In the same way, what is most attractive about Motion Array is the possibility of obtaining all these resources in a free way, that is to say, without author’s license.

The possibility of using elements without copyrights ensures that you won’t have legal problems with your content and that you won’t make the mistake of plagiarizing someone else’s images, audios or videos.

Through Motion Array, you become the owner of the resources you choose, thanks to its unlimited download license and access to all the add-ons that will help you obtain a professional work.

All this can be obtained through the plans presented by Motion Array. Motion Array prices may vary due to the amount of resources you want to access and the different advantages you want to obtain.

Motion Array Pricing

$ 29
  • 1 User
  • Unlimited creative assets
  • Exclusive plugins
  • Video review tool
  • Portfolio site builder
  • 250GB Storage space
$ 249
  • 1 User
  • Unlimited creative assets
  • Exclusive plugins
  • Video review tool
  • Portfolio site builder
  • 250GB Storage space
$ 18
  • 2-20 Users
  • Unlimited creative assets
  • Exclusive plugins
  • Video review tool
  • Portfolio site builder
  • 250GB Storage space

As mentioned above, Motion Array provides thousands of useful and ideal elements and tools to make a professional video, but these resources have a cost depending on the plan you want to purchase.

Many people think that when mentioning Motion Array free or directly the Motion Array premiun account free plan, they mean “free” but it speaks of the possibility of accessing different resources in a “free” way because when you pay any of the plans you get a lifetime access license.

It is important to emphasize this because Motion Array free is not free and its best tools are obtained with the payment of any of the following membership plans.

Monthly Plan

Through this plan, users will be able to access different Motion Array assets and get many more with each plan upgrade. The plan currently costs $29.99.

This plan can be used by a single user and features the following premium assets for audiovisual content creation:

  • You will be able to access Motion Array creative assets on an unlimited basis.
  • Plugins or add-ons will be exclusive.
  • Access to video review and editing tools.
  • Tools for the creation of portfolio sites.
  • A 250GB storage space to save your projects.

Annual Plan

With this plan you have all the benefits of the monthly plan, with the difference that you can get discounts when making annual payments. This is usually the Motion Array plan that has constant offers throughout the season.

The annual plan has the same creative assets as the monthly plan and costs $199.99 per year.

Team Plan

Plan created for groups of people, where all members can have access to the different resources provided by Motion Array. It is a monthly payment plan with $18.75 per month or $224.99 per year per member.

The plan allows a total of 20 members and a minimum of 2 members to access Motion Array’s to use the assets.

Any of the plans have a free view of the tools, with limitations to subscription resources, but you can have access to basic assets that allow you to make small edits.

Unlimited Video Assets and Template Library for Adobe Premiere Pro, After Ffects, Davinci Resolve and Final Cut Pro

MotionArray is characterized by giving access to applications and editing programs of great importance such as Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe Premiere Rush, among others, allowing you to obtain the resources and tools of the best video creation and editing programs.

In Motion Array you can download as many assets in new projects as you want.

Therefore, the operation of Motion Array is based on the use of the different programs or resources presented by each one at the moment of starting a project. Motion Array’s functions are divided into 5 categories, which are:


The use of video templates for content creation, editing and retouching is one of the main professional resources.

Motion Array is one of the best websites with After Effects templates and one of the best motion graphics templates websites.

The templates used in Motion Array are provided by the following programs:

  • Adobe After Effects templates
  • Adobe Premiere Pro
  • Adobe Premiere Rush
  • Motion Graphics
  • DaVinci Resolve
  • Final Cut Pro


Before starting a project it is important to have a good foundation to make the job easier and faster.

In this case Motion Array provides access to the presets tools and premium creative assets of the following professional programs to be uploaded and ready to use.

  • Adobe After Effects
  • Adobe Premiere Pro
  • DaVinci Resolve Macros


In a video or audiovisual project it is very important to have music, sound effects or audio tracks according to the content being created.

Through Motion Array tools you can get the following resources:

  • Royalty-free music or Motion Array Music.
  • Unlicensed sound effects.


To make your audiovisual content more professional and appealing to the eye, you need to integrate a number of elements. With Motion Array you can access an unlimited amount of images, as well as get motion graphics.

The videos will be completed with creative assets and the following resources:

  • Royalty-free images.
  • Motion graphics from different categories.


Motion Array Photos is the largest gallery of unlimited Stock photos you can find. Here you can find over 20 filters and more than 10,000 images ready to be used in your projects.

From textures to backgrounds ideal for your videos, in this category you can find all the resources you need.

Remember that the access to the different Motion Array tools is due to the payment of the plan you choose, in addition to the creation of a Motion Array account. In the Motion Array Login or Motion Array sign in section you will be able to access with your data and access all the resources.


Motion Array Premiere Pro plugins can be a great addition to any video project.

Motion Array offers a set of plugins that allow you to enhance your projects with effects, overlays, and transitions.

From ease in and ease out to flare and bokeh, their expansive library of plugins can help add an extra level of professionalism to your work.

Their plugins are easy to use and don’t require any technical knowledge or coding skills- meaning anyone can start creating amazing videos.

Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, their selection of top-notch plugins will help take your projects to the next level.


With Motion Array, you will have access to a Video Collaboration tools, a Portfiolio Website Builder and an Adobe Extension.

Such tools will help you to collaborate in real-time, have your own website, and be able to download the assets directly to Adobe Creative Cloud software.

So if you are a paid membership subscriber of Motion Array, for sure you are getting more out of it.

What sets Motion Array apart from creative assets tools?

Motion Array, the best platform for video creators, but it doesn’t stop there, there are a series of elements that differentiate this platform from others as mentioned in the Envato Elements vs Motion Array, that can provide similar resources.

Within Motion Array, apart from obtaining all the necessary resources to start, create, edit and finish your projects, you will be able to access a series of content that will allow you to grow as a professional in the creation of videos.

In its Motion Array Learn section, you will be able to access more than 10 courses and hundreds of articles dedicated to topics related to editing and handling the different tools and programs that Motion Array presents.

With Motion Array you can learn about the following topics:

After Effects (basic use and tools), Premiere Pro (basic use and tools), DaVinci Resolve, Final CutPro, Filmmaking, Motion Design, Post-Production, Business, Video Effects, License free music, Photography and more.

As such, Motion Array is considered one of the most comprehensive platforms for video creators, filmakers and videographers. Access to its articles provides up-to-date knowledge of the digital world and allows you to stay up to date with the latest in video creation.

Content creators are taken to the next level with Motion Array

Motion Array is a platform created for professionals in the audiovisual area and all amateurs in related areas. Its ease of use allows anyone with basic knowledge in video editing and creation to correctly handle the different tools.

Despite being a platform for professionals, Motion Array, gives the necessary tools to learn on the fly everything you need to know about video creation and how to become a professional in the area.

These resources can also be accessed by any professional in the area of marketing and advertising, as they are experts in creating content to then monetize or attract customers to know your brand or become a customer.

With Motion Array, creating quality videos and content is a task that becomes quite easy and accessible, it is not necessary to be an expert and have years of experience in the area, as the different courses and tutorials of Motion Array, facilitate the passage through the platform.

Motion Array License

“As a paid member of Motion Array, all of the assets you use in projects are covered by our simple, full usage license forever. You can rest easy knowing you don’t need special permissions or extended coverage regardless of the project size or distribution.

If you ever have to cancel for any reason, the projects you finished as a paid member will remain covered forever. When you need to start using assets again, just sign back up and your licence will be renewed for new projects.”

In conclusion, Motion Array is the ideal platform for those who create videos and similar actions.

While having the subscription, you don’t have to worry about the Motion Array commercial license, and if the material is copyright free or not.

To learn more about its resources or plans, you can visit the official website and join the largest library of resources.

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