What is a Landing page and what is it for?

Having a website is not only about creating it and putting on it everything you want to sell, but it includes a lot of strategies that should be used to help the business grow, among them is the landing page, one of the most useful online tools.

What is a Landing page and what is it for
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What is a Landing Page?

A landing page is a section that is elaborated within the company’s website, with the purpose of converting users who access it into leads and then into customers who make purchases.

This type of pages are usually simple or not very elaborated and contain concrete information, as well as a form where the users can put their data if they wish to share them.

These pages are made as simple as possible, so that the user is not distracted and can focus all their attention on what the creators want: to convert the user into a lead.

Although all visits to a website are good, those that convert into leads are the most important because they can generate profits by consolidating customers and making purchases.

Generally, this type of strategy is based on an exchange, where the user is offered something of greater value in exchange for their data, i.e. a gift that can only be accessed by filling out the form.

These gifts can be e-books, calendars, fonts or others, depending on the nature of the site.

It is also valid to offer offers, coupons or similar that result in the conversion of users to leads.

It is worth mentioning that, there are differences between a Landing Page vs Web Page.

The first one is aimed to generate a conversion, while the second one could be more focused for just information.

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What are the objectives of a Landing Page?

The answer to this question may be very simple and is that a landing page aims to generate leads, however, this involves other aspects.

Once the user’s basic information has been collected, such as name, email, among others, it is time to use this data for the following:

How does a Landing Page help to generate Leads?

Having a landing page is an excellent strategy to collect data from potential customers and grow the company, in addition to providing advantages such as:

Tips for an effective Landing Page

There are some useful tips that can be applied to create an effective landing page:

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