How to increase sales with content marketing

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All businesses have gone through this stage where you want to increase your sales but you don’t have a dedicated sales team for that. What you can do then is roll your sleeves up and start to deliver content that makes sales. Content that your audience wants from you. In a way that feels organic. 

In this blog, we’ll go through the key areas around content marketing, team building, and business management that are vital for increasing sales with content marketing.

How to increase sales with content marketing
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12 ways to increase sales with content marketing

Whether you’re just starting to build your sales and marketing or refining the existing, it is worth it to re-assess your business and creative process to come up with content that ultimately sells. 

Do a thorough keyword research

Keywords in digital marketing are words or a group of words that internet users search to find relevant information. From a business perspective, keywords describe the essence of your business or the content you want to deliver. 

Keyword research reveals the terms your audience is searching for. Effective keyword research includes the terms users search for, the frequency of those keywords, the competitiveness of those keywords, and their potential to impact conversion. After keyword research, you have a guide on how to shape your online visibility, increase organic traffic, and where share what type of content. 

Keep in mind that keyword research is a fundamental part of structuring your online marketing. Most companies spent little to no time on keyword research and jump to create content in a hope that it will convert. Which is a big mistake. Depending on the industry, the product, or your engagement in the process, keyword research can take days, weeks, or even months. 

Keyword research is a continuous process of evaluation and re-defining. As you go through, you will remove keywords that do not generate worthy outcomes and replace them with trending and demanding keywords.

Design killer landing pages

Now that you are aware of what to include in your content and to whom it appeals, it is time to reveal what you are selling. You need to combine storytelling with striking visuals in order to increase sales with content marketing. There are different myths about landing pages that you need to turn a deaf ear to. But there are must-have elements that you need to include in your sales landing page:

From copy to visuals, to CTA, every element in your landing page is content. You have to organically connect those elements in the form of storytelling that resonate with the needs of your audience. 

It is your turn to include the main keywords throughout the content including USP, headlines, and even testimonials.

Adding product screens or photos of a physical product or service will do a great job of persuading the visitors about your product.

Add multiple CTAs

Well, this part goes beyond your home page and other landing pages. Once you introduce a feature or explain its benefits it is compulsory to invite the reader to take an action. By including CTAs throughout the content, you make it easier to navigate the website and remind the visitors about the availability of your offer. 

When it comes to blog posts or video posts, it is also important to multiple CTAs and grabs the attention of users to different crucial parts. You can add CTAs after the introduction, after mentioning your solutions, ending part, and other sections that will trigger the interest of readers to click.

Generally, there are several ways wherein you can use call-to-action or CTAs in your blog posts. For example, if you want your visitors to stay longer on your website, you should use a CTA that encourages them to browse through your content and read more of it. Also, if you want active engagement from your visitors, it’s a good idea to use a CTA that encourages readers to leave some comments about your blog posts.  

Take advantage of the different CTAs, and you’ll eventually raise your sales with content marketing. 

Provide value

Only by providing valuable content, you can guarantee higher results, increase conversions, brand awareness, and website traffic, and boost revenue. Whether it is a landing page or blog post, you need to prioritize the pain point of users and the value of your solution to increase sales with content marketing

If it is a blog post, dig deeper into the search intent of readers and see how your content can help them with their problems. It might be about purchase or sales-oriented, it might be about optimization of tasks or education. As long as the user will have a tangible takeaway from your content, that content is valuable. What we mean by tangible is that it will make a positive change in relation to the state of readers’ knowledge or decisions. 

Additionally, content marketing can build your brand and form strong relationships with your customers. This is especially true if you implement a B2C content marketing strategy, wherein the objective is to use different kinds of content to engage with the customers.  

Hence, if you want to offer valuable content, check some B2C content marketing examples to give you an idea of generating leads and driving sales from content. 

Train your mind and team to instill value into every content they create. Value-driven development will also increase the sales performance of your product.

Use the right anchor text

important for the blog pages. Imagine the case. You want to link to a blog called Advantages of Online Scheduling Software and you choose the word advantages as your anchor text each time you link to that blog. 

Even if the blog gets more traffic, you will end up getting traffic for the word advantages. But the purpose is to be associated with Online Scheduling Software in mind of users as well as crawlers. 

Using the correct anchor text can help strengthen your content marketing efforts. It is crucial in SEO since it provides search engines with valuable information about your website.  

Hence, if you want to increase your sales with your content, keep some anchor text best practices in mind to know which works best for your goals. For instance, it’s essential to match the link text with the content to ensure relevancy. Make sure to choose a specific anchor text to give the readers an idea of what the linked page is about. By doing all these, you can get the most out of the correct anchor text for your content marketing. 

Mention your value propositions in each piece of content

Unique Selling Proposition (USP), also called a Unique Value Proposition, is a sales strategy for communicating the key factors that differentiate the brand from competitors. It is a north start used by salespeople to introduce and sell the product. Once there are no particular salesperson marketers will wear the hats of the sales team. They will be responsible for increasing sales with content marketing. 

In this case, it is extremely important to remind website visitors what makes your solution the best choice for the users. Depending on the type of content or the topic you are covering, the tone or wording might change. But the core value and benefits remain constant. 

Promote multiple pages

You may skip this part if you have only a single landing page. But if you have different pages for features or industries, it is important that you are promoting or linking back to all of those pages. 

If you are continually linking to a single page you will end up with tons of non-functioning pages. This also counts the number of main keywords you targeted for each of those pages. Makes sense? 

What you can do in this case is to carefully target the main keywords for the home page and other main pages. As we mentioned above, by adding multiple CTAs across you can link back to your main page or feature pages and save them from being forgotten.

Keep track of the competition

What if I say the competitors’ revival also impacts how you increase sales with content marketing?

There is no progress without understanding what is happening around. This goes into the product updates of competitors, their marketing campaigns, sales figures, and content marketing as well. As we’ll explore below, content marketing goes toe-to-toe with the product development itself. 

Content is a herald of what is going to happen in the product. You cannot cover content that does not resonate with your target audience or product itself. Once you detect a new trend in competitors’ content you will have some sense of what is coming. It is a common practice to activate awareness campaigns before the actual launch. Once you see the pattern you can be more prepared and have time to respond to the actual product competition.

Partner with industry experts

With all benefits, it is really hard to increase sales with inbound marketing. Especially in the beginning, you need an expert opinion and hands-on review to market your solutions. Their genuine reviews help to shape a common perception of your product and also increase sales with content marketing. 

Collaborating with thought leaders that share the same audience and have credibility in the community will do a great job. If you can afford you can also take the partners further to the brand advocacy level. This way those experts will be an integral part of your product development and also content marketing.

Build a support-product-content loop

The biggest mistake that companies make treat marketing as an extension of the team by totally separating marketing from development and customer support. I’ve seen many times that when everything is done marketing is the last to know what was built. 

But no! Whether you are a marketing-driven or engineer-driven development, all teams must be aware of what is happening within the company. 

In fact, it is better to establish a support-product-content loop where all teams are concentrated on the most important stakeholder, the customer. Once you collect the feedback and see the most weighing customer requests, it will be clear what to build, what to sell, and what type of content to create. 

We at Booknetic believe that customer care is the only means of solving pain points. We literally put the customer needs and expectations on the table and start to build solutions that satisfy those needs. We have a Suggest a Feature page where customers can request their needed features and also bookmark other feature requests. The ones with the highest upvotes are prioritized and built faster. 

This allows us to align customer needs with product development which ultimately boosts sales with content marketing. 

Go out of the box

The essence of marketing or making a product, or life itself is problem-solving. Following the path of peers and responding to the competition is always a working strategy. Yet a marketer, product maker, or anyone in the digital arena is supposed to have some sort of creativity. 

We mentioned the importance of tracking competitor activity, their promotion, and their offerings. As a marketer, you have to be able to go beyond what is already there. If you’re a content marketer don’t limit your content creation part to only keyword research tools or competitor blogs. They definitely guide you on what to write but it is not all to understand how to do it. 

Stretch the limits by looking for other ways to promote your product that will increase sales with content marketing. That could be tapping into new marketing channels, never-tried collaboration practices, or re-defining your content strategy. Don’t be afraid of failure. In the end, trying is better to do something than worrying. 

This requires passion and curiosity about what you create. This brings us to the next section. 

Build A-team

When we say A-team we are not only considering the professional backgrounds or technical skillsets of players. Instead, we’re stressing the inner power of the team members. We want to intensely focus on leveraging the soft skills of your team. 

There is nothing more important than a team trusting in what they are doing. For that, a company owner, or a team lead in the established companies are the building blocks. Communicate the value of your solution and the technical feasibility of building your ideas to ensure that everyone believes in the company’s mission. 

Without that, it will be dull content written for the sake of sharing.

Ramp up your content marketing

It is easy to keep your head down while spending hours and hours on content generation. But it is not that easy to raise your head and see what goes beyond the known. At Booknetic, we started to apply these strategies in June 2021. And within less than a year we managed to increase our sales with content marketing by 191%

Whether you have a sales team or not, refine your content around your solution thus customer problems. Whenever you lose track in this journey customers will be the best seatmate.

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