9 Examples of artificial intelligence in daily life

Examples of artificial intelligence in daily life
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Today we will discuss a little about the 7 examples of artificial intelligence applied in real life, being this essential for the realization of certain activities proposed by users.

These best examples of AI technologies were considered as the helping hand of many virtual workers and users who want security or management of their activities.

How far can artificial intelligence in everyday life can go will actually depend in the human intelligence, and how the best future technologies are further developed to keep improving.

We will try to talk in a complete and precise way about the best technologies that will help you a lot when making a translation, report and many more things; that is why we invite you to know a little of this and you can apply for some of these systems.

Text-to-speech software with artificial intelligence

There are many applications that provide a text-to-speech service that use artificial intelligence, making it easier for users to search for something on the Internet or on your mobile device., is one of the narration voice generators that offers this function, as it is a bridge software between the big AI-powered cloud providers like Amazon Polly, Google Wavenet and Microsoft Azure.

There are several applications that are now implementing audio generated by text to speech AI applications, that now it is pretty commong to see in everyday lives Youtube explainer videos that are having audios created with the use of artificial intelligence.

AI Chatbots

Many companies use this type of artificial intelligence bots, to maintain an immediate real-time and considerable attention to its users.

When creating your website, you can add this type of AI bot, so that they can interact with customers who enter the website, in order to help them with their search and give them an immediate solution to their problem.

This AI Chatbots tool is that assistant that interacts with the users by means of texts, from another point of view, this is very useful to optimize the Marketing of your company; since there are many users that enter the domain and get lost in it for not having a complete orientation of this one.

Automatic copywriting with GPT-3

GPT-3 is a virtual assistant, which fulfills the function of transcribing texts of different topics.

This type of artificial technology provides a lot of comfort when writing a report or an SEO article.

This application also has a natural language processing system; thus, it will provide coherent and error-free paragraphs.

The use of automatic copywriting will help to create different tipes of texts with the help of intelligent machines.

The integration of AI and machine learning has made possible to get written answers of common questions.

Transcription software with artificial intelligence

There are multiple artificial intelligence platforms and applications that offer speech recognition services, you just need to have the video or audio you want to transcribe to a document and that’s it. In a couple of minutes, you will have a complete and accurate writing of what was said in the multimedia.

This artificial intelligence is a very useful tool for taking notes on a specific course, or to transcribe interviews.

Most users use this technology for extracting information from audios, as it is sometimes difficult to extract this type of documentation due to the variation of sound that is presented.

If you are looking for an application that is in charge of making this type of transcriptions, Descript and are great tools that have an AI system that is improving the transcriptions.

Intelligent voice assistants - Siri, Alexa, Google Assistant, Examples of Artificial Intelligence in Daily Life

These virtual assistants have revolutionized the world, being responsible for the assignments you give them.

Siri, Alexa and Google Assistant are the most digital assistants used nowadays, being found in several devices.

Alexa is one of the newest and most used assistants by the community, and it can be found in various smart home devices such as individual speakers or phones.

Google Assistant is one of the oldest use of AI and most used by users.

This can be found in various devices, such as phones, speakers or others that are compatible with artificial intelligence.

Finally there is Siri, which is available only in Apple, which fulfills the task of being a virtual assistant, being aware of the activities scheduled by the user, notice of important events and attentive to the security of the device.

Facial recognition - Face ID

Woman unlocking smartphone with facial recognition technology

Many devices have this type of AI algorithms, fulfilling the function of recognizing images or faces registered by certain software.

This recognition is used to unlock the phone and allow access to an application protected with this type of artificial intelligence.

This type of technology is commonly created to provide security to the information you have on your device. There are phones that already come with this software and also with fingerprint identification.

Steps to use facial recognition: This recognition system comprises a series of steps that will favor the access or unlocking of information.

The first step would come being the presentation and registration of the face. So that you can enter or unlock your phone, you will have to incorporate their facial gestures to that configuration.

Having registered the face, it touches the capture of this by the camera, to be captured, will act several factors that will favor the identification of the face.

Then comes the analysis and recognition of this, that when this series of steps are fulfilled, will lead to the immediate unlocking of your mobile device and access to certain applications.

Translators enhanced with machine learning algorithms, the case of apps like DeepL


DeepL with the use of artificial intelligence and machine learning has become one of the most used platforms to translate articles and paragraphs to the language of our preference.

The name comes out from deep learning, which uses a high amount of data to improve the coherence of the translations, which is an advantage of AI to deploy an enhanced application.

This application of AI, left behind many other translation applications, since it has a greater capacity of words to translate and an excellent translation of articles.

Its use is identical to Google Translate, the only difference is that we do not have enough languages that Google contains; however, this has a fairly solid software that offers good translations of paragraphs and informative documents.

To make a translation in this platform you will have to place the paragraph to translate in this bar, choose the language and in a couple of seconds you will have your complete translation.

If you want to translate documents, go to translate file, choose the file to translate and translate it to the language of your choice.

AI in healthcare

AI in healthcare has been growing rapidly over the past few years and is becoming increasingly important for providing better outcomes to patients.

Some examples of AI in healthcare include medical imaging analysis and virtual patient assistants.

Medical imaging analysis allows for faster and more accurate diagnosis of diseases using computer vision algorithms.

Virtual patient assistants are being used to provide timely reminders about medication and appointments as well as provide answers to frequently asked questions.

Uber Self-driving cars

Uber Self-driving cars are the future of transportation.

Uber has been working on these cars for years, and now they have made great progress.

The cars use a combination of sensors and cameras to navigate roads and detect obstacles around them.

They also use GPS technology to understand their location and follow predetermined routes.

These vehicles are designed to be safer than traditional cars as they can react quickly to unexpected changes in traffic or road conditions.

They also promise lower costs than human-driven vehicles, as no driver needs to be paid.

Uber Self-driving cars will revolutionize the way we travel, making it more efficient and safer for everyone.

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