How to transcribe interviews automatically for qualitative research?

How to transcribe interviews automatically for qualitative research
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If you are wondering how to transcribe interviews automatically, you have come to the right article.

Whether you are in the world of qualitative research, or you have any other reason, we bring you interesting proposals. 

Learn about the best software to transcribe interviews automatically with artificial intelligence that will help you in more than one way.

What are interviews for in qualitative research?

Let’s get into context with a little of what qualitative research is, and is that this is a method used in the collection and evaluation of data.

In most cases a small, non-representative sample is used to gain an in-depth understanding of your decision criteria and motivation. 

The interview is a very useful technique in qualitative research since it allows data to be collected; it is defined as a conversation where a specific purpose is proposed other than the simple intention of having a conversation with the interviewee.

Now, what is the purpose of interviews in qualitative research, in order to continue with the collection of data, the same that will be used with the intention of building the meanings of a specific research topic, so you can commonly see how the conversation is directed to the desired point.

Audio interview transcription in real time may be complicated while in the moment.

That’s why most researchers prefer audio or video recordings for later study.

And, in some cases, interview transcripts are warranted.

Why transcribe interviews automatically?

It is clear that it is not a simple task, but the benefits of the automatic interview transcription process will make us even more eager to try one of those transcription software platforms that promise to save us time and give us quality work.

Some of the main reasons why you should give transcription software platforms a try are the following:

They are a great time saver.

Think how long it would take human transcription for you word by word, or any other person (in some cases teams of two or more are used) to transcribe an entire interview transcript, taking care of every detail and not missing a single word. 

It would take you long enough to think about using an interview transcription service or software to transcribe interviews automatically and they are able to optimize the procedure to the maximum with the intention that you can have the interview transcript in the shortest time possible.

And you can be sure that it will only bring you quality transcripts.

You can focus on the edits or the notes of the end transcripts

Once you have the final interview transcript work, you are free to take as much time as you want to make any notes on the content as you see fit, so that other people reading the transcript will have your observations in mind.

And, in fact, many of the softwares that allow you to transcribe interviews automatically provide the possibility for more than one user to have access to the notes and make changes to them in real time so that you can have more than one person’s view.

Significantly reduces costs

One of the benefits of automatically transcribing interviews is that for a couple of dollars you will have the opportunity to do as many interview video transcriptions as you want.

You won’t have to pay one person, or group of people, with the intention of having them do one transcript job at a time.

Software to automatically transcribe interviews with artificial intelligence

As in any other area, knowing the right tool to do the transcript job is what often determines to go from “good” to “excellent”.  

That’s why we have compiled a short list of software to transcribe interviews automatically with artificial intelligence:



For those who have no idea what Descript is: this is a web app transcription management and video editing software that has been specially designed for companies (regardless of their industry). 

This automatic interview transcription software will give staff members the ability to upload audio files so that text transcripts can be generated, and edited, from a centralized platform.

Employees will have at their disposal the transcription audio player and the edition area, which can be used to update transcripts, and automatically edit or trim audio/video recording files accordingly, adding subtitles, transitions, title cards, slideshows, animations, video shapes, and more.

Descript improves the transcription method for qualitative research as it also helps with the background noise of interview videos.

On the other hand, supervisors will have the opportunity to create links to share, search word transcripts and embed videos in various platforms, such as blog posts, help documents, among other systems used in content management that we all know.

It is among the software to transcribe interviews automatically with artificial intelligence as it provides an API that gives you the opportunity to integrate the platform to various third-party solutions, as is the case of Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, Slack, Evernote, among some others reaching those that perhaps are not so popular.

It also has something interesting and that is its overdub function (over recording), which gives users (staff members) the ability to access text-to-speech technology with the intention that voice overs can be generated automatically.

Overall, Descript is a great solution that converts speech word by word, speeding up the tedious manual human transcription option.


Otter Ai

Let’s start with what Otter is, it is a transcription software that is designed to assist educational institutions and corporate companies in generating notes for interviews, meetings, and conferences by transcribing files or voice dictation.

It is one of the most popular artificial intelligence interview transcription software that is taken into account as it allows organizations to record, edit, upload video footage, organize and save voice notes and interactions within a centralized repository. Needless to say, they are secured.

Employees gain the ability to use this application with the intention of creating real-time transcripts with audio, text and photo files. Even video recordings can be imported from external applications and user groups can be created so that voice memos can be shared in bulk.

In addition, Otter gives administrators the opportunity to collaborate with their team members so that they can highlight key phrases and edit notes in real time. This application also opens the possibility to add users to the platform, set permissions, and generate reports based on usage statistics.

It is recommended for automatically transcribing interviews for qualitative research because it supports API integration with different video conferencing systems such as Hangouts, Highfive, Webex, Lifesize, BlueJeans, UberConference, GoToMeeting, Skype for Business, Zoom and others that may not be as popular, but are supported.

As Otter connects with web conferencing platforms, it gives it an advantage for users in a live interview transcription process, as the transcript will be ready just after finishing.

Among other features that can be highlighted we have two-factor authentication, productivity tracking, automated workflows, data synchronization, as well as access control and analytics, making it one of the most complete software. 

Transcription audio plays an important role in qualitative research, and Otter is certainly one of the software transcription services that has more to deliver thanks to their artificial intelligence.



Finally, talking about what Amberscript is, it is a bit different since the correct way to refer to it is as a set of software products that gives users the possibility to transform audio and video files into text and subtitles, thus gaining the opportunity to do research.

With Amberscript you can have your video footage or audio files uploaded, and it can help to get the transcript with ease.

It has been designed with the intention of improving users’ accessibility to information. Besides, it is a method that also saves money and time as it does the human transcription work of one or more people in less time.

It is recommended to transcribe interviews automatically for qualitative research as it is a state-of-the-art software, which has been developed by the hand and intellect of experienced professionals and academics, making audio and video files researchable and accessible to both hearing impaired and deaf people.

In itself we cannot say that it belongs to the group of software to transcribe interviews automatically with artificial intelligence as there is not necessarily a software to install. What you will have to do will be to drag and drop your files to it, or ask both Alexa and Siri to transcribe your speech in real time.

Among its advantages is perhaps the wide variety of languages that are allowed, as is the case of Spanish, English, French, Finnish, Danish, German, among others. Besides, they offer you a free trial so that you know what you are paying for.

AmberScript is perhaps one of the best rated transcription services software by users in online reviews, and that is why it could not be missing in our list.

Among the most repeated things are the time optimization, that it is intuitive, and also that “for exchanging a few dollars” it usually saves hours of work.

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