7 Best Future Technologies

Technology is what has been moving the world for some years now and has become the most important tools for human beings as time goes by.

With each new year, new advances are found, obtaining technologies of the future, which promise to be the answer to many problems of society. We will talk about the 7 best future technologies, their advances and importance.

The application of technology in areas such as medicine, communication and economy, have been pillars for the resolution of problems worldwide, obtaining major advances and updates that only seek to make human life a little simpler.

Best Future Technologies
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The importance of technology and its advances

Normally, the importance of technology and its advances is entirely linked to the use it is intended to be given, being only the adaptation to the new demands of the population and the way to meet the needs of each generation.

Nowadays, living without technology can be considered something totally third world and underdeveloped, since technology has been the solution to many problems for more than 40 years.

The importance of technology today, lies more than anything else in the advances to solve diseases that still have no cure, ensure the health and welfare of mankind. But if we talk about the importance of technology in society, we can say that it is linked to the human being having a simpler and uncomplicated life.

If we touch the importance of technology in education, we can say that nowadays we see classes in a completely virtual way, with resources, programs and, in places with more technological advances, with holographic teachers and holographic presentations, obtaining interactive classes and adapted to the needs of the students of the new generations.

On the other hand, the importance of technology in communication, lies in the simple natural action of human beings to socialize with others, technology in communication, is the one that never stops advancing, having by 2022 hundreds of ways to communicate and in the best devices with increasingly unreal progress.

The technology of the future is in every part and sector of daily life. It sees how with new elements the advancement of the technologies are achieved and get greater benefits to solve different aspects in the interaction of human beings.

The importance of technology in companies, for example, is usually based on the different research and activities that can be carried out.

So what is the importance of technology? It is an indispensable element nowadays and its advance gives way to the 7 best technologies of the future that only seek to improve the daily life of the human being.

Best Future technologies

As explained above, technology plays a fundamental and indispensable role in the life of the human being, having groups of people specialized in technological advancement and the creation of new technologies.

Therefore, there are currently projects or prototypes of the 7 best technologies of the future for different sectors such as: Agricultural, Economy, Virtual Reality, Artificial Intelligence, Technology in Security, Technological Communication.

Robotic agriculture (Drones for agriculture)

agriculture drone sprayed fertilizer

Agriculture is one of the most important areas of the food sector, since it is the source of most of the raw materials used to produce the packaged and pre-cooked foods consumed on a daily basis.

Among the technologies of the future, we have robotic agriculture, that is, the use of technology in agriculture.

For some years now, drones have been used in agriculture for irrigation and spreading of insecticides, pesticides and herbicides, having the facility to reach all plantations easily and quickly with drone management.

But for the technology of the future, there are projects for aerial harvesting, initially in fruit fields.

This will facilitate the work of farmers and may reduce the time spent on irrigation and harvesting.

Digital currencies (Cryptocurrency)

Cryptocurrency golden bitcoin image for crypto currency

We all know bitcoin as a payment option in some parts of the world and especially as an investment element, but within the technologies of the future we have more than 10 new digital currencies that can have a high influence in a few years if their use as official currency in some countries is normalized.

Many of us wonder how technology influences the future and at least with cryptocurrencies or digital currencies, we see increases and stability in the economy of many countries, because it will be possible to do everything that is done with physical money, but in a completely digital way and through virtual wallets.

Digital currencies is one of the examples of the technology of the future and its rapid advancement in the world.

Augmented Reality ( Google Glass and Microsoft Hololens)

Augmented reality

One of the most incredible inventions of the future so far is virtual reality, where humans can live an immersive experience through a pair of glasses or a screen. Based on three-dimensional holographic vision, two of the largest technology companies have made prototypes of augmented reality.

Google for 2021 released the Google Glass project, augmented reality glasses that allow you to link the vision provided by the glasses and the reality where you are.

On the other hand we have the Microsoft company that for the same year, announced Microsoft Hololens, also augmented virtual reality glasses, which integrates in a more advanced way the reality with the graphics provided digitally.

Among the 7 best technologies of the future, these virtual reality glasses have been the most successful so far.

Biometrics (Technology Security)

Close up businessman is touching interface computer monitor, fingerprint biometric identity

We all want to have greater security in any aspect of our lives and thanks to the technology of the future, we can have it. One of the greatest security that can be had in technology is biometrics, which in turn is divided into two types:

Physiological biometric technology: Strictly physical recognition procedures, such as fingerprint, retina scanner, hand scanner, facial recognition, voice, among others.

Behavioral biometric technology: Recognition and verification systems by means of actions linked to the individual, such as physical movements, navigation patterns or handwriting patterns.

Through these two types of technology of the future, more care can be taken in the security of people, to avoid identity theft, fraud, data theft and other actions. Biometrics ensures a breakthrough in technological security in 90% of companies.

Flexible displays in devices

Woman use of touch on the smart watch

The technology of the future is made to increasingly improve the life of human beings, so they are working on prototypes of flexible displays in devices.

An example of this future technology is made by the telecommunications company Samsung, which presents its first cell phone with flexible 3D screen, which will allow you to roll up and bend the images to your liking.

Also the company TCL CSOT, presented its device with flexible Displays, where the image can be turned completely around the cell phone or emitted on the sides of it. The advantage of this future technology is the adaptability of the device to the user’s needs.

Telecommunication 5G and 6G network in initial stage in some countries.

5G (5th Generation) network connecting technology future global.

If you are just adapting to 4G technology in telecommunications, by 2021 – 2022 tests and prototypes are being conducted with 5G and 6G telecommunications technologies, adapted to only certain devices with the necessary technological advancement to meet the demand of this new network upgrade.

The 5G network seeks to expand the bandwidth, lower latency and greater amplitude in the connections, reaching 110 GHz.

By 2022- 2023, the aim is to expand all these elements with the launch of the 6G network, advancing in telecommunications technology and exploring the improvement in the world’s communications.

It is expected that with this advance in the technology of the future, there will be no difficulties in communication systems.

Artificial Intelligence

Human like robot and artificial intelligence

Although it is a technology of the future that we have been talking about and knowing about for some years, it is expected that for the technology of the future 2030 or the technology of the future 2050, it will be the most used and popular advance, due to the updates and projects that are currently being done.

Some statistics about Artificial Intelligence:

  • The global Artificial Intelligence market was valued at over €315 billion in 2021.
  • Nearly 45% of organizations believe that AI will improve remote working.
  • Approximately 44% of companies that have implemented AI report a reduction in business costs.
  • Nearly 9 out of 10 organizations (87%) believe AI will give them some advantage.
  • More than half of executives (54%) say AI increased productivity in their companies.
  • Up to 38% of U.S. jobs could be at high risk of automation by the early 2030s.

The advantages of artificial intelligence, is that machines can learn through algorithms, human actions, being able to perform activities that can be a risk for a person, but not for a machine. Normally, artificial intelligence has been thought for the creation of robots, an innovation of the technologies of the future that can replace the human being in its totality.

Perhaps in 10 or 30 years, it will be possible to see the full functionality of artificial intelligence and obtain the advantages of technological progress that this may represent for humanity.

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