7 Best AI Chatbots for Automating Customer Service in 2023

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There are many different chatbots available that can be used to automate customer service.

AI chatbots are an increasingly popular tool for customer service.

They are used to provide customers with fast and efficient conversational AI answers to their queries, often without the need for human interaction.

AI chatbots can be programmed to provide chat answers to frequently asked questions, such as “How do I contact customer service?” or “What is your return policy?” with the use of automation.

They can also be programmed to understand natural language processing, NLP, allowing customers to ask more complex questions and receive tailored responses.

By automating some of the most basic customer service tasks, companies use Chatbots to free up valuable time and resources that can be devoted to more complex inquiries.

AI chatbots can also gather data analytics about customers’ experiences, helping companies improve their products and services.

In addition, AI chatbots are available 24/7, meaning customers can get help whenever they need it without having to wait for a customer service representative.

Here are seven of the best AI chatbots for automating customer service.

Landbot - Best AI Chatbots


Landbot is a chatbot that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to communicate with humans.

The chatbot is designed to simulate a human conversation and can be used to ask questions, give advice, or provide information.

Landbot can be used to help you with your everyday tasks, such as scheduling appointments, ordering food, or finding a lost item.

Lanbot can be integrated with Facebook Messenger and Whatsapp to have a seamlessly customer support experience and answer the customer inquiries from multiple channels in one place.

Sendpulse Chatbots for customer service

Sendpulse logo

Sendpulse Chatbots for customer service is an AI-powered chatbot that helps you to provide great customer service.

This chatbot platform is very easy to use and you can get started within minutes.

The chatbot software will help you to answer customer queries, take orders, and even make recommendations.

Sendpulse is also integrated with some other useful tools for email marketing automation and online courses.

Conversiobot - Artificial Intelligence Chatbot

Conversiobot logo

Conversiobot is a chatbot that uses artificial intelligence to understand and respond to questions or statements.

It can also simulate human conversation by asking follow-up questions, making small talk, or giving compliments and advice.

Conversiobot is a powerful AI-powered intelligent chatbot platform that helps businesses to automate customer service and sales conversational experience.

Its features include automated responses to customer inquiries, personalized customer engagement, and the ability to create custom workflows that enable businesses to focus on their goals.

Conversiobot also offers an intuitive interface with drag-and-drop elements for easy customization of messages and workflows.

Additionally, it has a built-in analytics dashboard which provides insights into how customers interact with the chatbot, enabling businesses to make informed decisions about their customer satisfaction strategies.

Conversiobot also supports multiple languages and can be integrated with other popular software such as Facebook Messenger and Slack.

Finally, it is equipped with advanced security measures such as encryption of data and secure hosting of customer data in the cloud.

Freshworks - AI Chatbot for better Customer Experience

Freshworks HRIS

Freshworks is a customer engagement software company that offers a suite of products that enable businesses to communicate with their customers.

One of its products is an AI chatbot that helps businesses provide a better customer experience.

The chatbot interacts with customers in real time and can answer questions, provide support, and even make recommendations.

Freshworks AI chat bot is available in various languages, so it can be used by businesses around the world. - Build Chatbots Templates

Chatbot is a great platform for building chatbots.

It offers a wide range of features and tools that make it easy to create and customize chatbots.

The platform also provides a variety of templates that can be used to create chatbots for different purposes. is an innovative platform that provides businesses with the ability to create and deploy chatbots in a matter of minutes.

Its features include natural language processing (NLP) capabilities, analytics, and machine learning which allow the chatbot to have real conversations with customers.

The platform also provides the tools for developers to quickly build bots using drag-and-drop technology, customizing them according to their needs. also allows businesses to integrate their existing customer relationship management (CRM) systems and databases into the bot, letting them access customer data quickly and easily.

Furthermore, the platform has powerful analytics that give businesses insight into user behavior and engagement, helping them understand how people are interacting with their bots so they can optimize it for a better user experience.

Finally, offers security features such as encryption, authentication methods, and other safeguards to protect users’ personal data.

Mobilemonkey - Create Chatbots without coding


Mobilemonkey is a chatbot builder that lets you create chatbots without needing to code.

You can use Mobilemonkey to create bots for customer service, sales, marketing, or any other purpose.

Mobilemonkey offers a free plan and paid plans starting at $19/month.

tell me more about Mobile Monkey chatbot without coding features

Mobile Monkey Chatbot is an AI-driven chatbot platform that enables businesses to quickly and easily create automated conversations.

It is designed to help companies increase customer engagement, improve customer service, and reduce operational costs.

Mobile Monkey Chatbot allows users to create custom conversations using natural language processing and machine learning technology.

The platform also provides a range of analytics tools to measure the effectiveness of their chatbot interactions with customers.

With its no-coding feature, Mobile Monkey Chatbot makes it easy for businesses to set up and customize automated conversations without any technical knowledge.

Additionally, it offers integrations with popular messaging platforms like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Slack, and WeChat, allowing businesses to reach their customers on the channels they are most likely to use.

This makes it easier for businesses to provide personalized customer experiences and build relationships with their customers.

Manychat - Rule-based Chatbots


Manychat is a chatbot service that allows businesses to communicate with their customers through automated chatbots.

These chatbots can be customized to respond to specific customer queries and can be programmed to follow certain rules.

This makes them an ideal tool for customer service and support.

Manychat also offers a wide range of features such as message templates, AI-powered chatbots, and integrations with popular messaging platforms.

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