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Which one is better between Envato Elements vs Themeforest? Easy, Elementor with Envato Elements is the answer to build up your WordPress Website.
Envato Elements vs Themeforest
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My Experience with Envato Elements vs Themeforest

When I started blogging in 2015, I started with the platform Blogger.

Blogger helped me to learn a bit of HTML and content creation.

Eventually, I wanted a better website, so I learned about WordPress.

WordPress has a huge jungle of themes and plugins.

So where to start a WordPress website that is good looking?

I did my research back then, and I found Themeforest.

Themeforest is Envato’s Marketplace of Website Themes. 

Back then, I used to search among the big amounts of WordPress Themes, and start to learn about which could be a WordPress Theme that is good for my webiste.

Questions arised. Which one is good for SEO, which one is fast, which one is realiable and will have updates? And the amount of questions came on a wave.

Time passed and I bought around 5 different themes for different websites.

If you are familiar with Themeforest and Envato Market, you may realize that spending on themes have been a pain point. 

They cost around $50 on average. So, I could imagine that even for agencies this could have been also a pain in the ass.


Elementor with Envato Elements, winning combination

Eventually, time passed and I learned about ElementorOne of the best WordPress website page builder available up til now.

Using Elementor has been really easy, and have saved me money on WordPress Themes. 

Having Elementor Pro version includes the WordPress Theme Hello, which is free to install.

But eventually, I saw that Envato rolled out now their subscription service called Envato Elements.

The good thing that I saw on Envato Elements is the price.

If you pay around $200 per year, you can have access to unlimited downloads of WordPress themes, stock images, stock video, illustrator and after effects files and more.

So actually I was getting more for what I paid.

I understand that Envato might have got the question, what are we going to do with old files. So they also combined new and old files on their subscription.

Not all of their thousands of files are good, there are also crap files. 

If you ask me, does it worth better to spend on the Envato Elements subscription rathen than one single file on Envato Market, I will answer you, yes!

But of course, if you are looking for something more specific, then choose Envato Market. 

But if you are looking for WordPress Themes, just don’t spend more money on Envato Market. You could also try the free plugin of Envato for WordPress and mix it up with Elementor.

You can have access to free WordPress Templates easy to install. 

There are other subscrition services that are growing up such as MonsterOne, who are also offering WordPress Themes with a cheaper price, or even one time fee. I still don’t try it, but probably after I finish my Envato Subscription I would try for other solutions. 

Reasons to choose Envato Elements over Themeforest

Huge Amount of Digital Assets besides WordPress Templates.

Online shopping website

Envato Elements is a digital media subscription where a huge amount of graphic resources are available.

When we talk about resources, we are referring to images, videos, audios, and so on. In addition, this platform also has tools for the creation of logos, posts, and so on, as well as their editing.

Unlimited Downloads

Online shopping website

One of the principal questions that I have received is that if it is possible to have unlimited download and get all the files that I want.

And the answer is yes.

You can download whatever you want as long as you have paid the subscription.

The thing is that if you decide to stop paying, you won’t have the license to keep using the files.

Technically you can keep the files, but legally you must delete them.

Envato Elements WordPress Plugin

Creating website

One of the easiest ways to create a website that I found is with Envato Elements Plugin and Elementor. Both can be used as free wordpress plugin or if needed as well they offer pro versions to enhance even more your website.

Through their WordPress plugin, the envato elements plugin is really helpful, because it adds to Elementor a big variety of fully customisable website templates to improve the design of it.

Elementor itself is a great and easy Drag and Drop wordpress plugin to create websites with good designs. I would say that their templates are ok, but still quite limited on the amount of what they have. Therefore, this Envato Elements Plugin adds a great advantage to it.

Envato Elements vs Themeforest Pricing

Envato Elements

$ 16
  • Thousands of Files
  • Unlimited Licenses
  • Easy Install WordPress Templates with plugin.


$ 50
00 On Average
  • 1 WordPress Template
  • Extended license support
  • Continous Updates

As mentioned, buying WordPress Templates on Themeforest could get expensive as you need plenty of templates to be used.

In contrast, Envato Elements has access to plenty of Elementor Templates that can be perfectly used with Elementor Pro version.

Only if you have a very specific need for a file that you find in Themeforest, then that will be the reason to buy from it, otherwise it is better to have Envato Elements Subscription.

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