Envato Elements vs Storyblocks vs Freepik

Envato Elements vs Storyblocks vs Freepik
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Envato Elements vs Storyblocks vs Freepik.

It is not a secret of me, how I enjoy Envato Elements, but of course there are many aspects that could be considered to be negative about it. Such as the big amount of useless files, since they were created like many years ago, or even files that I don’t requiere, like Joomla Templates. 

Of course there are Envato Elements alternatives to consider, if you have another needs for your projects.

One question that I have receveived too much on my Youtube Videos are that “What about Envato Elements Licenses, can I download and stop paying and keep using the files for another projects?” and the answer is NO. If you want to keep using and creating new end products with the Envato Elements, you must be subscribed.

Another thing that you can do with Envato Elements, as an example, is to get the subscription for one month, download the file that you will use for the project, finish the project during that month, and stop paying the subscription. You will still have the license of the end project that you created, but the file that you downloaded, can’t be used for another project.  

So what is a solution for that? Well, you can use Storyblocks. 

If you are looking for an option that gives you the posibility to get the subscription, and then download the files and keep using them again for another projects even if you stop the subscription, then Storyblocks is the recommended for you. 

With Storyblocks you can have access to Video, Audio, & Images, but as well, you don’t have access to WordPress Themes or Fonts, that Envato Elements has.

Also, Storyblocks has a bit more flexibility on the type of plans that you can choose for selecting a certain type of content. 

Now let’s talk about Freepik. Who hasn’t heard about Freepik. One of the coolest digital assets marketplaces where there are many creative things.

I was used to use some files for them because mostly they are free if you only add the author in the description. 

So it seem to be a very good place.

For personal projects, it seem ok, but I don’t think that on commercial projects having that Freepik “Watermark” so can I say, was a good thing. So the option was to start paying for Freepik. 

Freepik is mainly focused on Vectors, PSD and Illustrator files, and Stock Photos.

So if you are also a WordPress Web Developer, then Freepik might not be an option.

But in comparison with the price between Envato Elements vs Freepik, Freepik has a monthly price of 10 euros, which is cheaper than even chosing the yearly subscription of Envato Elements, that it ends up around 14.5 euros. 

Envato Elements vs Storyblocks.


If you’ve been considering using a digital platform to acquire digital assets, or more likely, among several options, you might have come already across the name Envato Elements.

This is a digital platform where you can find images, videos, audios, WordPress Themes and more, available for all kinds of projects.

We have talk already about how great it is in the Envato Elements Review, but now we will take the time to talk about another striking tool, this is the site known as Storyblocks.

Without further ado, let’s get started!

What is Storyblocks?

Storyblocks is a website where all kinds of resources are hosted such as images, audios, videos, GIFs, vectors and so on.

Its images are between standard quality and professional quality.

In it are located several vectors that can be placed as elements in the creations to be made.

There is also a diversity of videos, which are used for promotional and/or personal projects.

The videos also have a medium and advanced quality, come in HD, and the full license can be purchased.

The platform is in English but its translation is available in several languages, which means that it is used in different parts of the world, and has helped countless people to improve their creativity and to better design their projects.

Storyblocks helps to give life to creations with the different resources it offers, it has helped in many ways.

Some define it as an image bank, or as a video mine, and some just prefer to refer to it as a digital platform that fulfills its purpose to the letter.

The fact is that some people have already implemented this tool at its base to take material that will be used, and have left completely grateful.

If you are just starting to get into this subject, you are probably asking yourself “What is the need for visual material? Well, in this article, you will be told why this is in such high demand.

Advantages and Disadvantages of

Without a doubt, the following part to read is fundamental when looking for options to choose a platform.

Advantages of Storyblocks.

Diversity of subscription plans.

Variety in stock.

Convenient licenses.

Content is yours to keep and use forever.

Disadvantages of Storyblocks.

This is the part where we study and realize if this tool fits our needs.

Video and audio access come in different plans, and the price of access to both can be expensive.

Envato Elements vs Storyblocks.

Envato Elements is priced at $14.50 per month on a yearly subscription and Storyblocks for unlimited access is $30 per month.

Considering the price of both, the quality is good and worth it.

Both platforms offer unlimited files and downloads. The common categories are video, images and audio, the difference relies in WordPress Themes, Fonts, Presentations and some File Extensions. 

Envato Elements and Storyblocks offer licenses for user to use for personal and commercial purposes.  The difference relies in Storyblocks that they can use the files even if you cancel. 

In this way, you can see that both tools are considerable, and both have very good offers. It is a question of studying which one is the most convenient for you.

As previously mentioned, I use Envato Elements due to the plugin they have for WordPress, and the easy use of adding stock Images to Websites with it. 

Envato Elements vs Freepik


The human being every day is looking for more and more ways to express themselves through visual resources, it is not strange that people manage to try new design platforms.

In fact, in the last few years (from 2000 onwards) an enormous amount of tools have emerged for the design and perfection of graphic content.

Over time, there have been created various tools for the creation of visual material, and Envato Elements and Freepik has been ones of them.

Envato Elements and Freepik are a graphic design platform that helps to create images, posters, flyers, GIF, letters, invitations, etc. 

Both are a tool that over the years have proven to be efficient, quality and at the same time accessible.

In the following sections, we will now let you know what is Freepik, what it is used for, and compare it to Envato Elements so that you can choose the one that best suits you.

What is Freepik?

Freepik is an online platform, which allows you to download material for the design of images, documents and all kinds of visual projects.

The platform works both for free and paid, although of course with its Premium version the benefits can be much greater.

What is most striking about Freepik is the immense amount of vectors that can be used for projects being carried out in any software or application.

That is to say that when downloading any type of resources, we can use it in our software of our preference.

An important fact, is that Freepik is highly praised by people who are starting to study graphic design or advertising, since they take their first steps in creating flyers with the enormous amount of free resources offered by this page.

Freepik keeps the color navy blue together with white as the design, and a circular logo that looks like a robot.

Its simple design has helped many people to quickly identify this page.

That is, its simplicity and the various benefits it offers have made it the first choice when it comes to obtaining resources for the creation of the material.

Something that is also very important to mention, is that Freepik allows users to sell their creations, whether they are vectors, illustrations or any other type of creation.

Freepik has a system that facilitates this process, and supports those who are dedicated to this, thus helping professionals in the field, while improving its catalog and increasing its quality.

It should even be mentioned, that several people begin to use Freepik to do the projects they are assigned in their design classes, and later return to sell their creations.

They say that quality is an important part of a successful proposal, and luckily Freepik is able to maintain quality and simplicity at the same time.

Advantages and Disadvantages
of Freepik.

When choosing a tool to help us with the creation of any idea, we must consider every detail so that everything goes the way we want, so it is important to know what benefits this proposal offers, and so here we offer the advantages of using Freepik:

Advantages of Freepik.

It is simple and easy to use. Ideal for people who are entering the world of design and creation.

It can be found in any browser, so no specialized equipment is needed to use it.

It has a diverse amount of topics, classified in order. It has a bold search level, you do not have to specify to find what you want.

It offers material in different types of formats, this means that it can be easily adapted to your project.

Its quality is excellent, it is suitable for professional projects.

The price of its Premium version is accessible, in fact it is one of the cheapest when it comes to this kind of tools.

It is completely focused on its class, so every day it receives more visits from people who want to download vectors and images.

It allows you to sell the content of other designers.

It is compatible for all types of devices, from phones, tablets, computers, etc.

It has a 30-day guarantee, in case the client is not satisfied with the services.

Its use does not affect the devices on which it is running.

Undoubtedly, we are talking about a useful tool, and best of all, is that if we still have doubts, we can go immediately to try it, its registration does not take time, its speed is favorable, and using it is nothing complicated.

Now, as we know, not everything is perfect, so now, let’s see…

Disadvantages of Freepik.

It is known that in order to choose something, you have to know it in depth, and even though its use is simple, we must take into account the following aspects of Freepik:

Although it is affordable, it does not offer benefits such as content creation, unlike Envato Elements.

Its Android application is very slow, it is not recommended.

Due to its basic nature, it is not very suitable for professional work.

Envato Elements vs Freepik.

Freepik’s monthly fee is 10 euros while Envato Elements is 14.50 euros. In conclusion, it is cheaper to subscribe to Freepik, but we must also consider that with Envato Elements we can have access to different types of content.

Freepik and Envato Elements has the same quality when we talk about the image, graphics and vectors. Freepik might have slighlty better options, since it is more focused on design. 

Once the license is acquired, you can have in both unlimited downloads.

With Envato Elements and Freepik you can use the assets with free of copyright and no need of adding an attribution.

Now that we have studied more in depth about Envato Elements vs Freepik, it is up to you to choose which one suits you best, remember that the most important thing is that you feel comfortable with what you are going to use.

Why is Visual Content Important?

Visual material has the ability to draw people’s attention involuntarily, because it allows them to imagine all kinds of ideas, just by showing an image or a video to the public, and they are able to survive it, imagine it and analyze it.

Taking this into account, it is very difficult to call people’s attention with a pure text, although it is already clear to us that texts have made books a valuable material, but we must recognize that text is not capable of attracting attention as images do.

When it comes to providing information, the best thing to do is to implement an image that accompanies the text. This is the technique used in mind maps, and in computer graphics.

For advertising strategies, a greater number of images are implemented, or an image that covers most of the poster. This, unlike text, can attract attention even at a distance, especially if the combination and saturation of colors is complementary.

Imagine a company, which wants to promote a product, obviously, people will not know this product, and initially they will not be interested, so it is necessary to devise a strategy to attract the attention of the public in the best possible way.

To do this, you must use images whose theme is in line with the merchandise to be promoted.

That is where the importance of visual material becomes greater every day. And in this way, it is completely necessary that we have access to several of these materials.

As it has been written, visual material has a high importance in terms of transmitting a message, if so, it is not surprising that it has become the source of income for some professionals.

Since several graphic designers and people working in advertising must have a source to obtain this type of resource, since it has become part of the service offered.

It is important for this type of professionals to have a platform that provides graphic resources every time it is necessary, with this we already know how the importance of platforms like Freepik, Storyblocks or Envato Elements are born.

Thinking a little about it, there are many other platforms that offer this service, but it is up to us to analyze which is the most convenient for the users.

It is required that this material has good quality, the images offered to us are according to the topic we need, and this varies greatly depending on each system.

At the same time, we must be very careful in the licenses offered, and also be aware of the prices that the plans that the site has, and their costs, since both plans and costs can vary a lot.

And of course we must analyze if the price they ask us is in balance with the benefits we will get from the material we want to acquire.

So for this, it is necessary to know each of the benefits that we will get with each platform, as well as what can harm us from them, in order to make comparisons and conclude with the best option.

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