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Envato Elements is an online subscription to access thousands of digital assets that will help you create different types of digital content.

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In Envato elements I have used different types of files as video templates that I have modified in After Effects to create videos. There are also templates for Instagram and with them create better Stories or posts for the feed. In the same way, the different templates that can be used for other social networks.

Something I like the most about Envato Elements is the variety of digital assets, as well as photos and videos that are very useful when you do not have your own photos or videos.

I recommend Envato Elements extensively for all those graphic designers, digital marketers, and even people who are not proficient of these topic, since with Envato Elements it is easier to create different types of digital marketing content.


How much does Envato Elements Cost?

Envato Elements Pricing for a year subscription is about 174€ plus local taxes. They state to charge 14.5€ per Month, but please be aware that you have to pay the full year. If you only want to try the subscription for one year, the price will be around 29€. This things are not easily read at first glance until you follow the process of paying the subscription. Some people might get confused thinking that they will be charged only the 14.5€ per month but they see the bill with the yearly charge. This is a marketing technique they use, so please be aware of it. In my opinion the subscription is worth it so I decided to change from a monthly to a yearly subscription. But if you are not sure, do it as me, and try first for the month and then if you are not convinced then don't pay anymore, as easy as that. Specially because ENVATO ELEMENTS DONT REFUND. You also have to dig in to know that, so please be aware of it before getting it. I hope this information helps you before buying envato elements subscription.
Why choose Envato Elements

Envato Elements Review

The honest thing, is that not most of digital marketers or creative people have the enough resources to be spending money on those kind of assets, therefore I find Envato Elements as a great alternative where you can find stock images, stock video, after effects templates, music and sound effects free of copyright, graphic, graphic templates, fonts, wordpress and cms templates as well as plugins.

Creativity doesn’t have a limit, and I amazed of how easy can be to create content with the digital assets that Envato Elements offer for such a cheap subscription.

I payed the yearly fee that is around 180€, but if you want to try a monthly subscription, Envato Elements offer you a subscription for 29€.

I see mainly more advantages than disadvantages. Of course they might not have premium videos like Shutterstock, but certainly the variety and diversity of assets that you find here is a genuine piece of gold where you can start creating any kind of digital content.

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Envato Elements Categories

Stock Video

Stock Video and Motion Graphics.

Graphic Templates

Print Templates, Product Mockups, Websites, UX and UI Kits and Infographics.


Serif, Sans-Serif, Script and Handwritten, Decorative.


Themes, Plugins, Templates Kits.

Video Templates

Broadcast packages, Elements, Infographics, Logos, Openers, Products Promo, Titles, Video Displays.


Backgrounds, Texture, Social, Patterns, Icons, Objects, Illustrations.


Actions and Presets, Brushes, Layer Styles.


Music Tracks and Idents.

Presentation Templates

Google, Keynote, Powerpoint.

Web Templates

Admin, Email, Site, Landing Pages Templates.

Envato Elements Free Files

Sound Effects

Game sounds, Transition & Movement, Domestic Sounds, Human Sounds, Urban Sounds, Nature Sounds, Futuristic Sounds & More


Envato Elements Photos, Twenty20

CMS Templates

Droopal, Joomla, Magento, Muse, OpenCart, PrestaShop, Shopify, Unbounce, Ghost, Tumblr.

Envato Courses

Get Access to online courses included with Envato Elements

Things to Consider Before Buying

What You need to Know!

Unlimited Downloads

One of the principal questions that I have received is that if it is possible to have unlimited download and get all the files that I want. And the answer is yes. You can download whatever you want as long as you have paid the subscription.

What Happens after Cancelation?

If you decide to stop paying, you have the license to keep using the files that you already created. You can not keep using the files to create new projects.

Refund possible?

Envato won't give you any sort of refund, so please be aware of this before buying the whole year plan. That is why I recommend you that if you are planning to get the subscription but are not sure if monthly or yearly plan, than just start with the monthly.

Be Aware of Monthly Price

Envato says they charge around 17 dlls per month, but they CHARGE THE WHOLE YEAR so you have to pay the full nearly $180 more less. So don't get surprised if you see the payment bigger than you expected.

Is sharing possible?

Legally you are not allowed to share files. There are different subscription models for individuals, teams and enterprises.

What about Quality?

I will like to tell you that the files in Envato Elements have a different type of qualities. Some of the files are quite old and their quality is not the best, but there are some other files that are really good. So if you manage yourself around all this files, you can create amazing content. It is just a matter of creativity.

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