How to do a Podcast on Spotify.

If you are wondering how to do a podcast on Spotify, it is because you know that this is one of the most used and enjoyed means of sharing content today.
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How to do a podcast on Spotify

Carlos' Opinion -
How to do a Podcast on Spotify.

The current trend of podcasts and the use of Spotify has also make it easier to do a Podcast.

To do a Podcast on Spotify you can simply download the app Anchor, and start creating your podcast.

As easy as that.

If you have a smartphone, you don’t have to get too complicated and fancy when creating a podcast.

It is a matter of will power to do a podcast.

I wanted to give it a try on doing my own Podcast on Spotify.

I figure out different platforms that already exist to help you on the process.

One of the main interests of new and current podcasters is to be on Spotify.

As well as in Apple Podcasts, but still, personally I prefer Spotify.

It is cool to have your on Podcast, because you can use it as a tool to let your ideas flow.

I do recommend to have your topics a little bit more in order, and not like me, that probably I am a bit disordered.

I am currently recording my blogs opinions on my Anchor Podcasts.

I just seat down, and start talking to the phone.

Other platforms such as Breaker, RSS and Spreaker offer different alternatives to create your own Podcast.

It is just a matter of knowing exactly what you want to do with it.

Start talking and share your voice to the world.

What is a podcast?

Although it may seem incredible to you, many people still don’t really know what a podcast is.

And, although this move revolutionized the world especially since 2019, today there are those who do not stick to it.

They can be easily defined as a series of episodes recorded in audio and transmitted in an online way.

The recording formats can be different, but among the most common are interviews between a guest and a presenter, or where the presenter simply talks about a specific topic. 

Whatever format of presentation is being discussed, these types of programs have a mandatory need to have a topic and a person to carry out the topic.

Often these individuals are labeled as a host. 

And, although we know that we have told you that one of their main characteristics is the fact that they are transmitted online, podcasting also gives the possibility to those interested to download the episodes so that they can listen to them when they do not have an internet connection.

Nowadays it is important to see this type of transmissions as a new window to please the public.

Especially to those who do not know or interact with previous similar media, such as radio.

How to choose a podcast topic?

Knowing how to choose the topic for a podcast is the key to getting started in this new world.

And, although many will say that you should go for what’s trending, there are certain tips that can help you get a little out of it.

It's all about speaking on a topic you are passionate about.

This is perhaps one of the most important tips, because people will know that if you are talking about a topic you are comfortable with, it will show in your voice. This will help you connect with listeners by speaking naturally and emotionally.

Choose a topic you are knowledgeable about.

As a complement to the first tip we have given you, it is vitally important that the topic you are going to touch on in your podcast is one that you have mastered. This will make you not only talk about the basics, but also provide interesting and useful information to your audience, making them hooked to your content quickly.

Try not to go from one topic to another frequently.

Even people who decide to do a podcast, and touch on different subtopics, handle only one central one. You can talk about more than one news item, as long as you know that your audience is listening to you to find out what's going on in the world. If you start talking to them about how to cook this can send them running.

Take your time while choosing the right topic for you.

We know that when we want to start with something we are anxious, and for some people it will be easier than others to choose the topic. But it is vitally important that you make this decision always from the tranquility and study of what can work, and how you have to develop it to make it work.

Don't be afraid to be the first to say something.

You may find it interesting to talk about how to bath pets, and there aren't really many people doing it. But that doesn't mean the audience is any less interested in it. Leave the fear of doing something new behind.

Advantages and disadvantages of a podcast.

Now that we’ve talked to you in part about how to make a podcast, specifying what it is and giving you the best guidelines for choosing a topic, it’s time to talk about the advantages and disadvantages that will surely serve as an impetus for you to know why, or why not, you should start your own.

Advantages of a Podcast

It is a new opportunity to share your passion.

Unlike traditional radio, where there is an established agenda of topics, here you are free. It is the author who decides the topics and the genre of the content, serving to develop a dream, share an experience, or teach a skill.

You will reach the audience you really have in mind.

Traditional radio programs should be inclusive. In this case, you can target your content to a very specific segment of the population. You can group them by age, hobbies, musical tastes, among others.

It will allow you to create your community of followers.

We often see that, what started as a podcast, becomes a community with an incredible feedback where the hosts even start to be considered as influencers and the numbers in their social networks go up like foam.

People will listen to you because they are really interested.

Keep in mind that doing a podcast is not like doing a show on any other medium, where some people will listen to it simply because they can't get it off the air. In this case, every listener will be interested in your content.

It will give you an international reach.

One of the biggest advantages of a podcast is the fact that you will be able to reach an audience both in your locality and anywhere else in the world. Taking the popularity of your content to places you have not yet imagined.

Disadvantages of Podcast

It will not be available to users with poor connection.

If users do not have an internet connection, or it is of poor quality, they will not be able to enjoy your program. Likewise, in the case of an intermittent situation, they will be able to download the episodes later.

Many see it as a one-way communication process.

Nowadays we see that many programs have a two-way communication model, meaning that feedback is created between the host and the audience. In this case, unless alternate channels are used, this does not exist.

Poor sound quality affects totally.

At present, and especially those who are just starting out, do not have the tools to make their sound clean and without background noise. And, in some cases, the internet connection can also lower the quality of the final work.

You need to have a good computer if you want high end production.

Most people who ask you how to make a podcast if you are a novice will tell you that it is not necessary, but the truth is that to carry out the transmissions you need a computer with good performance due to the constant consumption of RAM memory and processor performance.

4 Free platforms to do a podcast On Spotify.

Anchor is one of the best platforms to make a free podcast and it gives the possibility to distribute it, without any problems, to the main listening applications, such as Spotify.

It also works with Pocket Casts, Google Podcasts, Overcasts and Apple Podcasts.

It allows you the option to unlock sponsorships, so that your content is supported by brands, big or small, that are interested in having their products known by your type of audience.

Apart from that, it also gives you the possibility to accept donations from listeners so that you can generate more revenue as your audience grows.

On the same website you will find with analytics features that are comprised of advanced knowledge in which you will have access to so that you can understand the way the streaming world works and grow your audience in a short period of time.

In case you are interested in creating an account on we leave you the link where the only thing you will have to do is fill out a short questionnaire with your personal and access information, and then go to the profile customization:

Breaker de Twitter, from Twitter, is one of the platforms that has been making the most noise among users who love to listen to a good podcast.

And it is the functionalities of this one that make it stand out from other similar ones, so it could be of interest to you to develop your project.

Starting with the fact that it is one of the few platforms to make a free podcast where people can follow their friends, so they can see which are the most recent episodes they have listened to and liked, making it easier for your content to reach new users. 

Apart from that, many users make use of this platform especially at night because you can set a time to sleep.

That is, if they are very busy during the day they can schedule to listen to your content during the night with the confidence that, after it ends, the system will shut down. 

The platform gives you the possibility to sign up using your Twitter, Facebook, Google or Apple account. You can also start the process from any other email address you have. Do not hesitate to consider this option at some point.


RSS defines itself as the best platform to make a free podcast, as well as to grow a community of listeners.

So, without a doubt, we will present you this option and it is up to you to choose whether you take it or leave it.

They have a hosting service that will allow you to publish your programs easily.

With unlimited audio storage, so you never have to worry about running out of space, or paying those hidden fees that you see on a couple of platforms that sell themselves as free.

In and of itself, you get a very well designed space for sharing content.

Here you will mainly see the most recent episodes, with eye-catching cover art, and more. With their tools you can also monitor the growth of your audience, analyzing your followers, downloads and many relevant data for planning.

In case it has caught your attention enough you can go to to start the registration process, where you will not need to enter a credit card or any other payment method.

As soon as you least expect it, you will be sharing your first episode on the platform.

Spreaker is a platform dedicated not only to the hosting and creation of podcasts, but also to their distribution and monetization.

They present themselves as a simpler production and growth platform than many of those that exist today.

It is on our list of platforms to make a podcast because creating content has never been so easy with any other.

Aside from that, their team has been working for over a decade to equip podcasters, and publishers, with all the tools they need to succeed.

On this platform, once you have created your podcast, publishing the episode is as easy as can be, offering content to your community instantly.

Apart from that, it will only take one click for you to distribute to all major listening platforms, such as Spotify, Google Podcasts and more.

As we know that it is an equally interesting option, we tell you that the registration process can be done automatically with a Google or Facebook account.

If you prefer, you can also do it manually with an email and password.

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