How to design an Online Course that sales

How to design an Online Course
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If you are looking for the way to learn how to design online courses in a quick, comfortable and complete way, you have come to the right place, here we will offer you information about this learning modality with different recommendations, resolution of possible unknowns that may arise at the time of making your courses. 

To make a web-based overall course development you need the content syllabus already structured, time that you will invest when setting the course up, quality information and to which public learners will be directed these teachings; that is why we will teach you a little of how to make this type of effective online courses and you can do the entire course in the most comfortable way possible.

What is a course design plan?

A course design plan is a document that outlines the goals, structure, and delivery of a course.

It is typically created by the instructor prior to creating the actual course content.

The plan includes information such as the course goals, target audience, and topics to be covered.

The course design plan is a important tool in ensuring that the course meets the needs of the students and achieves the desired learning outcomes.

How to design an online course that sells?

We will present a series of steps for you to give your classes in a virtual format efficiently, these are the following:

Why start an online course content business?

Starting an online course business is one of the great ways to earn money and motivate students to acquire new knowledge on your topic.

The elaboration of this online business does not consume you so much, you will only have to invest certain hours of your time and some of your income to start,

Nowadays, there have been seen plenty of ventures on the online learning, seeing courses of all kinds and with accessible prices for certain customers.

This has encouraged many teachers to look for another way to learn how to sell online courses and generate income without having to give their classes in-person or just by webinars.

It will also generate you personal branding, if your courses are really good in the academic field you can have a great reputation for several institutions.

This will lead to the increase of users and your income in the long term; this is a stable and lasting business depending on your interest in this work.

As well, as you might have a schedule where you use your time on other tasks, you can record your sessions and offer asynchronous teaching instead of real-time synchronous classes.

How can I start my course design?

We will present you a series of tips for designing courses that will help you a lot when designing your course content.

Best practices of what should online course design modules include.

Below we will mention some key elements that your course material should include, these are.

A clear and concise learning objective

Objectives will make a course valuable to students as they will know where their stated learning is oriented to.

Establish in a concrete way the main objectives of this course; such as the topics to be studied and what content will be emphasized. 

It is to encourage the learning of each of the users interested in the didactic topics that are given in this type of intensive courses.

There are online courses with certificate that present a study material closely related to your specialty, and upon completion they offer you a certificate for having participated in this type of activities.

The combination of what is the learning outcome plus the certificate will motivate students towards a specific objective.

Attractive, engaging and effective content

Add practical content and encourage users to practice on their own on the given material; it would also be necessary to place evaluations of such content, in order to assess their knowledge and give a healthy competition.

It must have didactic content such as subject guides so that students can have another way to study, mount introductory or explanatory videos of the subject.

In the online courses there can be attractive and interactive content, which can be varied.

The objective of the attractive instructional materials is to encourage users for their self-paced learning with the didactic content that is offered and keep students engaged with the course.

Some tools you can use throughout the course are questionnaires referring to the topic, outlines and practical content, PDF documents, illustrative and introductory videos, plus an academic calendar.

Questionnaire concerning the topic

You can use assessments like the classic evaluative questionnaires on the given topic with the objective of evaluating the abilities on the given topic. They can be short or long depending on the magnitude of the content, most of these questionnaires are proposed already at the end of the course. Short quizzes are also added for each module, in order to determine the retentiveness of these users to study the contents proposed.

Outlines and practical content

Many courses provide schematic documents on the given topics with the important information summarized of the small learning units. They can be in form of conceptual or mental maps on the practices of such content, facilitating the clear and precise retention of information in a didactic way. There are different learning styles and by serving them, it can help keep students engaged with the course.

Powerpoint and PDF documents

When you develop the platform matierla of such course, you will set several modules with the study schedule and material to be evaluated, that is where the course owners can add their Powerpoint and PDF documents on such topic like information taken from books or by scientific articles as an additional learning material to encourage students to dig deeper on their learning process.

Illustrative and introductory videos

One of the best didactic and practical tools that can be used by the tutors of these designed courses is the realization of videos related to the content of these topics. These videos can be introductory with a duration of 1 to 3 minutes approximately, but if it is a practice it could vary to 12 or 15 minutes, providing the student with a complete and well explained material.

Academic Calendar

Online teaching and learning platforms will provide you with a schedule of pending classes, assignments and evaluations of these modules. This can help your students to prepare for the upcoming content

Evaluations and questionnaires to check learning outcomes

All learning management systems should include an evaluation system so that students can test their understanding of the subject; because if the subject is not evaluated we would not be doing anything, we would only be teaching a common course without knowing the understanding of these users before the given topics.

You can use the teaching online platforms for questionnaires and to make evaluations by video call.

These assessment tools are totally lightweight interfaces and are widely used for these types of assessments.

A certificate of completion

This type of document will help you a lot for your professional record.

When being on a online learning environment it is normal to receive a completion certificate for your interest in participating, completing the course and learning from it, whose learning will help you a lot for many things in the future.

Some examples of motivations are getting a job in big companies, acquiring this new knowledge to stimulate study and entrepreneurship plans and it will give a new image to the resume.

As well, finishing this course will provoke students to do another intensive course related to their specialty, with the purpose of gaining more content knowledge and getting more certificates for the work resume.

The learning experience sharpens information retention skills.

Online teaching platforms for e-learning

When you have the idea of how you can make a course, try to mount it to one of the online teaching platforms we told you about previously and advertise your intensive in all social networks, with the purpose of attracting users and students to subscribe.

Make these courses available for phones or tablets; to provide another way for your students to access them with also a well-designed and easy-to-use interface

One of the best sites that we recommend to sell your online courses would be Thinkific, Teachable, Learnworlds and Sendpulse Edu, being these sites quite helpful and efficient to deliver certain courses to certain users. 


It is one of the best interfaces to set your online environment, it is easy to use, lightweight and allows you to add educational videos. It allows the development of questionnaires, access to upload PDF documents for the reinforcement of the subject, forum to discuss the subject matter in question, registration portal and a news extension, therefore this will present a calendar of pending activities.


In this system you will be allowed to add your modules of the said course, recorded classes, forums and you will be able to create questionnaires for the evaluation of the said topic.


In these websites, they will allow you to teach your classes privately by creating groups for your students, where you can upload your multimedia content, documents and other study materials. The good thing about these platforms is that you can create a private chat where you can provide your students or users with the academic calendar, reinforcement of certain topics and clarification of doubts.

Sendpulse Edu

Some of the best virtual platforms where you can give your classes online to your users, with the main objective of sharing ideas, evaluate the knowledge learned and explain more efficiently the subject in question.

Platform examples of engaging online learning

Nowadays it has become fashionable free online courses with certificates; as it offers more chance to look for a job and a good image for our job profile.

Most of these courses that give this kind of certificates, are given by teachers specialized in languages, computers, cooking, design, science, health professionals, and others.

If you want to find some free online courses certificates 2022 with good interface and with a fairly complete content we invite you to enter the platforms that we will place you below:

⦁ EDX.

⦁ Coursera.

⦁ LinkedIn.

⦁ Udemy.

⦁ Google Digital Garage

Case studies:

Free online courses by Google

In Google you will find free online courses of all kinds that may or may not be related to your specialty; one of them would be basic principles for Digital Marketing, techniques to improve your business, cybersecurity for your online jobs and others.

To request these free online courses from Google, you must enter Digital Garage, here you will find the aforementioned intensives and several courses that may catch your attention.

Free Coursera courses

Coursera offers different calls for registration for these free online courses, by making such registration online , you will have the opportunity to enjoy the educational content offered by these intensives given by different public institutions.

You will be able to learn a lot in these courses, such as accounting, computer science, graphic design, aesthetics, basic principles of pharmacy, nursing and others. They are really good and useful to learn how they design their online classes, the structure overall of the LMS and the learning objectives.

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