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Within the management of new technologies and due to social distancing, being able to create your own and sell online courses is a great advantage for not wasting money, time, or knowledge.

Teachable is one of the main online platforms for selling online courses, using the best elements and tools to make your online courses the best and earn money with them. 

There are many reasons to create your own online courses and one of the best programs to create online courses and make money with them, which are going to further discuss.

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Why create and sell courses online?

The ease and versatility that online courses offer you may be one of the main reasons why you want to create your own online course, but there are many other reasons to become a freelancer and do business with the online world.

Although there are many online platforms for selling online courses, Teachable will be our goal in this section, based on these tools to understand why to create an online course and the advantages that all this entails.

Flexibility and reach

The internet world was created to be able to have more connections all over the world, from social networks, information websites, travel blogs and everything needed to make human life easier.

To sell courses online will give you the flexibility in time, availability, place, space, schedule and number of people that will be able to access your online course.

Location will not be a problem, since you will be able to receive people from all over the world thanks to virtual classes, giving you a greater reach and capacity through the platforms to create your own online course.

And to good thing is that you can start from your expertise, either online Entrepreneurship courses, or Photoshop courses.


For your online course to thrive, it is important to have ways to promote it and what better than the internet to achieve this quickly, easily and with greater reach. The most important reason to create your own online course, is the ease that you can have to promote it and achieve a more prosperous and bigger business.

With free online courses, you can set aside face-to-face time to promote your services and limit the number of people to whom the information reaches.

Maximum savings

Time, money and space are three necessary factors to create a good course and by making it virtual, all these elements become the easiest and simplest to manage.

When creating your own online course, time is your ally, since you can manage the virtual classes in a flexible way, the money for the creation of your course can be a minimum investment in platforms like Teachable and the space is totally adaptable to your needs.

The transaction fees will vary from platform to platform, from free trials to free plans to basic plans or premium plans, but overall they are great to jumpstart and sell digital products.


Other of the main reasons to create an online course are the different platforms to sell courses that will give you the opportunity to customize your online courses, adapted to you or your audience.

This gives you the flexibility to get the tools, add or remove the ideal to make your course better each time and more profitable in the future.

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What is Teachable?

Let the world know about your knowledge and share it with everyone, through one of the most complete platforms to create online courses.

Teachable platform is known as the ideal tool to take your physical business and all your ideas to the virtual world and make it grow from scratch.

Teachable presents a series of tools and elements to create in just minutes the space you need to put your knowledge in a space that you can monetize and make this information available to all those who require such services.  

Among the platforms for creating online courses, Teachable stands out for the ease with which it can be managed, without the need for you to be an expert in technology.

In simple steps you can enter all the information you need to create an online course and start an online business without previous knowledge. 

Advantages of Teachable

Teachable can become your best tool if you learn how to use it correctly, since it has a series of advantages that will help you to obtain the necessary space to create all the online courses you want. Among the advantages of Teachable we have the following:

Teachable presents its new users with a free seminar so that your passage through the platform is much easier and you can create any type of online course that is completely adapted to the information you want to impart.

With Teachable you can create your own online school, configuring the entire platform to use the right tools depending on what you want to share.

Turn your online courses into an easy and fast way to transmit information and learn new things through virtual classes, didactic, entertaining and with everything necessary for the active participation of your audience.

Teachable is the platform to create online courses that will open the doors to a virtual business that you can manage, configure and secure from the reach of your computer or cell phone.

Teachable platform is a space for professionals and beginners that ensures an ideal and simple management to create your online courses.

Teachable free plan is a great way to start understanding how the online platform works.

The Teachable free plan sounds good, but also its basic plan with affordable price and transaction fees offers an adapted to the tools you need from Teachable to ensure that everything you pay for is used to make your online courses the ideal space for you and your users.

Easy profitability, monetization and configuration of online courses, to get paid for your courses in a simple and uncomplicated way through Teachable courses. 

In the technological world, platforms for creating online courses can promise many things for a low price, but not all of them deliver.

In the case of Teachable, promises are kept to give you the tools to become the best online course facilitator to sell digital products.

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