7 Best Online Entrepreneurship Courses

Today there are many people who are concerned about entrepreneurship, but very few who really recognize that even for an idea to be good at all, you must have studied to know how to make it a reality.

Learn in this article why to study entrepreneurship online, and what are the best online entrepreneurship courses that you can find on the net.

Best online entrepreneurship courses
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Why study an online entrepreneurship course?

While it is the beginning of everything, having an idea is not enough.

You have to build the path to get that idea from your mind to reality, and the only way to do that is to work hard at what many come to consider “the easy entrepreneurial process”.

If you’re wondering why study entrepreneurship online, it’s because you haven’t understood it at all.

A business is not just the idea, it is the foundation and the processes that must be followed to not only build it, but to ensure that it will last over time.

An entrepreneur cannot depend on luck.

And even if you have started in a very small and informal way, if you have the vision to expand your project, you must have knowledge so that it does not fall, or know how to deal with the obstacles that will arise.

Studying entrepreneurship online is one of the most convenient ways you can find, there will be courses designed on specific topics that you can complete according to your needs or desires, and in the time you want, following your own pace so as not to neglect or compromise your day to day.

Today there are a number of online platforms with a lot of prestige to study anything you want to learn, and of course entrepreneurship is one of them.

By taking advantage of technology in this way, you will be on your way to success with a mind fortified with the knowledge necessary for entrepreneurship.

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What are the best online entrepreneurship courses?

We have researched in different prestigious web platforms with the intention of being able to collect the best online entrepreneurship courses in a single list, and the result has been the following:

1. Specialization in Entrepreneurship - Coursera

Entrepreneurship Specialization Coursera

This Entrepreneurship Specialization covers the conception, design, organization and management of new ventures. It is a total of five online entrepreneurship courses that are designed to take you from identifying an opportunity to making it happen.

It is taught by Wharton’s top professors, and with their guidance, as well as the many projects that have already come out of these students, you will be able to develop an entrepreneurial mind where you can discover the growth and profit potential of the startups around you.

It is a 100% online specialization with a flexible schedule, which offers you a certificate upon completion. To finish all courses at least 6 months is stipulated. To date it has already been taken by more than 46 thousand students, rating it with 4.8 out of 5 stars.

2. Entrepreneurship & Innovation - Harvard Business School Online

Harvard Entrepreneurship and Innovation Courses

This is one of those online entrepreneurship courses that are intended to strengthen your ability to make innovation happen, seeking to unlock that potential you have to ensure that each of the strategies you put together, regardless of the field of application, is a winner.

We’re talking about the Harvard Online Business School, so here it’s a little stricter in how it’s delivered. There are a total of six weeks and you are required to fill 5 hours for each week. You must pay to be a student and receive an official certificate upon completion.

As in the previous case, you will have to complete three courses to complete the Harvard Business School Online Entrepreneurship & Innovation program. But, once you complete the last one, you will receive a diploma of specialization in the area.

3. How to build a startup - Udacity

Udacity How to build a startup

It is an online entrepreneurship course taken as an introduction to the basic concepts of the well-known customer development process. It was designed by Steve Black, who will provide information about the steps that must be fulfilled to build a successful startup.

The main intention of this course will be for you to learn how to develop and test ideas quickly by gathering large amounts of feedback from both customers and the market, based on the premise that many companies fail because they do not validate their ideas from the beginning with real life customers.

Upon completion you will see that building a startup is not just about building an execution plan for the business model that you as an entrepreneur believe will work.

Rather it is about finding a real business model that will be the key to the success of your project.

4. Start a successful side business - Skillshare

Skill share startint a succesful side hustle

It is one of the shortest online courses for entrepreneurs that you will find in our list, as it has a total of 18 lessons that have a duration of just 1 hour and 33 minutes in total, so completing it will not be a problem.

Despite being standalone, it is presented as the third part of your series about productivity, and it is the one in which you focus on creators.

Throughout the lessons, different strategies, tools and techniques that have been profitable in real life for managing time, attention and ideas will be shared.

It starts with why you should start a side business and goes all the way to revealing all the key aspects of running a successful side project, mentioning real problems, pros’ journeys, and tips based on the experience of seasoned creators.

5. Introduction to SEO: tactics and strategies for entrepreneurs - Skillshare

Skill SHare introduction to seo tactics and strategy for entrepreneurs 1

This is one of the best courses an online entrepreneur can take because it talks about something vital for a business to stay afloat on the internet, and that is SEO. And remember, what doesn’t exist on the net today doesn’t really exist.

We are talking about just 12 lessons that will change your life and perspective of entrepreneurship in just 1 hour and a half (which is what it takes to complete it if we group the duration of each one) going from an overview of SEO to the creation of your own culture of success.

It has been designed by Rand Fishkin, and the invitation is to immerse yourself in his world of SEO where you will learn about perspectives and tactics that you can put into practice with the intention of optimizing your content and increasing your online presence organically.

6. How to start a business from the idea - Udemy

Udemy Entrepreneurship how to start a business from a business idea

At the beginning of our article we mentioned that having the idea was not enough to have your business, and precisely this online course for entrepreneurs seeks to teach you how to act after you have it. It has already helped more than 34 thousand students on Udemy, who have rated it with 4.4 out of 5 stars.

You can think of it as an A to Z map of the steps you need to accomplish if you want to start a business, gaining independence and enjoying the freedom of being your own boss. In the end you will gain confidence and have a decisive mind knowing how to proceed.

Besides, funds will not be a problem as they will be giving you about 10 ways on how to get them for your own business. If you want to know how to write a business plan with winning strategies then you should take it as soon as possible.

7. Guy Kawasaki's guide to entrepreneurship - Udemy

Udemy The essential guide to entrepreneurship by guy kawasaki

Guy Kawasaki makes an invitation in this online course for entrepreneurs to learn directly from the perspective and experience of an entrepreneur and investor on how to develop companies with concrete confidence and avoid the common pitfalls that can make you not reach the top of the climb.

It is offered on the Udemy platform, where it has had (to date) over 24 thousand students, who have rated it 4.7 out of 5 stars on the platform. In fact, the main companies registered on the platform have awarded it the “Top Rated” badge to increase its learning value.

Among the things you will learn from this course will be a cursory look at the key aspects of entrepreneurship, the most important do’s and don’ts of entrepreneurship, tips based on anecdotes from real-world examples, and much more.

For the first time there is a caveat in the course, and that is that it is explicitly asked not to be taken by anyone who is not looking to become the key decision maker in your company, so you must be a decisive and aspirational person.

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