Role of business in society and the economy

Role of business in society and the economy

Written by It is well known that businesses have both positive and negative impacts in the society and the economy. Yes, businesses pursue profit, but there must be a seek for profit having in mind the impact that they do in society. Businesses have taken the role of the organizations that can deliver products and […]

7 Best Entrepreneurial Skills | Definition and Examples

entrepreneurial skills

Written by Entrepreneurship has important skills that you need to start and run a successful business. In entrepreneurship there are a different set of new skills required that you need to develop to create your new business and to keep you motivated to improve your productivity. Becoming an entrepreneur is not a one night thing. […]

5 Talent retention tips for your business

Talent retention tips

One of the biggest challenges that businesses are facing is employee retention. According to El Economista, 2 out of 3 businesses face this challenge or to cover a job vacancy. And there are times where certainly businesses also struggle to keep up with sales, especially in times of crisis, so how to retain talent when […]

Key Areas To Focus On When Starting A New Business

Key Areas To Focus On When Starting A New Business

Written by   Starting a new business is always an exciting process to go through, especially the first time around. While it is exciting, you also need to be prepared because it is a lot of work and it can be stressful. There are many areas that will need a lot of attention, and there […]

7 Entrepreneurship Challenges to Face

entrepreneurship challenges

Written by Entrepreneurship challenges for some people are the reason that keeps them motivated, while for others they are the reason why people have decided that their business will not continue. Learn in this article the 7 entrepreneurship challenges to face, and how to address them in the right way, by reading us to the […]

What is Entrepreneurial Spirit and why is it important?

Entrepreneurial spirit

Entrepreneurship is the act of starting and running an enterprise, which requires risk taking and the ability to make decisions on behalf of others. Entrepreneurship has evolved into a specific field where many people have become successful by developing ideas and implementing the business plan with passion and determination. The best part about entrepreneurship is […]

7 Most Common Entrepreneur Personality Traits

Entrepreneur personality traits

For many, the successful entrepreneurs are something brilliant, an object of study, and we all wonder what it takes to be the next Mark Zuckerberg, for example. Read on to find out what an entrepreneurial personality looks like based on the most common aspects of it. Written by Table of Contents Not every entrepreneur has […]

Entrepreneurship and Innovation Relationship

entrepreneurship and innovation

Do you want to know why entrepreneurship and innovation go hand in hand? You’ve come to the right place, here we will bring you a lot of information about this relationship and why they rely heavily on innovation to get ahead.  Entrepreneurs create ideas after ideas with the purpose of creating an improvement in their […]

6 types of Startups in Entrepreneurship


Types of Startups Recently the word “Startup” is taking a greater impact, and perhaps for marketing issues, or a something that is happening globally. While technology companies and social media networks like Facebook, Google, Apple or Twitter are having their good years in the market, new businesses are emerging. Startups have a fashionable  rise in […]

7 Best startups in Mexico in 2022

Startups in Mexico

If you know what a tech startup is then you are aware that it is one of the best business models that has been experienced in recent years, giving opportunities to many people to achieve success by providing real solutions. Meet the 7 best startups in Mexico in 2022 and get the inspiration you need.  […]