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Today, entrepreneurship is a matter of having an idea and the necessary foundations to start a digital business, as well as finding the right platform to create a digital business with online courses.

For example, Thinkific, is known as a platform to create online courses and in turn presents all the necessary tools to promote and monetize your online courses. 

To start with, online courses can be the job opportunity with the best future nowadays, thanks to all the facilities and tools that the digital era provides.

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Start selling online courses

The first thing you must understand before becoming an entrepreneur, that every digital business works with a good promotion and marketing, so it is easy to start with any service or thing that is promotable. 

Therefore, starting with online platform courses is not different from starting with selling coffee or clothes online, even more if you have platforms like Thinkific to help you do it. 

Knowledge is one of the elements to which you can get the most out of, what better than to start with your knowledge and make it reach in a dynamic, fast and simple way to all those who are willing to get the information and learn from you and your skills. 

Selling online courses is one of the easiest ways to start an online business.

Entrepreneurship by selling online courses brings a series of advantages that we will see below: 

These and many other advantages of starting with online courses, since it is a totally flexible and open space for all the configurations and adaptations you wish to make from your point of experience. 


What is Thinkific?

Thinkific platform motto is all about turning your experience, knowledge and information into revenue with online courses and that’s basically what this amazing platform is all about.

Thinkific is a platform that gives you the tools you need to create, market, sell and control your online courses.

The tool that makes entrepreneurship with online courses really easy and fast, as it has everything you need, allowing you to own the learning experience, be your own marketer, without the need to invest extra money to make your online courses visible on other platforms or places.

Thinkific app allows you to build your digital business based on your knowledge, as it allows you to control every element within the website to be able to adapt it to your online business needs, in addition to putting your brand on top and helping you in visibility.

Through the Thinkific platform you can monitor revenue, control pricing and make all kinds of changes for the benefit of you and your customers.

Thinkific app presents a series of advantages, so much for the creation of your online courses and being able to start your digital business easily and quickly, in addition to managing and controlling everything that enters the platform.

Thinkific pricing goes from a free plan, basic plan, pro plan and premier plan.

Thinkific free plan offers a limited amount of courses but unlimited number of students. As well, the Thinkific free plan includes great features such as the drag and drop course builder, e-commerce, website templates, and the Thinkific app store.

The basic plan includes Thinkific free plan features, plus an unlimited number of courses and content, live chat support, custom domain, coupons and promotions, scheduled content, one to one student email and the courses Thinkific.

The Thinkific pro plan adss up an account admin for a total of 2, priority on support, subscription and flexible pricing and advanced course building.

The premier plan includes all of Thinkific features from the free plan, basic plan and pro plan. As well, it has a total of 5 admin accounts, adds groups and 15 group analysts, Brillium exam integrations, white labeling and API access.

Advantages of Thinkific

The Thinkific platform is the ideal place to start your venture with online courses, having a number of tools and advantages to make you an expert in digital business and facilitator of online courses. 

Within the Thinkific app you own all the expertise of all the digital products you own within the platform, with all the tools to convert the audience into customers, where you can manage pricing, revenue, course data and the look and feel of the platform.

Use well-known and reliable Thinkific tools, through Thinkific App Store you can get all the necessary elements to make your experience within the site as easy as possible.

You can get through the analysis of student data, report on the course through future statistics and what has been obtained through the marketing effort.

Thinkific platform offers the following for its users 

From educators of any field or educational sector, to professionals in different work areas can start to undertake online courses and digital businesses using all the tools offered by the Thinkific platform, being one of the most practical and quickest tools to use when monetizing your experiences or knowledge around a particular topic.

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