7 Best tools to create animations

The world of animation is very striking and amazing, but many times you don’t have the resources to create your own project, that’s why we will present you the 7 best tools to create your own animations and start practicing with animation. 

There are a series of programs to make easy animations, besides competing with a great series of resources, accessories and tools for an animation.

Check out the following variety of animation software and applications to help you finish your project. 
Try these tools to create animations and choose the one that best suits your needs.

Best tools to create animations
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Animaker - Animator Software for Beginners


The Future of Video Making starts here!

One of the best programs to make free animations that you can try is Animaker, a tool that provides a series of elements to give life to your characters. 

You can create scenarios, join objects and characters to make a whole scene. 

Animaker’s settings are very simple and it offers a series of advantages that are important to know:

Enjoy a wealth of resources in the free version of Animaker and make your first animation projects.

Vyond - Best Animation Software


Create Animated Videos Fast

One of the most interactive animation applications on the market, Vyond is a program for creating animations that are mainly aimed at business creations and educational area.

Vyond, presents the specialty of working with the three main presentations for video editors, so it allows a better integration of resources, from the simplest elements, to the most complex elements.

All the professional and teaching elements you need to create your animation can be found in Vyond.

Createstudio - Modern Animation Software Option

CreateStudio Logo

A Better Way to Make Pro Videos

If you are looking for programs to create 2d and a 3D animation software, Create Studio, is the ideal option to make your project a reality.

With this program you’ll be able to access a large number of resources that will let you create explanatory, interactive animations of your favorite characters.

Among the advantages and features that we can find in Create Studio, we must highlight the following:

Learn about the payment plans that Create Studio handles, as well as delve into its tools for creating animations.

Renderforest - Make Video Aimation

Renderforest Logo

All your design tools in one place

Program to make free animations, professional and with the perfect quality to impress. Renderforest, allows the animation of online videos, giving companies the opportunity to have productions with the quality of live broadcasts. 

Among the features included in Renderforest, we have:

Get to know everything that Renderforest’s paid plans present and delve into their features and resources to animate your productions.

Invideo - Animation Tool


Create publish-worthy videos on day one

One of the best programs to make animations, Invideo, presents a high variety of resources to convert content into video productions with quality and professionalism.

Normally used by companies to perform brand marketing and make their products known. 

Among the features that make Invideo stand out among the rest of the applications to make animations, we can highlight the following:

Learn about Invideo’s payment plans and everything it has to offer for marketers who want to make a brand known.

Toonly - Animate your Characters



Simple isn’t always bad, and Toonly proves it with its animation creation program that features an easy-to-use platform and tools ideal for beginners.

By simply dragging and dropping the animation you want, your character will come to life. 

Toonly’s video editing software presents a series of tools that allow you to make your animation project a reality with great quality.

Access payment plan options and learn more about the tools Toonly presents for businesses and individuals.

Doodly - Make Great Animation

doodly logo

The Simplest Whiteboard Animation Software

One of the best programs to make 2D animations with a wide template of drawing tools and sketches to animate.

Doodly, a tool for creating animations from the whiteboard format, where users can create their own sketches and animate them, in addition to obtaining templates with more than 20 poses for each one. 

Whiteboard animation is very common in 2D animation software, with Doodly you can start in the world of animation from scratch with this interactive platform.

You can find the following features and advantages:

Learn how to animate with Doodly and make your sketches to create customized animations.

By accessing Doodly’s official website you can learn more about its payment plans and tools.

Within these tools to create animations, you can find the resources you need to make your project a reality, either from the beginning and as a beginner or based on a template to edit and animate professionally. 

Enter the different platforms to learn more about the different programs to make animations and select the one that is most comfortable for you and your team.

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