7 Best Podcast Recording Software in 2023

Best Podcast Recording Software
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With the podcasts booming, the need for the best podcast recording software has started to be categorized into a useful need, and lucky for you we have a whole list of the best editing tools to record your podcast.

These tools allows you to record and or edit your audio files so that with their editing features you can boost your podcast production and be ready to have the best audio files to start a podcast.

Podcast recording and editing is an on demand skill that is rising, as this type of content is being consumed more and more, and with the help of the different online tools, it has become easier to do this tast to make your podcast.

There are plenty of software with recording capabilities, but not all of them have the recording and editing tools that are required to have a better quality of your podcast.

Here we list audio recording and editing software, some are premium and some other have a free version, as well as some that are the best Podcast hosting platforms.

Read us to the end to learn about both free and paid tools that will take your Podcast storytelling to the next level.

Podcastle - Best Podcast Software for Recording and Editing

Podcastle logo

If you are looking for a podcast creation tool you should keep in mind Podcastle, which works with Machine Learning, and gives you the opportunity to turn any news, or interesting reading, into recordings with almost human voices in just a couple of seconds.

Podcastle is one of the best Podcast software that records and make your Podcast sound better

The Podcast recorder tool is completely ideal for those who want to mix different elements such as the recorded voice, the music for podcasts and sound effects to create an amazing episode.

In addition, it will be of great use to those who intend to diversify their content marketing and thus reuse existing materials without necessarily having to spend more.

Positioned among the best Podcast recording and editing software for podcasters because it is incredibly easy to start using.

The only thing you will have to do is install the tool from the Chrome Web Store like any other extension, and the registration is done both with Google email, as with Facebook.

Once you have completed the registration the recording platform tool itself will give you the instructions you need to start using it, in just a few steps.

Once you try it we assure you that you will lose the taste for reading and you will want to hear everything. - Best Podcast Recording Software

Riverside logo classifies itself as a new Podcast platform different from the others, being the only one that allows local recording of audio tracks without the dreaded loss of quality.

As well as 4K video recording regardless of the internet speed that the podcaster may have.

The audio quality of, like other services, will not depend on the internet connection that each participant has, recording audio and video completely separately.

You can also aim for for mobile recording with its remote recording tool app that can be used through mobile devices.

With its new service you can add up to 8 participants, and stream to Twitch, YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter.

Another recording and editing feature of the software for podcasters is based on downloading the audio and video tracks separately in perfect synchronization. So you won’t have to worry later in terms of editing your recording sessions.

With the platform you will have the opportunity to easily create and share your podcast as a video to social networks, the service is developed by brothers Nadav and Gideon Keyson after exploring the idea of using web browsers for recordings of this kind.

Descript - Video and Audio Recording Software

descript logo

In general terms, Descript is a transcript management and video editing software that has been designed for companies in various industries, such as sales, marketing, user research, online training and customer service.

In simpler terms, it helps all members of a team collaborate on their projects by sending comments, creating shared folders, adding comments and also tracking document versions.

For many it is a star editor because with just the power of a click you have the option to edit out those filler words, or awkward silences.

Thanks to its recording features and recording experience, Descript undoubtedly makes it one of the best tools for podcasters, especially if they still struggle to express themselves fluently.

The recording studio has been designed with content creators and business people who are podcasting today in mind.

But it can also be leveraged in case of other projects, such as videos, vlogs, screen recordings, transcripts, and in ads for social networks.

Alitu - Start Recording with this Podcasting Software

alitu podcast

In short, Alitu is a web-based application that makes it much easier for music production and recording podcasts.

What’s attractive about it is its creation process, which you can start by uploading your audio recordings, or record directly from the audio recording and editing tools.

Once you are done with what has been your recording phase, it offers you the opportunity to clean up the audio, carrying out processes such as noise reduction and volume leveling to make the experience cleaner and more pleasant.

Continuing with the process, this tool for podcasters will take you to its episode generator, where you will be able to add music automatically. It also generates fade-in and fade-out between sections, allowing you to drag and drop clips of all kinds, or edit or delete to get rid of any errors.

The closing procedure ends with the export option, leaving it to the tool and trusting that it will do it in the correct file. Once your episode is ready, you will be able to download the final file to use it wherever you want.

You can test the 7 day free plan of Alitu to get to know more about this podcast software to record our episodes.

Adobe Audition - Audio Editing Software

adobe audition logo

Adobe Audition is one of the most popular multitrack recording software when it comes to digital music recording and editing thanks to its multi-track, waveform and spectral visualization functions that allow the creation, mixing, editing and restoration of all types of content in audio format.

As well as all Adobe Creative Cloud software options, Adobe audition is probably the best audio editing software available to produce high-quality podcast.

In short, it can be considered as a true sound studio that allows digital audio processing through multitrack mixing.

That is, you can work with separate elements and then unify them with the intention of creating a single final product.

With such a description it is not surprising that it is among the best software for podcasters, but its trajectory has been what has served to perfect it and bring it to the level of today. It started in 1996, known as Cool Edite, and has been adapted to the needs of the times.

Apart from recording, mixing and editing, it also bases its effectiveness on other keys such as the total optimization of the sound, which results in a high quality product, with a range of effects that will make the experience unparalleled.

If you want to give it a try, click here.

VEGAS Pro - Edit and Record a Podcast Audio

vegas pro logo

VEGAS Pro is defined by its developers as a customizable workflow for professional video editing. Its features include color grading, as well as special effects and audio editing.

And although it may be a bit confusing to recommend an editor that has been developed with video editors as a priority, let’s remember that nowadays podcasting goes beyond what we listen to, there is an audience that also watches the sessions and it is better to have a complete tool.

It is among the software for podcasters that are easy to use, have a good customer service, has many features designed to meet needs, and also users highlight the great relationship between quality and the price to be paid to acquire the program.

The best thing about the tool is that you do not need a computer with many features to run it and allow you to do a great job, so those content creators who do not yet have a state-of-the-art set-up will find in it a safe place to take their creativity to the maximum.

Interested, click here.

Audacity - Free Podcast Audio Editing Software for Windows and iOS

audacity logo

Closing the list with the classic of classics, Audacity is the ideal software if you are dedicated to sound editing, or you intend to start doing it.

Audacity has been used as a free podcast software, but mainly because of it’s free for audio editing.

Although its interface may seem simple, it is one of the most complete programs available today.

In general terms, it is a multitrack sound recording and editing software, which is also open source and multiplatform. It operates under a free license, which means that anyone can make use of it for sound editing without having to pay a single cent.

Something that brings the program to the list of best software for podcasters is not only its free of charge, but its compatibility with the main operating systems, as well as its versatility, make it one of the most used in any part of the world.

You can also find some important features such as audio recording in real time (even multiple channels at the same time), import and extraction in many audio formats, allows sound effects to be added, makes possible multitrack sound editing, among others.

Don't wait any longer and start your podcast now!

Do not pay attention to the comments that the idea is already trite, there is always an audience for everyone.

Choose the best Podcast recording software options that we have mentioned to start now.

And if you are able not only to provide them with quality content, but also in an exquisite format, you will surely grow in audience numbers quickly.

Frequently asked questions about the best Podcast recording software

The best way to record a podcast is to invest in good recording equipment.

This includes a microphone, an audio interface, and headphones. It is important to find a comfortable environment with minimal background noise that can be used as the recording space.

Additionally, it is beneficial to use an audio editing software such as Podcastle, Descript, Audacity or Adobe Audition to help ensure the sound quality of the final product.

Finally, practice makes perfect; the more you record and edit podcasts, the better you will become at crafting high-quality content that appeals to your audience. Ultimately, having the right equipment and taking time to practice will ensure that the final product of your podcast is of excellent quality.

Creating a podcast for free is a great way to start sharing your ideas and stories with the world.

There are many free options for creating podcasts.

Firstly, you can use open source software like Audacity to record and edit your podcast.

Secondly, you can use a free hosting service like to do a podcast on Spotify to upload your podcast episodes.

Lastly, you can use social media platforms such as YouTube or Instagram to share your podcast with followers.

With these tools at your disposal, creating a podcast has never been easier or more affordable!

Whether you’re just starting out or an experienced podcaster, creating a podcast for free is the perfect way to get started.

Podcasters use a variety of programs depending on their specific needs and the type of content they are producing.

Some popular programs for podcasting include Podcastle,, Descript, Alitu, Adobe Audition, Vegas Pro and Audacity.

Each program offers different features and benefits to make creating podcasts easier.


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