7 Best Podcast Hosting to start your program

If you want to start in the world of Podcast, it is very important that you know which are the best Podcast Hosting to start your program.

Although it is not necessary to be a professional in audiovisual or handle all the tools of an audio producer or program presenter, it is very important to know the platforms to make free Podcast or platforms with better benefits.

Create content and make Podcast has become very popular and viral since the beginning of the pandemic in 2020, so find more people making content for the Internet, in this case by audio.

Let’s see what Podcast Hosting is all about and all the benefits.

7 Podcast Hosting to start your program
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Podcast Hosting

The main thing in this section is to know two essential things: What is a Podcast? and What is a Hosting? To achieve a unified understanding of what a Podcast Hosting is all about. When we talk about Podcast, we refer to content in audio format, which you can access more easily and quickly. Podcasts are characterized by their continuity and their ability to be periodic.

To understand it better, it is a radio program that can be customized and downloaded from any platform or website. Podcast can combine the voice of the content creator, along with music or sound effects, to create a complete piece.

Podcast can usually be found in MP3 or wab formats, which are the most commonly used audio formats. Despite not having videos, Podcasts allow you to create a wide variety of content, from tutorials to short news pieces. The ease of obtaining a Podcast is what leads users to opt for this type of content.

When we talk about Hosting, we refer to the platform where you can make the file of your Podcast, there are many Hosting as it is Buzzsprout or Anchor Podcast, which give its users different benefits depending on what you want to do with the content of the Podcast.

The main action of Podcast Hosting to start your program is to allow you to upload your content and distribute it automatically. The RSS Feed are those that contain the Podcast and are hung or distributed where users make their subscription. One of the places where you can upload a Podcast is Spotify even though this platform is not considered a Hosting.

There are several ways to create a Podcast, for example, you can find ways to create a Podcast on google or phrases to start a Podcast, plus all the necessary information if you do not have much knowledge on the subject. How to create a Podcast is the beginning of one of the best content creation.

Businessman recording a podcast

Why have a Podcast?

There are several advantages of Podcast content over written or visual content. Mainly, the basic reasons to have a Podcast lies in the ease of obtaining the information that is in the content.

Whether it is a tutorial, class, information, news or entertainment, the data can be captured more easily when it is by listening.

Podcasts are usually free of noise and depending on the quality with which they have been created, they provide the listener with a better experience to capture the information that is being broadcasted.

The difference between audiovisual content and Podcast is that in the former, information is lost, either visual or auditory, since the brain tends to focus on only one stimulus at a time.

With Podcast, the concentration is on a single stimulus, the audio, regardless of whether the content is created with voice and sound effect or music, the capture of information can be obtained much faster and more accurately to be able to concentrate on a single stimulus.

Therefore, it is advisable to have a Podcast or make use of them. If you are a content creator, it is important to keep in mind that you can get more attention and engagement through podcasts. Also, there is less competition in this area of content creation and it is becoming very popular nowadays.

Podcast Hosting Platforms

All Podcast Hosting, present a basic function, which is to archive and save the Podcast in their respective audio formats. The rest of the functions are customized with each Podcast platform.

There are more than 15 Podcast Hosting that are currently used by content creators, but we will see the functions of the 7 most used in the last year.



Of the Podcast Hosting to start your show, Anchor is one of the easiest platforms for beginners to use. It allows the recording, editing, distribution and monetization of your Podcast, free and fast.

Anchor gives the content creator the ease of having all the tools needed to grow, without having to pay anything to the platform.

Create your account quickly and easily, upload your Podcast in the desired format and start editing and distributing it to the most popular listening applications with a single tap. Being free, Podcast Hosting Anchor may not allow you to access some tools, but they provide all the basics to achieve an excellent quality Podcast.

Visit their website and find out all the benefits:

RSS Podcast

rss podcast

Setting up and publishing your Podcast has never been easier than with RSS Podcast, this platform is known for having the best service plans available to users. The ease of use of the platform is what has made this Podcast Hosting so popular, since its customers praise the speed with which they find everything they need for editing and publishing their content.

Registration is totally free and you can choose between $5 and $13 plans depending on your needs as a creator. You can find unlimited episode uploads, as well as the RSS Feed service to distribute your Podcast. Find the best place to start your show in this Podcast Hosting:



Company known as one of the best music platform, which is making a space within the Podcast world. Within this Podcast Hosting, content creators and their listeners, are closer, due to the ease of distributing live content and that users can live the experience in the front row and not in a pre-recording.

With SoundCloud you distribute content to users who are already subscribed to the platform, making it easier for your content to reach more people. Enter the platform and make yourself heard around the world:



One of the most advanced Podcast Hosting, with all the technology and tools you need to upload the Podcast and make its subsequent publication to platforms such as Google, Apple and Spotify, having the advantage that your content reaches many more people faster.

Springcast initially presents three subscription packages to host your content on the platform, where you have basically the same benefits with the difference in the number of Podcast programs you can get.

Enter the page and choose the package that best suits you:


buzzsrpout podcast logo

Known as one of the best and most used by Podcast Hosting beginners, BuzzSprout allows the user who is starting in the Podcast world, to easily and quickly understand how to use the platform. If you are looking for a Podcast Hosting to start your show, BuzzSprout is 100% recommended.

The platform provides users with learning materials, totally free and accessible to continue growing and making quality content. You can find packages from “Free” or “Free” to $24 per month packages.

Enter the platform and choose the benefits that best suit you:


red circle logo

For all agencies and brands that want to increase the visualization of their content, the Redcircle Podcast platform is one of the most complete and easy to use. Registration is required to be able to enjoy all that this Podcast Hosting has to offer to start your program.

The largest blog for Podcast, which allows all fans and professionals to get the necessary tools to be heard. Enter the portal and make yourself known through the best Podcast Hosting:


podbean logo

Put your episodes in the cloud and just wait for your listeners to access them easily and quickly. PodBean presents the best tools to make the experience in the world of Podcast Hosting, as pleasant as possible and the monetization of your content can be increasing and with better results.

Enter the PodBea portal: and choose the best plan for your needs and ensure that your content is heard directly.

Join any of these Podcasting Hosting to start your program and let everyone know about your content.

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