How to choose the best plugin to translate your WordPress website

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If you wonder how to choose the best plugin to translate your WordPress website, you just have to continue reading this article, at the end of it you will thank us.

              We will tell you the basic problems when using a translator plugin for WordPress, and, in turn, we will give you options that will get the best out of your site. Clarifying why it is important that you consider its characteristics.


What problems can you have when using an automatic translator plugin for WordPress?

The first thing you should know is that there are several points why it is not advisable, by some, to use a translator plugin for WordPress. But here are the main ones:

  • It is believed that the translation done by Google Translator is not the best.
  • If you want to edit the text that has been translated manually, you won’t be able to.
  • First, you have to know that all the SEO work you have done, in that new language, will not work to have the first positions in the search results.
  • Your website does not take advantage of the hreflang tags.

This is where the need for the best WordPress translation plugins arises to be able to create a multilanguage website that, in fact, has a human translation that manages to position the content in search engines.

You should know that, regardless of whether it is a corporate website, or an online store, you can always count on a small number of plugins that, due to their functions, will help you achieve the task.

The best plugin to translate your WordPress website:

1. Weglot

If we have to define Weglot, we have to say that it is a live platform that gives the user the ability to quickly and easily translate their website into one or more languages using a fantastic tool.

The strong point of this multilingual plugin is that the translations it does are automatic, at least initially, but these can be combined with human ones to ensure that the work it has done is the most beneficial for the user and the user. site.

This is a plugin to translate your WordPress website that fulfills its function only in a couple of minutes, in the languages you want, from there you can review the text step by step so that you can modify everything you want, or feel that you have been translated the wrong way.

Among its benefits is that it has more than 60 languages to choose from, and 5 million words (depending on the plan you hire). It is very simple, it is a lightweight tool that brings speed to load web, and extends its compatibility with any theme or WordPress Page Builder.

It is high cost,
but most accurate and fast,
WordPress translation Plugin.


This is another multilingual plugin for a WordPress website that is used as a payment tool, but the truth is not that it has a very high price, and it is one of the best in its area.

It defines itself as a language translator plugin, it has great popularity because it gives the user the possibility of including any content they want manually, and also automatically, as long as the “Medium” plans are contracted. or higher”. Both are very easy to use.

In this case, it offers the user a range of 60 languages, but it is open, so you can add the one you want if it is not found. Templates, plugins, portfolios, menus, taxonomies, and more are also translated with it, as long as you are starting from the medium plan.

Its compatibility with other plugins is very good, as with some templates such as Generatepress , and different page builders. Their community is very active, so if you need a little help, you will surely find someone who is willing to give it to you with pleasure.

The most reliable,
compatible and easy to manage,
WordPress translation Plugin.

3. Polylang

Of all those we have talked about, Polylang is the only plugin that is completely free and will help you translate your website into several languages. At present, more than 500,000 installations that remain active have been verified, which is why it also has its fans.

What you must bear in mind is that it is not the best plugin to translate your WordPress website if we compare it with the previous ones, and the fact that it is free is a great limitation in terms of the things that it can, or not, do for you.

You should know that in Polylang the translations must be done manually in 100% of the cases, however, there is a trick. And it is completely compatible with the Lingotek automatic text translation tool . It has more than 100 target languages, and its use is quite simple.

It is fully compatible with templates, plugins, and some visual builders such as Elementor. With it you can translate all areas of the web and, in Premium version, it will give you the possibility of translating Slugs. But this you can already consider as an addition to the general.

The cheapest,
and simple,
WordPress translation Plugin.

Do you already know which one is the best for you?

As we have said before, the best plugin to translate your WordPress website is the one that does it in a short time with an automatic translation, but then lets you fine-tune details manually to make sure that nothing reads as if it had been done with the Google translator.

              Any of the three options that we have given you above will serve you wonderfully, the fact that they are, or not, perfect for you will depend on whether you know what qualities you are looking for specifically for your site.

              We encourage you to take the time to at least try them, beyond all the features and benefits that it promises to provide, the large number of active users in their plans should also tell us about the quality of the product, and how efficient it is, without a doubt, It can be.