Top 5 apps for editing photos on Android.

Searching an editing tool is not an easy task, due to the huge amount of applications. Find more about the list of apps for editing photos on Android.
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apps for editing photos on Android

Carlos' Opinion -
Apps for Editing photos on Android.

When we are on a hurry or when we just make that last retouch to the photo before posting it to social media, we try to use easy apps for editing photos on Android phones.

I have been a lover of Android since it beginnings.

And you can ask me, what about Apple and iPhones, well I am not fully against those ones, but I feel more comfotable using an Android Phone.

One thing that probably most of people, including me, want from a phones are good pictures.

We can say that the use of those pocket cameras are left in the past, and now we can easily use our phones.

Even using the smartphones as a replacement of big camera equipment.

I have been a fan of Google Pixel since it release.

Back then I moved on from a Samsung 5 to a Google Pixel 1. 

Of course, I wanted better pictures and better battery.

The improvement on the image quality was a big jump.

When taking pictures, I also sometimes wanted to d0 fast photo edition, and uploading the picture to the laptop to do a retouch on Photoshop takes time.

Therefore I aimed to use different apps for editing photos.

On the Google Pixel, I found out about Snapseed.

It was a very easy and intuitive app to make editions on the images.

Up til now, when I have the need to do photo edition, I still use Snapseed.

There are other apps for editing photos on Android phones that are really useful as well.

There are Adobe Photoshop Express, Adobe Lightroom, Canva and Pixlr.

The good thing about those apps are that they are for free, or also if you want and need more features you might need to get the premium version.

For sure, hands up to all of those programmers who learn to code on building apps, specially for Editing Photos on Android. 

But for simple tasks, those apps for edditing photos are pretty useful.

I have sticked with Snapseed, even now with my Google Pixel 3, because it is easy to use.

I also have Canva, but instead of using it for photo edition, I use it more for visual content creation.

But I also prefer Canva on computer, and also Photoshop.

Photo Editing Apps for Android.

They say that a picture speaks more than a thousand words, and when it comes to a photo showing the message we want to convey, it is important to have a good photo editor.

Finding an editing tool is not an easy task, due to the huge amount of applications that have been hosted on the net.

However, in the following list you can read about applications that have proven to be efficient for editing and perfecting images.

Now you yourself will be able to differentiate them and try to choose the one that suits you best, below you will see the list of the best photo editing apps for Android.

1. Adobe Photoshop Express.

When we talk about photo editing on Android, the first name that comes to mind is Adobe Photoshop Express.

This app has a weight of 79MB, but thanks to the multiple functions it has, you don’t even notice its weight.

With this one you can add and remove backgrounds, cut images, add text, filters and more. It has several options ranging from a simple crop, to join different photos into one, you can also improve the lighting, and has saturation and contrast effects that help a lot to the photographs.

It has powerful filters that help improve the look of the photos without being overloaded with editing.

In addition, the application lets you work freely without so much annoying advertising.

In theory all of Adobe’s Android features have helped make editing easier, and with this installment called Adobe Photoshop Express, quality photo editing is there.

The app itself has too many options in its free delivery, but now with its Premiun version, you will have many more benefits than you already had before.

Advantages of Adobe Photoshop Express.

Excellent choice for photo editing.

It fulfills its purpose to the letter.

Works fast.

Disadvantages of Adobe Photoshop Express.

Very few options in the free version.

Updates often bring problems at the beginning that require restarting the device.

2. Adobe Lightroom.

Another application that tops the list of the best applications in the world is Adobe Lightroom, it is considered by many as “the most complete photo editor” and that is due to the amount of options it offers to its users, and to its comfortable design that reduces the work for the editor.

One of the best advantages that Lightroom offers us is that with it we can filter and sort photos.

The sorting options of this tool, allows us to facilitate the work when there are several photos to edit, so the user does not have to be editing photo by photo, but can synchronize them.

Another advantage of this application is that our editing does not destroy the original work, that is, as we are editing, we have the option to go back and undo any changes that have been made to the photo.

There is no delay in uploading photos to the library, so your editing will begin in the shortest possible time.

In the options panel, you will find multiple functions with which you can perfect your photos, from improving the light, increasing the brightness, editing the saturation, and so on.

Don’t forget that with this photo editing application you can also correct imperfections, ranging from red eyes, brightness in unnecessary areas, stains, or something similar to these.

You can also increase or decrease the size of objects.

A very popular option is the “white balance”, where you can increase the brightness of the areas.

One of the features that make Lightroom so well known is that it has a great diversity of editing options, so it would take a full article to talk about these functions, however in this part of the list, we mention some of the many features that this wonderful photo editor for Android devices has to offer, so that you can try it and see for yourself.

Advantages of Adobe Lightroom.

Wide variety of options to use.

Simple and practical interface.

Disadvantages of Adobe Lightroom.

Finding a specific option can become difficult, it is required to make a complete study on the management of the system.

3. Snapseed.

Having many photo editing applications, it is understandable that among the names stand out tools belonging to well-known companies, however as we are talking about editing through Android devices, it is understandable that not everyone will be considering these options for professional purposes, and for those looking for free options, Snapseed.

This is an app that has exceeded the expectations of all those who try it, with such a simple interface, it has been handled by millions of users across the world.

Snapseed serves to edit photos, either by adding various filters that completely change the look, improving clarity, and applying elements that suit the modern trends of photo editing.

Although it is a simple application, it does not mean that it can not be a working tool, but what sets Snapseed apart from other applications is that it reduces the work and offers free options, which in other editors must be paid to use.

Advantages of Snapseed.

Simplicity in its use.

It has a size of 22MB. It does not take up much space.

It is ideal for uploading photos to social networks.

Disadvantages of Snapseed.

It decreases the quality of most of the photos.

You can only write short texts.

4. Canva.

Since we are writing about professional applications, and about non-professional ones, in this part of the list we will talk about an application that falls into both categories.

Canva has helped multiple users to complete their projects, whether for commercial or non-commercial purposes.

It is well known among designers, as it facilitates the work of advertising, from invitations, flyers, posters, and so on.

The application comes with different templates divided into different categories, and has its own templates, color palette and elements to add.

Its Canva Pro version, increases the professionalism, giving access to more resources that can favor the creativity of the users.

Canva is a simple, practical and dynamic application, ideal for those people with little knowledge in editing to create visual material, and give it a professional touch.

Meanwhile, Canva Pro, is the component that gives professionalism to the platform, giving more options, and making it a good investment. 

What differentiates Canva from the rest of the applications mentioned, is that this one is used to create promotional material, where you can add photos, rather than edit photos.

Advantages of Canva.

Multiple options.

Helps to do a good job.

Disadvantages of Canva.

Often has technical glitches that cause problems for editing.

5. Pixlr.

To finish the list, there is an application called Pixlr, which is another ally when it comes to making edits for social networks.

It has different templates and you can also take photos directly from the application.

Its interface is much simpler, and its size is light, so working with photos with this tool is not a time-consuming job.

Of all the applications that belong to this list, Pixlr takes the title of the simplest, as well as the lightest.

In the application you can add texts, and place the font of your choice, you can download it directly from the application, and it doesn’t take a lot of time.

What this application offers is greater ease when editing, and although it does not have as many options as the other applications, the few that it has can be taken full advantage of.

Advantages of Pixlr.

Simple interface.

Freedom of creation.

Disadvantages of Pixlr.

Decreases the quality of most photos.

Only has the basic options.

Which is the best for editing photos?

Surely after having read everything related to these applications, you may be asking yourself: “Which is the best application to edit photos?”

But the truth is that you should know that the utility of the application will depend on your editing needs, since each company has a different vision and objective, so each application is aimed at a different type of user.

Adobe Photoshop Express is an application oriented to people who need to edit photos of higher quality, it could be said that it is aimed at people with knowledge in photography and graphic design.

Adobe Lightroom has virtually everything, so it is also for people who are well versed in the subject.

But even for those who know photography, editing and design, it can be complicated to work with this editor due to the multiple options it has.

Its extensive interface does not make it a complicated application, but unlike the others, it needs a focused study, so learning how to handle it can take a long time; in conclusion, you need to invest a lot of time to use this tool.

Snapseed is a useful and simple application, but if the photo to be edited has a very high resolution, it is possible that the quality of the photo will be reduced.

This means that this application is mostly for those who want to work with photos taken from the cell phone, which do not have a high weight.

Canva can edit photos, that is clear, but it is more used to create posters, flyers and other materials that serve to promote a message, a brand or a product.

If you are starting a company, a project, or a non-profit organization, Canva is ideal for you to give life to the material with which you will promote your brand.

Pixlr is the app with the simplest interface, but its limited options don’t have much to offer people whose demands are high.

But if you just need to give a personal touch to a photo to share it with your friends and acquaintances, this application is for you.

Now, each application is intended for a different person, it is important that you read carefully about your options, and so that you can find a good tool.

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