What are Backlinks and how to get them?

Learn more about what are backlinks and why they are important for every SEO Strategy, no matter what platform you use, WordPress, Shopify Wix, Weebly.

Backlinks are important for any SEO strategy and you must consider them to rank higher in search engines.

What are Backlinks, why and how to get them
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SEO & Backlinks

In the modern world and the constant advances, we find that starting or boosting your business online or websites is the daily bread.

So you should know that SEO encompasses a series of techniques that help you improve the visibility of your website, but what are Backlinks?

And better yet, why are they important for SEOs?

If you are SEO or apply these techniques, it is important that you know what are Baclinks, why and how to get them to achieve that your website has a good position among the thousands of results that can throw your search engine.

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Backlinks, a tool that every SEO should know.

What are Backlinks?

It is known as a technique within the world of search engine optimization or as its name and acronym in English indicate, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), this technique is to place within your text, links that direct the reader to get more information or complete the same.

These links are Backlinks, which allow the reader of that web site to enter more sites that will help him in his search without the need to visit hundreds of alternate pages.

Now, why are backlinks important for SEO?

As previously mentioned, search engine optimizers are in charge of positioning the content of their clients’ pages so that more people can access the website, and what better way to position them than by mentioning their links on other websites.

How is that possible?

SEO copywriters write content for a blog, website or web portal, where they indicate as a suggestion, links to external pages where the reader has the opportunity to read more about it and at the same time generates quality traffic or increased visits to that web page.

So, Backlinks, together with the elements and factors taken into account by Google Analytics for the positioning of web pages, have a positive influence to indicate to browsers that such content or link is relevant to the search of a particular topic, so much so that other sites are suggesting their visit.  

For the above reasons and many more, for SEO professionals and especially for those who are starting out it is very important to know what Backlinks are, why and how to get them.

Types of Backlinks and their updates over time.

Before telling you about the types of backlinks that exist and are commonly used in SEO strategies, it is important to know how links are composed in order to understand what the terms “no follow” and “do follow” refer to, which we will see when talking about the types of backlinks.

A link, whether Backlinks (backlinks) or Outlinks (outlinks) is composed of elements that allow it to function. These elements, thanks to their work together, create what we know as links, links, which direct us to our destination page or what we want to see.

The syntax of a link is composed as follows:

These elements are what create the Backlinks, where what is known as “Anchor text” is one of the components that must be more careful and optimized when performing SEO strategies with Backlinks, because it refers to the keyword that is used within the text to address that link, for example “click here” “Subscribe here” “This may interest you”.

On the other hand we have the attribute, where the tags “No Follow” and “Do Follow” are found, but what does each one refer to and why are they used in Backlinks?

When we talk about No Follow is the attribute that does not transfer authority to the linked page, or transmit the link, or so it was until March 2020, as Google indicated that regardless of whether you use the “No Follow” may be that if you transfer, according to the Google algorithm allows it.

On the other hand with the links that have the attribute “Do Follow” They allow to transfer authority from the page that links to our website, this type of attribute is created by default, thus transmitting PageRank. 

If you want the opposite because you do not trust the content, you should use the re= “nofollow” tag to avoid the transmission. 

Having this clear and more reasons why Backlinks are important for SEO, let’s see the types of Backlinks that exist:

Link Juice

They lead the user from a web page to an article or home page, adding to the page's search engine ranking.

No Follow Links

They serve mainly to prevent links posted in comments, whose origin is unknown, from serving as backlinks for the website.

Do Follow Links

Allow links added to your portal to be taken as Backlinks and add to the PageRank of your website.

Root Domains Links

Regardless of the number of backlinks that lead to your site, as they belong to the same domain, these backlinks will be considered as one.

Low Quality Links

Those links of very low quality are usually generated due to directory sites, spam, sites with pornographic content, or when the backlinks are bought.

Internal Links

Links that make you navigate from one page to another within the same domain, allowing the reader to spend more time within the portal.

Elements to consider when working on Backlinks

Now that we know what Backlinks are, their types, how they work and why Backlinks are important for SEO, it’s time to know what elements to consider when looking for quality Backlinks, as well as tips to get free links that can successfully help you increase the ranking of your website.

Say No to Buying High Amount but Low Quality Backlinks

Although you may think it is the easy way out, among the first tips to get free backlinks, it is obvious that you should not buy the cheap low quality Backlink packagesm, but besides that, buying backlinks does not ensure their quality or that their performance will help you to increase your PageRank within Google’s parameters. Remember that if they are poorly created they can cause penalties.

Create good content

It may seem logical, but if you want other web pages or portals to mention your page or make reference to your content, thus obtaining Backlinks for your blog, it is necessary that you have quality articles and content that can be interesting for the public. This is the fastest, easiest and safest way to get free backlinks.

Internal links

Increasing and improving traffic within your own domain by creating internal links and linking through external links to authoritative websites can increase the possibility of getting high quality backlinks.

Make yourself known

If you are new, the best tip to get free backlinks is to start commenting on other sites. Be active and interested in blog and forum conversations, even if the comments will become “No follow” you might get a couple of Backlinks due to the active interaction you have on the site.

Although there are few tips to get free Backlinks, they are the best to get quality without spending money or creating fraudulent links with which you can earn penalties in Google.

Where can you get quality backlinks?

Although you already have some tips to get free Backlinks, it is good that you know which websites are the most recommended where you can interact, make ads or perform “Guest Blogging” which is based on publishing articles as a guest on other websites or blogs that are similar to the content you handle in yours, where you can enter a link that directs users to your own page.

Without further ado, these are the best sites to get high quality backlinks that you can use:

Linkatomic is a link building company with digital media in several languages. This tool will be of great help to generate links really useful for SEO.

If you are an advertiser you can appear in digital newspapers to improve your SEO positioning and online reputation, at very affordable prices.

And if you have a blog you can monetize it easily, creating your account as a publisher to sell sponsored articles and start earning money with each publication.

One of the best advertiser portals known for the ease of communication that allows between publishers, advertisers, writers and Influencer.

Publisuites, serves as a platform where you can get sponsored blog posts by advertising your website or creating content for the website you would like to have the sponsored post.

There are websites from many places around the world, but mainly it has websites from Spain.

It also has US websites, and some other countries like Germany, France, Mexico.

The platform shows the metrics of the websites such as the DA, DR and website organic traffic which is analyzed through Google Analytics connections that the websites do to Publisuites.

Adsy is a Content management platform that also offers sponsored blog posts to its users.

Links Management is a pretty known website for link building, and Adsy is part of it.

In Adsy, as a user adds money to its balance can star checking out the websites names, the DR, DA, website traffic, category and more information about it.

This sponsored blog posts website has long lists of available website to create the guest posts and different ranging prices.



If you are searching for a wide variety of quality sponsored bolg posts to have an article from, then Coobis is a right platform to choose.

Coobis was websites from all around the world, since it has offices in several countries.

Coobis is also an influencer marketing platform where publishers and advertisers can connect easily.

Coobis also has the option to show in their lists the key metrics of the websites that advertisers can select.

Websites goes from low to high authority domain, so it is really easy to filter by category, DA, DR, price until one finds the best sponsored guest post to buy.

Getlinko is a more recent sponsored posts platform.

It doesn’t have thousands of websites in comparison to the other websites we mention here, but it is growing steadily.

Getlinko also has the option to filter by DA,DR, category, country and more important metrics that SEO professional analyze to get a sponsored blog post.

Getlinko is a company based in Barcelona, therefore most of the prices are shown in Euros.

SeedinUp is a german based SEO link building company that has websites that can support an International SEO strategy.

SeedingUp has websites aiming different countries, which this helps to list several blogs and therefore there are more opportunities to find the best blog to buy a sponsored blog post from.

The user interface can be considered less user friendly in comparison with the competitors, but the prices of the sponsored blog posts are on a bit lower, or also depending on the selected blog. 

Facebook Groups

Joining Backlinks Groups through Facebook will always be a good investment to make yourself known and get high quality Backlinks.


In the groups of these applications you can advertise your content for free and get opportunities to get Backlinks.

Although there are many sites to get high quality Backlinks, and several tips to get free Backlinks, I hope the given ones will help you and achieve your SEO goals.

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