Weglot Arabic – 🌐 Multilingual RTL WordPress Plugin

If you are searching for a RTL WordPress plugin that can help you to have the arabic language easily set up and also add more languages, then the Weglot Arabic set up can easily be a quick and accurate support.

Keep earding to learn more about the Weglot Arabic set up, and how to use one of the best WordPress translation plugin.

Weglot Arabic - RTL WordPress Plugin
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What is Weglot?

If we have to tell you clearly what is Weglot in a few words, and that you understand its operation and popularity, then we will say that it is an online platform that gives you the ability to translate a website into different languages, in a very short time, through your plugin.

Weglot vs Google Translate is no comparison at all, since this plugin has a better artificial intelligence translation.

The truth is that the use of Weglot is not limited only to WordPress, which we know is one of the most popular CMS today.

Weglot plugin can also be used without any problem in other platforms such as Shopify, Joomla, among others.

What stands out the most about this multilingual plugin is that, in just a couple of minutes, you will have the flags working perfectly with the respective translations.

And, from there, you can edit what you need so easily that even a child could do it successfully.

It has a free trial that lasts up to 10 days, which is more than enough to test all the features it offers, and to decide whether or not you want to pay for the subscription.

The best thing is that you can do this test without sharing any payment information.

Once your free trial has finished, you can decide if you subscribe to Weglot, and there are different plans, which are paid monthly, so you can only cancel when you need to.

You will not have to spend more money for services that really exceed what are the needs of your site.

National flags

Weglot Languages

One of the main advantages of Weglot is that it can be used in multiple platforms such as WordPress, Bigcommerce, Wix, Webflow, Shopify, and many more.

This versatility also is reflected in the number of available languages it translates to, including arabic.

Weglot can translate the website’s content into more than 100 languages, making it really easy to select among a wide variety of languages.

Weglot can translate to the most spoken worldwide languages, as the arabic, and it also can help to translate to less common languages.

Weglot Arabic can be set up either by having arabic as the main language, or as a destination language.

In both ways, the set up of WordPress will turn into a right to left text, or also known as the RTL.

Weglot Arabic Set up

In the WordPress Dashboard area, there will appear the tab of Weglot on the left side.

Once Weglot is installed, the website can be set up to have as original language Arabic, or to have it as a destination language.

It is a matter of searching and selecting the Arabic language.

Once the arabic language was added on Weglot, the language switcher will show the available languages.

Just by clicking the arabic language, Weglot will do the translation automatically.

As we have said in the Weglot Review, one of the advantages of this multilingual WordPress plugin is the speed of the translation.

Of course that the Weglot translation might have some details to be corrected, but it can be done through the translation dashboard or the visual editor.

Any other language that is added on Weglot will appear on its dashboard, and it is going to show as well the number of words that each language is using.

As we have also recommended in the WPML vs Weglot, in the case of Weglot it is better to have a controlled number of languages, otherwise if there are plenty number of languages, of course reaching the word limit will be sooner.

In case that the flag that appears for the Weglot Arabic language is not the one of your country, then you can easily go to the settings area and then to Language Switcher.

Down below will appear the available languages that are being used, and in the pencil, you can edit the name of the language and the flag that Weglot is displaying.

And to keep translating the content to arabic, or to any other language, the visitors or the admin should just navigate the website, and Weglot will translate the content of the WordPress website.

Here it is recommended for the native speakers to give a look to the content and check the accuracy of the translated text.

Also, we recommend better Weglot for Woocommerce, because as there are a big number of products, it will require time to translate the content if other products are used.

As well Weglot is connected to WordPress via an API Key, meaning that the translation data is stored in Weglot’s databases.

This could be considered a two sided opinion, because if one day you desire to cancel Weglot, the translations are kept on their side, but also as you grow in content, your database won’t add that information, keeping it less bulky.

As well, if there is a compatibility issue with another plugin, rarely will be Weglot, and you won’t have to deactivate it.

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