6 Best Otter AI Alternatives in 2022

Otter AI Alternatives
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Otter Ai is gaining popularity due to its speech to text software that is helping with its advanced speech recognition software, but if you are looking out for some Otter AI Alternatives, then keep reading.

The best speech to text software, also well known to be helpful in the audio or voice conversion into written text, is an important program to support with its automatic transcription to all professionals who are tired of the monotonous work. 

With the help of automatic transcription services, you can snappily convert your audio video or recordings into perfect text without having to worry about missing out on anything. 

Otter AI transcription software lets you get up to date and stop taking notes by hand.

You save time and concentrate on what’s the most important thing while Otter records audio, transcribes the conversations into notes during meetings minutes.

Otter, the free plan of its speech to text software is a good starting point to work with the audio file conversions.

Otter has its advantages as an automatic transcription software such as it records necessary audio files and integrates with the most popular meeting platforms to transcribe at the instant.

You don’t have to stay for the whole meeting to end, since Otter Ai will record everything to convert the audio to text later.

You can produce groups, collaborators and issue notes where everyone will be suitable to get the audio and video files transformed into transcripts.

Some of Otter alternatives that we include in this list are Descript, Amberscript, Sonix, Desingrr, Vocalmatic and Temi.


descript logo

When it comes to the automatic transcription software, Descript is considered the one to be chosen for cooperation and collaboration.

Its tools and access give great freedom to several beginners to convert the audio video to text and get the information written at the same time.  

Descript features a speech recognition for audio and video to text that it’s completely editable if necessary, plus some other useful tools such as video editing, screen recording and podcasting.

At Descript, the voice recognition will automatically get and understand the audio and it will act as a voice codifying medium to produce the transcription. 

In addition to being one of the easiest to use automatic transcription software, Descript has the following advantages.

Abstracts from videos or audio the lines to process the speech recognition. 

It has the necessary functions to edit, produce, note and partake speech to text with collaborators.

Increased number of formats in the different lines to perform quality speech to textbook abstracts

Descript offers a free plan to start using their transcription service and get to know their accurate speech recognition.


Amberscript logo

The program to convert audio to text, Amberscript allows new users to have a free plan trial of all the benefits, tools and features of its speech recognition software. 

With Amberscript you have the following advantages.

Increased delicacy and speed of speech to text transcriptions.

 Easy to use automatic speech recognition software operation.

 Step by step to learn how its speech to text software works.

Affordable quotations for businesses and affordable plans to meet different budgets.


Sonix logo

The Sonix speech recognition technology is a revolutionary new way to transcribe and convert audio file text. 

It’s largely accurate, and it has an accurate speech recognition software with artificial intelligence.

Sonix automatic transcription software is a popular service that transcribes voice commands into text.

It’s used in the medical and legal fields, as well as by call centers to make sure that calls are being answered rightly.

Converting audio to text can be veritably time consuming.

It’s not just about the duration of your workday, it’s also about the amount of time it takes voice codifying of multiple recordings, and to maintain quality control across all of your transcriptions.

The Sonix voice recognition machine does all this for you, with accuracy and speed that’s unmatched by other speech to text transcription services at the moment. 

With a Sonix speech to text recognition software, you can transcribe up to 6 hours of audio in one day alone! 

That’s 24 hours per week! And because they’re so accurate and fast, they’re suitable to do this work constantly without interruption from miscalculations. 

With an automated system like this, there’s no space for human error when it comes to automatic transcriptions – only perfection and delicacy. 


Designrr logo

Designrr transcription software is an Otter AI alternative for audio to text tool.

It’s a great automatic speech recognition software for anyone who wants to transcribe audio files or videos into text. 

Designrr is a complete software that can be considered as well among the stylish ebook software. 

Hence, the full process of content creation can be set up with the use of Designrr. 

Desingrr speech to text software has several plans and it’s easy to use. 

Designrr is compatible with all browsers such as Google Chrome and Mozilla.

It can also be used on a mobile device (IOS and Android). 

New users just have to start with Designrr for their speech to be recorded.

The recording will be saved in your computer as a transcription. where you can edit if you want to. 


Vocalmatic Logo

Vocalmatic is another Otter alternative for transcription services.

Vocalmatic has its way to upload your videos or record your audios and also have them converted into text.  

The automatic voice typing uses artificial intelligence which eases the process of understanding the audio and creates the written text with further efficiency. 

You can start to use the free plan to use Vocalmatic and use the speech recognition software in multiple languages. 


Temi logo

Temi is an Otter AI alternative that allows you to turn your audios into text that can be saved in a word processing document. 

Temi has a cost of $0.25 per second, so it’ll depend on the length of your audio to know the costs. 

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