5 Best Transcription Software

You didn’t know you needed a transcription software until you started to lose important information because you couldn’t type quickly the information you heard or saw in a video. Yes, your best solution is to get one of the 5 best transcription software on the market on your PC, laptop or computer.

If your work requires different activities where you must divide your attention, you need to do an assignment for college or get the information from an audio or video, it is important that you acquire a transcription software and here we will tell you the reasons and advantages.

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Advantages of Transcription Software

As it has been said so far, transcription software are those programs that allow you to convert sound, by means of artificial intelligence and automatic learning, taking the sound waves, into digital text. Normally free audio to text transcription software can be difficult to find a good one, but here we will see the 5 best transcription software.

Here are the 5 best transcription software on the market and their features, how to use them, advantages and much more.


For those who prefer to transcribe text online and not install transcription software on their computer, Trint is the best choice. The program for transcribing videos to text and at the same time being able to make edits at the same time. This platform gives users the comfort, ease and speed to transform an audio or video into text in just minutes.

The audio and video transcription software, Trint, provides users with the best benefits and advantages:

Visit Trint’s website: https://trint.com and enjoy the best benefits to make your life easier.


When it comes to the top 5 transcription software, Descript is considered the best for team work and collaboration. Its tools and access give great freedom to several users to get the necessary transcriptions and information at the same time.

The portal features an audio to text Word transcription program, i.e. it is fully editable if necessary. In addition to being one of the easiest to use transcription software, Descript has the following advantages:

To learn about the rest of the plans and be part of Descript’s world, go to their website: https://www.descript.com and don’t miss a thing.


The best transcription software that lets you get up to date and stop taking notes by hand. Save time and pay attention to the most important things while Otter records audio, transcribes conversations and broadcasts live notes during meetings. Otter, the free audio to text transcription software with its offer of 600 minutes of free transcription per month.

The advantages of this transcription software are as follows:

Be part of the Otter platform, create your free account and enjoy its benefits: https://get.otter.ai/


The program to transcribe audio to text, ideal for Spanish-speaking users, thanks to the option of putting the platform in Spanish. Amberscript allows its users to have a free trial of all the benefits, tools and features of its transcription software.

With Amberscript you have the following advantages:

To take advantage of these benefits, log on to Amberscript’s website: https://www.amberscript.com


Considered the best transcription software for professionals, it features the most advanced tools to get the highest quality video or audio transcription program possible. Transcribe whatever you are listening to privately, just by activating the transcription software, without interrupting your meeting, podcasts or any activity you are doing on the device.
The advantages of this transcription software are as follows:

Enjoy all the advantages of Transcribe by creating your account at https://transcribe.wreally.com

Don’t keep losing information for not being able to take notes in time or not understanding a video. Use the 5 best transcription software and enjoy its advantages.

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