9 Best Speech to Text Software

Speech to text Software, also referred to as audio or voice conversion into text, is an important program of any professional transcription service.

With the help of speech to text software, you can quickly convert your videos, audios or recordings into perfect transcripts without having to worry about missing out on anything.

Speech to Text Software
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Speech to Text Software List

Following up, we share some of the best Speech to Text software that can help you to speed up the process of audio to text conversion.

1. Otter

The best Speech to text software that lets you get up to date and stop taking notes by hand. Save time and focus on what is the most important thing while Otter records audio, transcribes conversations and broadcasts live notes during meetings. Otter, the free speech to text transcription software with its offer of 600 minutes of free transcription per month.

The advantages of this speech to text software are as follows:

  • Record necessary conversations, synchronize live recordings and integrate with the most popular meeting platforms.
  • Real-time transcriptions. You don’t have to wait for the meeting to end and record everything to convert the audio to text later. Get live meeting notes and transcriptions as fast as the speaker.
  • You can create groups, collaborators and issue notes where everyone will be able to get the audio and video conversions to text being made.
  • The best plans that adapt to your needs and with prices for every budget.
  • Train Otter to learn terminology, phrases and become better at his job.

Start now to use the Otter platform, create your free speech to text account and enjoy its benefits:

GGLOT will surely help you to save time spent on converting speech and audio/video files into words.

Quickly transcribe speech to word internet in any language. Gglot’s multilingual transcription service is perfect for interviews, content marketing, video production and academic study.

Whatever sound you have, our artificial intelligence will convert the speech into words for you.

The service translates audio to word in more than 100 languages for 1 available fee, covering Korean, British,Russian, Chinese, Spanish, Dutch, French, German and Japanese. It handles a wide range of audio and video

Automatic transcriptions at $0.10/min

Gglot makes it easy to extract the necessary information from audio and video.

files, independent of dialect, background noise, volume or tempo.

Gglot has a free plan. 

Commercial Intents start at $10 per month.

GGLOT Features:  

  • 100+ languages are supported and growing
  • Multiple speaker recognition
  • Online text editor to make transcript changes
  • Export to TXT, PDF, DOCS, XLSX, VVT, SBV, and SRT formats
  • Dashboard
  • Transcription
  • Visual Editor

3. Descript

When it comes to the best speech to text software, Descript is considered the best for teamwork and collaboration. Its tools and access give great freedom to several users to get the necessary audio to text transcriptions and information at the same time.

The portal features a speech recognition for audio and video to text Word transcription program, i.e. it is fully editable if necessary. At Descript, the voice recognition will automatically detect and understand the audio and it will act as a voice typing mechanism to create the transcription.

In addition to being one of the easiest to use speech to text software, Descript has the following advantages:

  • Transcriptions of videos or audio files are made immediately by its speech recognition.
  • Possibility of obtaining transcription service by professional workers.
  • All the necessary functions to edit, create, comment and share speech text with collaborators.
  • Increased number of formats in the different files to perform quality speech to text transcriptions.
  • Free speech to text plan for specific moments, with three hours of transcription and 20 screen recordings with 720 resolution.

To learn about the other plans and be part of Descript’s world, go to their website: Descript and don’t miss a thing.

4. Amberscript

The program to convert audio to text, Amberscript allows its users to have a free trial of all the benefits, tools and features of its speech recognition transcription software.

With Amberscript you have the following advantages:

  • Increased accuracy and speed of speech text transcriptions.
  • Easy to use automatic speech recognition software operation.
  • Step by step to learn how to use the speech to text software.
  • Affordable quotes for businesses and best plans to meet different budgets
  • The best interview transcription software.

To take advantage of these features, log on to Amberscript’s website: Amberscript.

5. Sonix


The Sonix speech recognition technology is a revolutionary new way to transcribe audio video files.

It’s highly accurate, and it has speech recognition software or artificial intelligence. It’s the only all-in-one transcription solution on the market today. 

Sonix speech to text software is a popular service that transcribes voice commands into text. It’s used in the medical and legal fields, as well as by call centers to make sure that calls are being answered correctly.

Converting audio to text can be very time-consuming. It’s not just about the duration of your workday. It’s also about the amount of time it takes voice typing multiple recordings for consistency, and to maintain quality control across all of your speech text transcription jobs.

The Sonix voice recognition machine does all this for you, with accuracy and speed that is unmatched by other speech text transcription services or products on the market today.

With a Sonix speech to text recognition software, you can transcribe up to 6 hours of audio in one day alone!

That’s 24 hours per week! And because they’re so accurate and fast, they’re able to do this work consistently without interruption from errors or mistakes .

With an automated system like this, there’s no space for human error when it comes to audio recordings – only precision and accuracy.

The Sonix speech text recognition software services are designed with maximum portability in mind. Because each unit has its own power supply (which means no downtime).

6. Designrr

Designrr speech text transcription services are a complete audio to text tool. It is a great automatic speech recognition transcription for anyone who wants to transcribe audiotapes or videos into text.

Designrr is a very complete software that can be considered as well among the best ebook software.

Hence, the full process of content creation can be set up with the use of Designrr.

Desingrr speech to text software has a several plands and it is easy to use.

Designrr is compatible with all browsers such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer 7 or higher. It can also be used on a mobile device (IOS and Android).

It’s reliable and accurate because the program does not require users to type anything manually.

Users just have to wait for their speech to be recorded then click the ‘Start’ button. The recording will be saved in your computer as text file which you can edit if you want too.

7. Vocalmatic

Vocalmatic speech to text transcription is the same as the Vocalmatic video. It is a way to upload your videos or record your audios and then have them audio into text.

The automatic voice typing uses artificial intelligence which eases the process of understanding the audio and creates the text with more accuracy.

You can start for free to use Vocalmatic and use the speech recognition technology in multiple languages.

8. Temi


Temi is a speech to text transcription software that allows you to turn your audios into text that can be saved in a word processing document.

Temi has a cost of $0.25 per minute, so it will depend on the length of your audio to know the costs.

9. MeetGeek


MeetGeek is an innovative AI-powered meeting assistant that optimizes virtual meetings, fosters effective collaboration, and simplifies information management. 

Its services include meeting recording and transcription, automatic creation of a meeting summary email, and sharing conversation highlights with others, all of which ultimately enhance meeting efficiency.


What does it mean to convert speech to text?

Converting speech to text is a process of taking the audio from one medium and putting it into a written form.

For example, if you have your visual or audio content and want to transcribe the audio from your videos on the PC, you can use an app like the previously mentioned where the AI speech to text transcription will generate the text automatically.

What is a speech to text software?

A speech to text software is one that can assist in the conversion of video or audio into text.

Thanks to the improvements of technology and artificial intelligence, we now have the best speech to text software available that can help us with this tedious task.

Long video interviews, recorded medical talks, online meetings can now be transcribed at the instant with the use of the best speech to text recognition software.

The audio video files can be easily converted to text, and afterwards the text can be used for the desired need of analysis, or used in Google Docs or Word.

What used to take hours of transcribing long audios, now the best speech to text software creates the text in a matter of few minutes or even seconds.

The Benefits of Using Speech to Text Software Programs

The speech text software programs are perfect for transcriptionists and transcribers who want to get into the business of transcription. They are also great for those who want to learn more about how this type of work is done.

Human and manual voice typing is a process that requires a person to listen to the audio files and type out the text based on what he or she hears. This can be time consuming, but it does produce quality results.

The benefits of using speech to text transcription software programs include:

  1. Professional results – transcribing voice commands can be very time-consuming. However, with a professional speech to text program, you’ll get accurate results fast and for a reasonable price.
  2. Flexibility – there are times when you have to work on the road or out of the office, and that doesn’t leave much time in your day for voice typing audio and video files. With a voice recognition software program, you can take care of your clients’ needs without having to leave them waiting all day long while you get everything done at once.
  3. Accuracy – most people would rather pay more money than deal with poor quality work because they don’t want to risk their reputation by using an unreliable service provider who may deliver low-quality transcripts as well as low-quality customers who will complain about anything that isn’t perfect according to their standards
  4. Speed – it takes quite some time and effort to read through hours of video material every single day so that other workers can use it later on in the process and make sure their jobs are done accurately and efficiently enough before they move onto something else within the organization; this is especially true if there’s not enough personnel available in certain departments
  5. Cost per word – many companies only require short audio to text conversions so that they can save money by outsourcing them (i.e., paying less than what it would cost if employees were doing these tasks themselves) whereas others require lengthy audios and videos which means hiring additional staff members or delegating the voice typing outside.
  1. Transcribe in different languages – You can take your voice recognition projects anywhere, translate to any language, and work on them at home. You’re not tied to a desk or office all day long.

No more worrying about spelling, grammar or punctuation. You only have to worry about accuracy and the quality of your transcriptions, which is why professional transcribers use these programs.

Are there any disadvantages of using Speech to Text Software?

Even though artificial intelligence is being implemented in the use of this speech text software, it still requires minor additions or corrections.

It certainly speeds up the process and reduces the amount of time that was taken for the voice recognition of long audios, but the time is not compared now that an automatic transcription delivers.

It is not perfect, but edition work requires less effort than the first voice typing process.

Businesswoman typing

How to do a speech to text conversion?

There are two main types of transcription: machine and human.

Machine transcription is the most common form of transcription that uses a computer to convert speech into text. You simply need to upload your audio file into the software, then select the start and end times for each sentence.

Finally, you just need to press “Start” and wait for it to finish converting your audio file.

The process is simple just by uploading the video and clicking the transcribe button and the automated transcription will start to appear. 

Human transcription has a longer turnaround time, since it requires listening and listening to the audios or videos while voice typing. Which means to stop and return the audio several times.

Therefore, a speech to text recognition software has brought benefits in the whole process of how to do this work.

How much is transcription software?

The price of Speech to Text software depends on which company you buy it from.

Some automated transcription services companies sell their software for less than $50, while others sell it for $100 or more.

The best way to find out what the going rate is is to look at the reviews and ratings of similar products online.

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