8 Best Ebook creator software for entrepreneurs

If you are looking for eBook creator software is because you know that nowadays digital books, beyond being a healthy source of entertainment, are a great strategy to build customer loyalty.

Meet here the best eBook creator software based on their functions and current popularity.

Best Ebook creator software for entrepreneurs
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Advantages of Ebooks

An electronic book, what is known as an e-book, eBook, or simply a digital book, is nothing more than the electronic or digital version of a traditional book.

The most important advantages of eBooks are the following:

They do not take up physical space

All book lovers always have a problem with space once we have too many books. In this case we won't have to worry about them flooding everything around us, and we won't have to worry about them gathering dust either.

No deterioration or loss

Even if you lose the file to read you always have a copy on the internet, this means that once you finish with one you can delete it from your device, but always have it available for the moment you need it again.

Ebooks are faster and more cost-effective to produce

This is one of the most important advantages of eBooks, and is that once the storage, transportation and printing of hundreds or thousands of copies is reduced, the prices are much lower than conventional books.

On the other hand, their production cycle is much faster, so you can have books on current issues in the shortest possible time. In addition, they are easy to update so that errors can be corrected and new information can be added when necessary.

Can be delivered almost instantly

Users do not have to travel to the bookstore, or the library, or wait for it to arrive in the mail. They will have access to the copy with a couple of clicks. This is one of the reasons, together with their prices, why they are being more widely purchased.

Accommodates to the reader

The reader has the ability to adjust the font size and typeface, so you don't have to suffer with microscopic font editions, and you don't have to suffer with the color of the paper. So it feels much more comfortable with this version.

Which are the best eBook creator software?

Sqribble 1

Sqribble can be comfortably defined as an online platform for creating eBooks, as well as eBook covers and interactive eBooks from its pre-designed templates. Besides, it allows the creation of these digital books by importing the information through URLs automatically.

It is considered as one of the best eBook creators because it allows you to do it with only 3 simple steps. It is a software that has promised to improve all the flaws that other similar tools have come to present.

It is hosted in the cloud, so it will never slow down your computer. Apart from the fact that it has a very simple and intuitive interface. It also stands out for its functionalities and for the fact that it will grant you a hundred percent of the license so that you can commercialize everything you do with it.


Designrr is a platform where you can create eBooks, reports, technical documents and leadmagnets with the intention that the information reaches a greater number of people, and that ends up increasing both the audience you have and the income generated from it.

It stands out among eBook creators for the fact that it allows you to transform content, including blog posts, Word or Google documents, podcasts and even audio, video and PDF files, into eBooks, as well as convert them into animated books.

Among its main functions we find a collaboration tool, fully customizable templates, content and document management, electronic forms, text and image editing, design and layout, time coding, among many other factors that ensure that what is created on this platform is of quality.


Visme defines itself as an online tool that gives its users the possibility to create designs that make their presentations much more dynamic so that they can communicate their data, concepts and ideas in a visual way.

It is not only one of the best eBook creators, but it is also a powerful tool when it comes to creating graphics, professional presentations, animations, infographics, banners, among many others. Besides, it has a large number of templates to make the design much simpler.

The only thing you will have to do is to create your account, you should know that there is both a free version, as well as Premium versions (there are two types of subscription). Our recommendation is that, before hiring any Premium, you get up to date with the free one and you will know if it is what you were looking for.


Bit.AI is defined as a collaborative platform where users are expected to create robust internal and customer-facing documents with integrated tracking. It stands out for helping teams to centralize and organize their work, as well as fostering real-time collaboration.

It is one of those eBook creators that offer you the opportunity to intelligently manage digital content, as well as track the engagement of the content being shared. It is ideal for companies of all types and sizes.

Among its main features we find mobile access, document storage, an extensive library of content, full-text search, file conversion, access controls or permissions, the creation of a customizable brand, among many other aspects that make them gain new users every day.


Lucidpress is nothing more than a design and branding template platform that gives its business users, who do not have design skills, the possibility to create and distribute their marketing materials without any help while keeping in line with their brand.

It is one of the best eBook creators thanks to the lockable templates that will help with the protection of your brand, while making it possible for your colleagues to carry out small modifications and customizations in relation to the design, thus lightening the work of the creative team.
More than 7 million users rely on Lucidpress to date, ranging from organizations with creative teams to non-designers.

Among its main features are drag-and-drop, comments/notes, categorization or grouping, file categorization, filter and full-text search, among others.


FlippingBook can be described as an online tool capable of creating professional documents. It will allow your customers to interact with your content on a whole new level through videos, pop-up images, GIF application, and everything on any page where you think it is necessary.

It is one of those eBook creators that help you by converting your PDF files into these cutting-edge digital documents, always keeping the good workmanship and unique look and feel so that your customers know it’s about your brand. It also gives you more than one tool to boost your marketing and sales strategies.

FlippingBook was developed with the intention of helping business owners, sales specialists, as well as marketers. It is a tool commonly used by medium-sized companies and some of the biggest brands around the world, such as Intel, Marriott, among others.


Kitaboo is nothing more than a mobile electronic catalog solution that was born from the intention of achieving an improvement within what is the content and also to make an emergence and a complete analysis of what is the performance of it.

It is considered by many as one of the best eBook creators. Besides, Kitaboo has an application through which you can also read all kinds of digital books and you can find it online to make the experience much more comfortable.

Among its main functions we find content management, as well as design and layout. You may have to get to know the tool a little before getting the best out of it, but once you become familiar with it you will realize that there is no other like it.

Now that you know about a couple of eBook creator software, we invite you to select a couple from our list so that you can put them to the test and get a digital book with the quality you need in the shortest possible time.


Canva is one of the most used software for non designers due to the ease of the process to create content.

As well, Canva helps creators to build up their ebook on the platform.

Canva can be considered among the best ebook creator software.

Users can easily edit the ebook with the Canva features such as the text fonts, colors, add shapes or forms.

The platform already includes a set of stock image footage that can be used to add the photos to the different areas of the ebook.

As well, Canva can give a head start on the creation of the ebook due to the templates that it offers.


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