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Digital Marketing vs Traditional Marketing

The battle of digital marketing vs traditional marketing never seems to end, and more and more people are wondering which is the most appropriate medium for their brand’s advertisement.

Read on to learn not only when to use digital or traditional marketing, but also many more points of relevance about these titans.

Digital marketing vs traditional marketing
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What is digital marketing?

It is no secret that, nowadays, the internet has managed to incorporate itself into our lives in such a way that it is almost impossible for us to carry out any action without being connected. 

Based on the previous point, the definition of digital marketing refers to the set of strategies that are focused on the promotion of a brand, service or product on the Internet. 

It is not at all a coincidence that we can find less and less people that we can really say are disconnected from their cell phones, which is why in this case the use of channels and methods that allow to analyze the results in real time are used. 

Another concept of digital marketing that we can give you is that the term refers to that set of information and actions that can be performed in different digital media in order to promote both products and companies in general.

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Advantages and disadvantages of digital marketing



Examples of digital marketing campaigns

We will give you 3 examples of digital marketing campaigns, not with the intention of copying them, but rather to inspire you and make you realize how much you can achieve with a good strategy in today’s most used media:


Chobani, which is a very popular Greek yogurt brand in the USA, demonstrated its commitment to child hunger by paying off more than half of a public school cafeteria debt and was not afraid to make it public in a tweet.

Sometimes promoting these actions can be flattering because it creates a good brand image and attracts customers.



The famous Wendy’s chain broke social media with tweets that help their consumers feel empowered. In this case, they asked for a large number of likes to add chicken nuggets back to their menu. Not only did this get them a lot of interaction, but the whole world found out that they now have them on their menu.


Nike, in order to promote a campaign geared towards women’s sports, created an inspirational slogan for social networks inviting them to show what madness can do, narrated by Serena Williams.

What is traditional marketing?

The definition of traditional marketing refers to all those practices that marketing specialists have been able to employ since the middle of the last century and the beginning of this one, for the promotion of services, products and brands.

Since we arrived in the world we have encountered traditional marketing strategies without even being able to recognize them, since you have surely seen some pamphlet, promotional ads, newspaper and magazine ads, some television commercials, among other types of propaganda.

We can talk about its origin, since it was born under the need to create a tool to help production in an era where the main goal was to sell products beyond the real intention of offering an intangible value.

The fact that the media used in this type of marketing were the first of all those we have now makes them known as traditional, and they were all characterized by having a one-way communication where the seller was responsible for sending messages and the consumer, almost never responded.

Working desk with digital tablet showing digital marketing concept

Advantages and disadvantages of Traditional Marketing



Examples of traditional marketing campaigns

To talk about the examples of traditional marketing campaigns, we have researched two cases that can be used to explain and understand how they differ from digital marketing. Apart from knowing in the field what they are based on and how well they can work if applied correctly:


The firm Campofrío intended to point out the power of humor even when going through difficult times.

A TV spot was created by the McCann agency and directed from the perspective of Alex de la Iglesia in which the best Spanish humorists talk about Gila.

The result was successful, and the message was delivered directly to consumers thanks to the medium used to transmit it.

Leo Burnett

On the other hand, we can also mention the billboard that the Leo Burnett agency decided to develop in order to appeal to the values of the Jeep brand, such as adventure, freedom and wildness.

Although it was only an image, it was a great success when it came to show what was the real spirit behind the name of the brand we all know.

When to use digital or traditional marketing?

In this digital marketing vs. traditional marketing we have endeavored to show that both types can be to your advantage.

However, if you have to choose between one, perhaps you can do so based on the following:

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