Top 10 CRM for small businesses

CRM for small businesses is the most efficient and effective alternative to generate an excellent relationship between a company and customer.

Known by its acronym, CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management, and its meaning is Customer Relationship Management, and it is basically an interface that allows small businesses to have an efficient relationship with customers.

Currently CRM platforms are at the top of the corporate level tools that are most innovative and even considered most important for small businesses.

Top 10 CRM for small businesses
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But what does a CRM do?

Basically, this software stores information about customers, whether they are known or potential customers. 

In simple terms, it is like a phone book, which not only stores numbers and data, but also saves information that allows you to know from emails to preferences when making purchases because it saves the history of customers.

CRM for small businesses works in this way:

Types of CRM

There are two types of CRMs for small businesses, both of which are tailored to your needs, as well as your budget.

Cloud CRM and Local CRM. Cloud CRM works online and does not require the software to be installed on a specific computer, but can be accessed from any device in the company’s login.

Now, the local CRM or CRM On-Premise, requires the software to be installed on a computer and also needs a maintenance with an IT team that is own. And it must be installed on a computer or server as such.

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Advantages of CRM for small businesses

It works in sales, marketing and as an assistant for customer service.

If we talk about sales, the CRM for small companies, allows to generate more revenue in less time, through sales that become more effective because they are personalized.

With this tool, marketing is more effective and the company is not required to be the one looking for the customer, but can directly reach potential customers directly.

In terms of customer service, it generates a tool for the sales and after-sales process to be closer and this in turn generates an experience that will make customers come back later.

How do I know if my company needs a CRM?

Well, if you’re still not convinced of the need for CRM for small businesses, here are some signs that you need CRM:

Top 10 CRM for Small Businesses

These are useful tips that you can take into account to find some of the best CRM for Small Businesses that are available online.

1. Hubspot

hubspot logo

One of the most known CRM.

This type of CRM for small businesses as well, stands out at the marketing level, and also includes several functions to associate the customer directly with the type of supplier they need according to the need.

It generates reports in a more detailed way for each specific result.

And it also integrates easily with other systems.

2. Optima Suite

optimasuite logo

This CRM is one of those that has two types of specific solutions for SMEs, has Optimasuite Sale that has some functions at the level of saving time, increases sales and also measures the performance of the team.

Optimasuite SAT, on the other hand, is specific to technical teams that provide home assistance and is based on generating better mobility of your staff. This type of CRM is cloud-based.

3. Ahora CRM

ahora logo

This is a software tool that works by maximizing the equipment because it provides better performance. It can be highlighted that this software is a tool that works with a 360º vision.

This will allow you to measure the performance in all areas of the company, and at the same time it will exchange information to find solutions.

4. Zoho CRM

zoho logo

This tool has one of the strongest points and that is that Zoho allows contacts with customers through different media and that notifications are received in real time.

It has its own virtual assistant, Zia, who will be in charge of getting the data, looking for sales opportunities, optimizing the data. It can be accessed from wherever you are.

5. Yunbit

yunbit logo

Yunbit is basically focused on a commercial strategy for marketing, but at the same time it provides solutions for all kinds of needs that the company may have.

6. Efficy CRM


Efficy CRM adapts to the needs of your company, and allows you to customize its functionality. Whether you need to personalize and improve the way you deal with customers or predict it. This tool makes it possible.

7. Capsule CRM

capsule crm

It helps you by generating an organizational chart so that each work team has a specific objective and at the same time can be combined to close sales.



It stands out because it allows you to keep the company’s customer relations in an organized way.

It assigns tasks to employees, organizes a calendar with activities, measures the impact of decisions made.

It is constantly updated, and has a technical support that works efficiently 24/7 in case of doubts and incidents.

9. Forcemanager


It shows you in real time the status of customers, it can be accessed from any electronic device. It generates diagrams, graphs, and also indicators that will allow you to measure progress and generate detailed reports of business performance.

It is recommended for use in small healthcare, construction, and industrial sectors.

As well as in insurance policy sales.

10. Streak CRM

Streak CRM

It basically integrates easily with Gmail, and this is one of its main strengths or features. Its function is recommended for independent entrepreneurs.

You will not have to leave your google account, and this generates a direct access to your potential customers, registering their email information automatically. You receive notifications when emails are opened, and although it is simple, it provides support that goes beyond that.

It provides support from your inbox and from there allows you to manage everything in the company effectively.
If you have any questions about the top 10 CRM for small businesses, you can leave them in the comments, we will respond as soon as possible.

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